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  1. have fun Dave its a fantastic track to watch at, you got to go to the top of Clay hill and watch the superbikes come over the top at 140mph cranked over with the front wheel 2 feet in the air.Then into the woods to Druids to keep an eye out for Aaron Zannotti getting his elbow down. And say hello to Norma de Bidaph for me.are you camping?

  2. It would be much cheaper and you would get better results having the ECU flash tuned. Had my R1 done a few weeks ago, they put it on a rolling road and set the bike up properly rather than just download a generic fueling map. They can also disable the fuel cut off on a closed throttle to stop the jerkiness when you open it again. Cost me £180.

  3. I've got white in my Alpine Stars leathers, no matter how hard you try they will eventually end up looking grubby, just one of those things. I use washing up liquid in water, whisk it up to mafe a foam and use the foam with a soft brush then wipe it off with a cloth, dont use the water just the bubbles, works a treat.

  4. Nearly three weeks ago now I was out up the cat n fiddle, took the left turn to congleton, went through the specs camera then started to up the pace a bit thinking I was ok. Couple of miles later I saw the other specs camera on the other side of the road discreetly placed in the trees so I slammed on and stopped just past the camera. Been panicking now expecting the letter on the doormat but so far (18 days) its not turned up. Fingers crossed.

  5. any glasses wearers out there? I wear them around the house and recently its been getting to the point where I ought to wear them on the bike. I have a pair I use in the car but theyre an old prescription so I am looking at getting some new cheap ones. Question is the ones I wear in the house have an anti dazzle coating on them ( got them for driving in originally and just leave them in the house now) which works pretty well and was just wondering if its worth having on ones I would wear on the bike?
    I dont want to use the house glasses on the bike because they cost quite a bit and I dont want to risk a flying stone damaging them.

  6. I've had my Triumph well over a year and never quite got on with the front end. Seemed hard and lifeless, so finally l set the forks back to factory settings as a start point.  What a difference! Dunno if the previous owner was a bit of a munter, but preload, compression and damping were all stiffer than stock. Might try lowering the yokes a tad as well. I feel quite encouraged by my evening's work  Very Happy 

    try putting a washer or two under the rear shock mount rather than lowering the forks.

  7. @Davehutch wrote:
    Well I had to put in an annual leave day in so im still going think Alan (skelly) might be too, will give him a ring tonight.The weather could be variable and everyone has lives/work to commit to and if I'm the only one there......so be it.

    sorry you took time off Mike , think I have talked myself out of it now with the lack of interest ,weather, and 80 miles of A1  Embarassed 

    A46 to Newark

    A1153/A156 to Gainsborough

    A631 to Beckingham

    A161 to Howden

    A63 to Selby

    B1223 to Sherburn
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