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  1. One thing I noticed when I  created about two forms with Forumotion

    It would seem now when I try to go back to the two I made I can never find them our the
    site would say no such forum to be found, now I booked marked both of the two I created
    and sometimes it works or times not so much, I also noticed that when it does what to work
    from when I go back to the bookmarks I created so that I can finding it easier that a pop happens as soon
    As someone should clink on my link page it takes them somewhere all together making it look like my link
    I have for my forums like spam, bogus link dirrect, and sometimes noticed that it may even be considered 
    as between not trusted site and/or virus at times, people have said they get a pop up super fast and not know what
    to do or why this happens , making it very difficult for people trusting the forums I built within for Forumotion 

    1. Legends Roleplay

      Legends Roleplay

      It's the adds.  I pay to disable mine and seems to fix the issue, otherwise they redirect me or cause issues with detection. 

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