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  1. This bike was sold on fleabay for the reserve, we got an email off the winner saying his brother had won the bike through his account but has realized the insurance is way too high and has told us he cant afford it.
    Hubby has put it back up for sale for his mate and now he is getting loads of shitty emails off a bloke saying its a con as the bike was bid on by the owner to get more for it (which it defo wasnt) Why is it you do favours for people and knobs start accusing you

  2. He came home from the pub at 11pm the bloke next door had music on with 5 speakers all with the volume up at 40. Ken went and asked for the music to be turned down he took a knife with him as this yob kept setting his alsation and rotty on whoever complained. The yob didnt say anything to ken he just walked out of the house and hit him over the head numerous times with a golf club and then set the dogs on him. Ken slashed the dogs and then went into the house he was then taken to hospital with loads of dog bites and blood pouring out of his head when he got there he kept saying to the doc i shouldnt of taken the knife out the dogs arent to blame he didnt even know he had fatally wounded the yob he was then arrested for murder and today he was found not guilty and came home, hope this explains it better even though it is very short thumbs

  3. Great to put name to faces today but sorry it was a very short hello, left about half an hour later to go to Shrewsbury. Defo stay longer next time but we had been there for a few hours and so needed to go out on the bike. I have got some pics of the bikes but the computer is running very slow so will put them on as soon as thumbs

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