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  1. I am not a huge fan of celebrities in general, so not entirely certain. Though if I had to pick maybe.... Hugh Jackman or I'd rather meet the producer JJ Abrams if that counts lol Do you prefer for it to be warm or cold to sleep at night?
  2. My Roleplays are generally epic. My first one carried 6 years. This role uses dice to assist magic use in fights and a few other things, to put a twist in story outcome.
  3. I would be in heaven... just would want lots of vines because, you know, peeping toms ?
  4. A ceramic tea set. If you had to choose between a rollercoaster, bungee jumping, or parachuting which would it be?
  5. The world of Targon is full of elemental magic and wonder. The planet exists in what we consider medieval times, and has three moons. Two of the moons reflect light, the night sky almost as bright as day, but filled with bioluminesence. The third moon, casts no light, and sits in the sky like a dark shadow. It is the object of mystery in horror in folk tales, unwanted creatures are labeled to have come from the Dark Moon and that evil dwells there. Open and accepting member players! Dark Moon Roleplay direct link
  6. Enjoy! I know I can't watch this without laughing.
  7. "If you're in the grocery store, staring at a can of orange juice because it says 'concentrate'.... you might be a redneck." "If you mow your lawn and find your car.... you might be a redneck."
  8. Reading a good book without a bunch of noise. What is your favorite fruit?
  9. Hey, for those of you admins that tweak, perfect, and code your forums, has anyone figured out how to get widgets to show up on modern BB for device browsers? I've been testing to see if I want to upgrade. Awesome Beta doesn't allow the widgets or reply editing so thats a no.
  10. Funny movie scene. If only more dad's did this and were caught candid. ?
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