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  1. So Nice to hear his Voice Again it made me feel all warm inside.
  2. I Think that face is Priceless he is just too CUTE
  3. I love to help out in any way i Can. Thank You Ladies
  4. Just Read the whole Thread beacuse ive been so behind these days and all I Got to say is AMAZING. WTG DAVID AMAZING MAN.
  5. I Donated but it wasn't as much as i wanted to donate especially for all the Hard work all of your ladies put into this site to make it a Home . You Ladies are the best. Love ya all xoxoxooxxooxxo
  6. Gorgeous that is our David Perfect Song Loved it Thanks For posting it Viv
  7. Awwww that was so cute . Loved it Peg Thanks for Posting .
  8. AWWWWW Made That is Super Duper. Congrats to All
  9. Awesome Interview He Looks HOT HOT HOT .... His Voice made me feel ALL BETTER . I was telling Viv last week that i was so Depressed that listening to David wasn't even helping I know what is wrong with you jan . Please don't ask . but now hearing him talk just made me 100xs BETTER THANK YOU DAVID. LOVE THIS MAN TO BITS He's For Sure MY ANGEL.
  10. that was fun loved him in Hollywood Week To Cute 5:26 5:18 4:30
  11. Now you went and did it Barb you made me Hungry. What do i want I know what i want but i can't get it . I want a big Steak sub withe Mozzarela with French Frys and Tarter Sauce mmmmmm the problem is , is that the 2 places around me that make it ends up being Greasey and believe it or not the place where they are perfect is CLOSED Don't they realize the Super Bowl is on they could be making a killing SMH,,, Don't understand that one Oh Well next time i order from there im going to ask them what the heck was up with that. Enjoy the Game and your Food. xoxoxoxo
  12. Thanks Girls for the great pictures had fun doing all of them especially the Niagara Ones LOL of course beacuse i was there 1st one 5:03 6:63 5:03. 1st 5:54 3:53 4:53
  13. ahhhhhh the Memories 4:07 4:45 3:48
  14. Wow Love that Picture 6:49 4:44 4:05 Thanks Barb as you know im in PUzzle Heaven.
  15. Hey Cimorene It's Jan I Remeber you we have chatted a few times and i Ive been wondering everyday what happend to you but from reading your post i see. I wonderd when you would come back Home , When i saw your name today i thought i was seeing things . So Happy to see you back. You were always a very busy girl and now it sounds like more so. Welcome back and hope to see more of you . TO ALL THE NEW FACES . Look forward to chatting with all of you. Im Jan and i live in Rochester New York and ive been around since the Idol boards.
  16. Your Very Welcomed Love and Miss Ya. xoxoxoxooxox
  17. I don't usually comment on these things but beacuse its you Stacy I will. I SAY NO.
  18. Well im late for Christmas but i hope every one here had a Fantastic Christmas and hoping New Years will be the same. Every year is pretty much the same for me we go to my Sisters house on Christmas day and for the last 2 yrs been going to my Oldest sons on Christmas day and watch the Kids open their presents. This year was really exciting on Christmas eve my younger son finally got to get the twin girls and i finally got to see them open presents. Their 3 yrs old my son and their Mom are Seperated they weren't Married but they were living together at the time of their Birth and shortly after they broke up. Oh it was such a Great and heartfelt Christmas Eve for once it really felt like Christmas the way it should be. Well E1 hope you all have a Great New Years and hope E1 stays safe. Love my WNFs and I love my 2nd home. xoxoxoxoxo Love Jan
  19. The Last Picture is one of my all time best so Cute 1-4:30 2nd 4:59 3rd 3:59
  20. Stacy your a Naughty little girl . J/K Your funny . Just thought id put my 2 cents in to me it don't really matter i love Dave with or without. I think he mingles well with the crowd either way
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