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  1. Pretty dang awesome! Heartbeat is my favorite..
  2. I can wait for the new music. I'm still taking in the newest stuff!
  3. Thanks Shook! Scott just tweeted that he couldn't confirm with the source and it seemed suspect - so he deleted. Would be nice if true!
  4. Anyone here catch Scott's tweet before he deleted it tonight? Something to do with new release....
  5. Okay! We got us an album in the works! (S'bout time my sweet slug-a-bug) Hoping for some live performances fans can descend upon. Woot! Woot!
  6. I went the last two years and tried but just couldn't keep running the whole race. Hope to be able to at least jog the whole thing this year! Last year my sons joined me. One of them was running along and guess who jumped in to the race right next to him? Yep. David. He was telling his companion what time he needed to be finished by and that he didn't want to stop running cause he might cramp... can't wait till this year and hope to see a lot of DC fans. Saf
  7. OMG our seats are great! Thank you so much Kathy - I think I am right next to you. Can't wait!!!
  8. FYI - TicketsNow are selling Memphis tickets in the fifty dollar range.
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