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  1. Hi Ladies i just want to say that Im sorry I totally Missed this this year thats what i get for not checking in all the time . I just want to say to all of you Happy Holidays and Happy New Years. Next year if we do this again I WON"T MISS IT. Im really mad at my self for this i Really enjoyed it last year. Sorry Ladies but i just want to make sure that i wished you All Happy Holidays. Love ya all Jan xoxoxoxoxoxoxo. HO HO HO and HAPPY NEW YEARS.
  2. Don't worry about the time i learned that a while ago they are for fun so do it for the Fun LOL. My Times always stink with them too beacuse for the same reason im slow at them. 1st 3:43 4:02 4:36 Have Fun till we meet again.
  3. YAYYYYY Just saw this Thank You Barb and thank you to the ladies for the pictures ok i guess i'll start with my Times. 1st 5:53 2nd 7:33 3rd 6:43 Not the best of times but i don't even care about the times Im just happy that the puzzles are back.
  4. ppppphhhhhheeeewwww WOW Great Pictures and Great Videos Thank you Jamie for letting me have that special Treat. Finally got through it all Such an Epic show for all of you happy you all had a Blast and a memory that will be epic in your mind for Ever. Stacy and Jamie your recaps made me tear up. The Escapades that happen at a David Cook Concert ROCK Loved Loved Loved seeing Ryan so sexy. I wasn't even there but those Videos made me feel like i was. Thank You to all of you who posted their pics and vids and recapps.
  5. Amanda you did not look like a Dork , You actully made me feel all gooey inside beacuse i remember the first time i met David and it got me all emotional .I love the memories.
  6. Hi E1 What a Great Show I had a great time and the best part of this show is now my Hubby is COOKIFIED. This was his first show and he got lucky beacuse some Girl who was standing in line with us GAVE my Hubby a VIP PASS for nothing the person that was supposed to go with her canceled so Peg and Mike were talking to her and he told her his birthday was comming up so she said Happy Birthday and gave him the VIP PASS I was so so Happy Beacuse we couldn't afford to get him one and the girl didn't want any thing for it we were floored we didn't know what to say . So hubby got to meet the guys and get a picture with them and he had them all sign the Picture. The Best part for hubby was Talking to Mr Andrew Cook he says now that there BFFS LOL Not sure what they talked about but Andrew now has all of our information, Email , Home Address, and Phone # I couldn't believe it. I didn't realize that Andrew was going to be there so for me that was an extra bonus. Love Andrew and such a Sweet guy i couldn't believe how much him and David look alike. Well the M&G was great for me i got hugs from All of the guys i was all tongue tied as usual i can't even remember what i talked to him about as a matter of fact i did remember asking him if he rememberd me from the Idol Tour and OH MY GOD he said Yes and i said no you don't but then he told me he remembers me beacuse i was so nervous that i asked him to sign this little fanny pack that i was carrying around with me all day and when he said that i just about PASSED OUT i was like No way he remembers that. WOW. I told him the last time that he was here in Niagara he signed a Birthday Card for me and he rememberd that too. AMAZING Truley AMAZING. We Didn't get alot of banter but we got good songs. The Hand that Feeds was Awesome and he sang a few songs that had a new twist on them which i thought were amazing. Met some other WNs and Amanda was a Sweetheart seeing her face when she met David was Priceless. Over All The Day and Night were Perfect even tho i was sick I had a Blast. I'll Treasure forever all those Hugs i got. I was a little dissapointed that AGAIN i didn't meet Eve, and other WNs that i wanted to meet i did meet some new WN Friends. I was so looking forward to meeting Jeannie but she got sick and missed out. Jeannie i hope your feeling a little bit better and im sure we will meet some day:) I saw alot of faces that ive seen around but didn't get the chance to get to talk to them. I Saw Kristen, Jules, Rachel, and a few others i don't know by name. I loved the Venue the way it was set up was nice Tables and Chairs on the side so if you wanted to sit for a bit you could. I didn't get any decent pictures beacuse i was too short and i had like 5 tall people in front of me so i had to take pics in between the arms and bodies I was so hoping to get right in front but that didn't happen but Peg, Rachel, and other ladies got some great pictures im sure once Peg Returns from Clifton park she will post every thing. Ok i rambeled long enough if i think of any more i'll add to this. So Worth the Money.
  7. 1 more Day YAYYYYYYYY . Ive been sick since Monday with bronchitis and walking ammonia been on antibiotics for 2 days now so i should be ok by tommorow. I HOPE. Oh my god if i miss this i'll just die.
  8. Oh my God i was told before i even watched they that they were Hysterical and now ive watched them Too Funny I Agree Love Loose Dave
  9. sorry a little late but Have A Blast E1 who's at the show.
  10. Watching now oh my god your right Viv Perfect Sound . Loving this .
  11. whos got the ustream going? I Can't find it
  12. Have a Great Time Everyone who is going First leg of the Solo Tour Yayyyyyyyyyy.
  13. Im loving those pictures and Barb I agree Way Too Much hotness on the Courts. I would love to see that , Its funny i was just talking to Peggy and i was saying to her God i would love to see Michael Johns and David Together again doing something , any thing. It would be so cool, and low and behold.
  14. I would love to be at this show tonight I bet lot's of shananicans going on . I probably spelled that wrong but im sure you know what it is LOL LOL .. Have a BLAST TO ALL GOING TONIGHT
  15. Have a Blast Barb Hope you get lot's of Goodies.
  16. Oh My God Hillarious , Cute, Davids face is priceless love love love it Thanks Peg for posting that .
  17. All who are there Have a Blast Hope you get a Surprise.
  18. Thats all i can say is Amazing. Ive said it before over and over AMAZING. HE IS JUST AMAZING !!!!!
  19. FITM Is my Favorite j just about lost my mind when he did that like he did, This guy is truly Amazing, like there's no other. Eve you outdid your self this time Pictures are Gorgeous.
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