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Legends Roleplay

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  1. Legends is a members only forum accepting players 18 years or older due to some of the content, however, we strictly adhere to forumotion terms of service so you won't find the nitty gritty taboo. We also create dedicated forums for any individual who may require a mass amount of players and/or Dice versions of RPGs. We can host more than one D&D game as well. We have standard game forums, variations of chat, Art forums, story forums, a news forum. Blogs are optional. We do have a sister site that is hosting D&D as well. Legends prides itself on being friendly and welcoming, and hope that you would consider joining us as a writer. There are no minimum word requirements.
  2. Okay peeps so what's your answer? 🤣


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    2. Legends Roleplay

      Legends Roleplay

      Like poo?  🤐

    3. NanDee


      @SLGray My first impressions exactly.

      I'd have to flatten mine first to look more like something humanly edible Lol

    4. NanDee


      @Legends Roleplay  'Keep it moving' - as in 'bowel movement' huh  Lol

  3. Anyone know how the 'Store' feature works?  

  4. Greetings and thank you for your interest in our page. Please feel free to ask questions about our gaming and writing forum.
  5. Greetings from the DM, Storytellers 👍🏼 Our D&D is a customized RPG with the story setting of the Post King Arthur and Merlin story, an alternate realm full of magic and mystery. Seek Warlord or Knight status to work towards the conquer of and to govern kingdoms or barbarian hordes. Custom races available. Version is a hybrid 3.5e, 5e, and D20. We emphasize on enjoying story creation with it. Limited spaces available, future co-DM opportunity if we get a large enough waitlist. Selection of a DM is based on dedication, knowledge, and trust over time, no immediate recruitment, so yes you must enjoy playing with us a while first 😉. Happy gaming and hope to see you there!
  6. Okay, thank you. I'd rather just redirect to my page via links because I pay for my forum and enjoy custom coding. I do have a widget with a link to here on my forum though.
  7. But it will change to the appearance and coding to that of this forum?
  8. Im still confused how the forum works. I created my website with a link to my forum, but can't figure out how to post updates on it. It seems everything defaults to my profile.
  9. How does this work? Will my forum still exist as is but also be featured here?
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