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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for that report. This is of course unacceptable and extremely shocking, especially since we carefully choose our advertising partners.

    In this case, it is Google Adsense that is responsible for these scandalous ads and we have reported them to Google to clean up its content.

    We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for reporting it to us.


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  2. I just did a test by searching for a keyword in a topic title in your forum and I found it 

    02-10-2019 14-40-49.png

    Regarding the cancellation of the transfer to ForumsClub, this is unfortunately not possible. This information has been clearly notified to you in your Forumotion administration panel before making the transfer ! 

    Before making the request:

    02-10-2019 15-15-52.png

    And also before confirming the request : 

    02-10-2019 15-14-13.png

  3. by the way, the button is displayed correctly except that you are using the simple version of the editor probably because of the width of your (mobile) screen? 

    10-06-2019 10-57-01.png

    Indeed, if the screen size is not large enough to display the full version of the editor, the simplified version is displayed and it does not include the code editor. This is not a bug but normal behavior.

    10-06-2019 10-57-29.png

    I suggest you use an adapted monitor in order to be able to benefit from the full editor version 

  4. Hello @SkyDancer

    The answer to your question is simple and has already been discussed in this topic.

    Your forum has been transferred as well as its content on ForumsClub. This includes the messages and members of the original forum. Therefore, the original forum admin account has also been transferred with it and it is this account that can administer the transferred forum and create categories,...etc.

    Your account @SkyDancer is a simple member account on the transferred forum and can therefore do nothing, that is normal. 

    In order to make things easier for you, I have merged your 2 accounts into one global admin account by keeping your account @SkyDancer as the only active account that can administer both forums on ForumsClub. 

    Hoping it will be clearer for you now.



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