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  1. WOW I Love it and his voice is just AMAZING as Always. LOVE IT Can't wait to hear the whole song hurry up 30th His voice just keeps getting better and i didn't think that was possible.
  2. Sorry Every one Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes and the Video The Best Banter of all and I love it to Bits. Thank You so Much Peg you know me and that video. Thanks again Everyone you guys are the best Love yu all Jan xoxoxoxooxxoxoxo
  3. Merry Christmas I know im late Sorry for that everyone but i made it in time for this HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL OF YOU. Hope you all have a Great New Years
  4. Hope you have a Special one. Alot of New Things happening to you so Enjoy your day.Hope your Holidays are Special too Hope you get every thing you asked for. Love ya Janice Rochester N.Y.
  5. Tennis is one of my Favorites Watching David Play Tennis is Alot of fun and he looked like he had a Blast . Im very Happy that he is Happy These days it Defientley Shows. He did very well in the Tennis Matches . Thanks Barb for the Videos and Pictures your the best.
  6. Hey Stacey Im doing ok i was a little bit nervous about losing power and we did for a few seconds due to the wind . Im glad your ok and thats got to be a bummer having to go to work and not knowing how to get there especially if your used to going in one way. Im glad you didn't lose power or any thing but its still pretty bad with subways flooded and all the other damage it caused. I've been busy doing alot of business stuff thats why i haven't been on too much trying to run 2 businesses is not easy and i have a friend who own a shop and ive been busy putting my stuff in her shop she lets me Advertize in her store so ive been doing some marketing to get these businesses off the ground. Im on Social Security now so im limited to what i can do so i decided to go with Direct Selling. I sell for Gold Canyon and Pink Zebra both Candle Companys my other obsession . Both Companys Due Fundraisers so if ever any one wants to do something with Candles for fundraisers let me know . Im glad your ok I've been thinking of you alot the last few days so im glad you didn't get hit to bad.
  7. Sorry Stacey and Barb i haven't been here in a while but i've been thinking of both of you and evey one else there Glad your doing good here along the lake shore people had to evacuate their homes this was along Lake Ontario. NJ was Hit hard and im glad your OK Barb feel so bad for all the damage that this storm has done to peoples homes and the boardwalks and Im hoping clean up goes quickly. Take Care and to let you know ive been praying for all of you Effected buy this storm. Love and Miss and your in my Thoughts Love ya's Jan Just beacuse i haven't been here don't mean i don't think of you all every day and i still Love DC
  8. Hi David It's been a long time since i came in to write to you but there is good reason behind it . I hope this year is going to be better then the last . Can't wait for New Music from you but your probably sick of hearing that so i won't go on and on . I jut wanted to let you know that regardless of how ever long it takes for you i know that it will be a Great one just like all the other CD's you have made Im looking forward to all you can bring to us. I hope that all your Happenings and Shows go good for you im sure they will beacuse you ALWAYS put your Heart and Soul into every thing you do. I'll never ever forget the Day i met you which was on the Idol Tour In Rochester N.Y and since that day i've met you 2 other times Im a lucky girl to have met you beacuse you have changed my life in so many ways that you'll never know im sure other people have said that to you a million times so im lucky to be one of those people. The Day i met you i also met my other Favorite Idol from your season and that was Michael Johns i was lucky enough to get a After Pass from The Man my self Michael Johns and for now its been 4 yrs now since ive seen Him so i wass just wondering if you still have contact with him and if you 2 our still Friends it was your friendship with each other that drew me to both of you except for both of your singing but it was the way that the 2 of you always made me Laugh, cry,scream and act like a teenager again and i got to say It Felt wonderful Im now 56 yrs old and i would give a million bucks if i could get that feeling back again It was the best day of my older years well lets just say My Life time ive never felt like that in my whole life till this day i can never figure out what it is with You that attracts me so much and there is a lot of us till this day can't figure it out i can say we may never know but what ever it is still happens when ever i think of that day which is still Every day Im Rambling on and on i can't even remember why i came in to write to you oh well i like talking about that so alls good. Ok I hope your doing well and hope your up comming show in Florida is a Fun one. I can't wait till you come back here some time or any where close to me it's been too long and i need a David Cook Experiance just watching you perform with such heartfelt notes makes me feel so good inside so when ever i get down ill put your Cd in and look at pictures from the past and i always stand up Happy and Energetic again believe this or not there was a very short time in these past months that not even you could bring me back out of that dark cloud that was following me and the friends that i have made beacuse of you could not even help me out of it , but im back and i feel so much better again beacuse of You and all the Beautiful Friends i made here in the Home Of The WORDNERDS. OK i managed to get that out the best way i could so ill leave it at that . See You Soon I HOPE LOVE YA Jan Rochester N.Y.
  9. Always loved Jason and his Daughter is so cute i loved when they got close up the eyelashes on her she is going to be a Beautiful Girl when she is all grwon up She is Beautiful now . Awww Neva i hope what ever is hurting so bad will pass.Just remember everything has a upside. If i can help in any way pm me im a good listener.
  10. Hi Ladies haven't been here in a long time but want to wish all who are going To Have a Blast wish some time i can see him again IT"S BEEN WAYYYY TO LONG .
  11. Thank you girls for posting the Ustream Totally Missed the Show So thank you got to say this ustream made me feel like i was right there Awesome Video. SO GOOD TO HEAR HIS VOICE Beautiful . Loved FHTZ too Chris Great. Loved every thing , Can't say enough good words.
  12. HELLO LADIES, Yes i know its been a while since ive checked in SORRY, Still love all of you just alot going on in the Real World and in Life and its been a hard struggle for me to get through it all . I don't like to burden any one with my issues just wanted to let you all know that im still around and im still lovingDavid and that will never ever change he's got me through some stuff and i can never thank him enough and i hope he continues to bring us his music no matter what is going on in his life . PEG HAPPY BIRTHDAY GF HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY .
  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT I CANT WAIT to hear the whole song. SO SO GOOD.
  14. Wow All these Gorgeous pictures i could just eat him up Great Pictures
  15. Thanks Ladies and Gents for all the videos and Pictures what a Great Night and day it has been for all of you . Barb that Necklace is Gorgeous glad you won it. David's Team did Miracles this year Happy for all of you .
  16. AMAZING IS DAVID COOK HE IS JUST TOO CUTE. Thank you for posting those Videos for our ENJOYMENT. Made my day i also love hearing him laugh.
  17. Me Too Debra he is a Cutie.
  18. Thank you ladies for all the Videos and Pics . The Drummer did a great job after watching and listening he sounded good.
  19. I Agree with you Viv he doe's look very young i hope he does the job but there will never be another KYLE. Missing him already out of all the guys that have left for me he will be sadly missed by me.
  20. Peg Luckily i left when we did Hubbys truck would of gotten the branches on it . I still can't believe it . Wow
  21. He Always gets me when he talks there is just something in his voice that gets me going
  22. I WON THE TEE SHIRT CONGRATS To All The Other Winners. Im so excited and happy. Thanks Everyone.
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