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Custom Scenery Depot


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Welcome to the The Complete List of Custom Content for RCT3. This is the most comprehensive list for RCT3 content on the internet. Here, you can find links to 1000's of CS sets including descriptions, location in game, and more.

The goal of this site is to create a database of all publicly released custom content created for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. This also includes those items which have become no longer available.

This list is sorted in alphabetical order by the name (or names) of the created content. The list can be sorted by either the author (this is the classic format which the original list was structured in) or content type (which will allow you to easily find a set, even if you aren't sure of the author. Each will allow you to navigate to a specific scenery item. A search engine is also available to help find objects, even if you don't know the name of a set or if one even exists.

Once viewing an individual item, you can see any threads or downloads* that exist, types and number of objects in the set, and the theme of the set. In addition to custom scenery objects (CSOs or Scenery), there are a vast number of custom tracked rides (CTRs or Cars), custom flat rides (CFRs or Rides), and misc. files and utilities (Miscellaneous).

Sadly, most threads and many downloads are no longer available. Should these links become available again, or new links found, these links will once again be added. If you find a set on a site not listed here, please visit the CS Depot and post the link in the proper thread, so the CS List can be updated.

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