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ForumsClub Wallpapers
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Forumotion's Newsletter : Discover ForumsClub
New: Forumotion's Collaboration Groups

Discover ForumsClub.com, the new collaborative community site...

Convert your forum into a Collaborative Group

Your forum doesn't get many visits? Exchanges between its members are rare?

Boost your forum audience or simply introduce his community to a more advanced way of interacting by transforming it into a collaboration group from the "General > Convert Forum to Club > My Club" section of your admin panel and enjoy a new community experience.
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How do I import my Forumotion forum to ForumsClub?
You have 2 ways to transfer your Forumotion forum to ForumClub : 

1. You can make a request directly from the administration panel of your Forumotion forum : 

In this case, the transfer is direct. Your forum and all its content and members will be transferred from the forum to its new ForumsClub collab.  

To make the request, go to your admin panel > General > Forum > Convert forum to Club : then click on the button "Convert the forum"

2. By accepting the invitation: : 

Forumotion sends invitations to some of its forums of particular interest to this project to invite them to migrate to ForumsClub. In this case, the board administrator has the choice of accepting or refusing this invitation.
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How to manage your Collab ?
Developing your collab is simple and quick. Enhance it with exclusive features and make it unique for a better user experience. All from the menu "Website Management".

1. Create a discussion section

Accessible in your collab from the menu Website Management > Manage forums > Create new. 

You can therefore create : 
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Launch of the collaborative social site : ForumsClub
Launch of ForumsClub.com the site dedicated to collaborative communities created by its users
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Support Album
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ForumsClub Advert DEMO
This is an example of an ad on your ForumsClub collab.

It offers to your collaboration group users a simple, clear and organized way to easily share their classifieds to sell, rent, give, barter, ... personal, real or virtual goods. 

It's a way to increase interactions and exchanges between your collabs users through a thematic classifieds service tailored to your collab and its community.
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