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  1. a car did a u turn out of a layby in front of me, i hit it just behind the front wheel and the bolt at the back of the tank that holds it down sheared off, the tank flipped up,hit the roof support and shattered every window in the car while I did a superman impression over the top and ended up in a ditch on the other side of the road. broke both my arms.

  2. Need to try & get my ZZR in for mot this week. Just fitted new front brake pads, keep thinking about some six pot calipers to beef up the braking.  Smile 

    you would be better off changing the master cylinder to one of these. 6 pot calipers wont neccesarily make your brakes any better.


    I have indeed thought about that, but I'm not in a position to blow the thick end of 300 quid to improve the braking on my oldest bike. I was thinking more scrapyard TBH, ideally some Nissin Fireblade calipers, depends what might be available. And yes, six pots aren't without their problems.  Smile 

    what about this then


  3. Did anybody see the guy on the Aprillia get tugged. stitch up or what. This copper was hiding down a side road off a roundabout and he heard a bike giving it some so he starts up and sets off down the dual carriageway, at this point he hadn't seen the bike, he got up to 138mph chasing him then in the distance a bike appeared, the cop caught him up and pulled him, told the guy he could either fight the case in magistrates court or accept a rider re training course (£195) and no further action. How the f++k did the copper know the bike he caught up was the one giving it some and from what I could make out the bike in question was a straight four and the Aprillia is a V4
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