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  1. Ford in Old English is hlford and means Lord...I looked it up because God gave me a new car a couple of months ago and I was led to believe there was a message in the name of the vehicle...I still want to write about that, but the messag to me was to focus on the Lord...just sharing. Also, this made me think of old bodies and new bodies or the spirit life and the physical life....as well as the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the Oil...in your car.
    old body new body...that kind of thing...not a boring dream D. I will pray God gives you understanding.

  2. Ive got a really neat recipe for hot dogs....(no not healthy)...but when I was a kid I loved them!!! Cheezy weenies.
    You slice the hot dog down the middle and lay in a thin strip of cheeze lengthwise inside ~and then use a strip of bacon to wrap all around the hot dog to hold the cheeze inside and secure with two toothpicks~ these are deep fried in oil and served inside a bun with all the fixins....mmmm delicious. :)

  3. Son Daniel is in Afghanistan until September...I have lost contact with him for a week or so but that has happened before. His little son, my grandson will be visiting in a few weeks here in CA. I am keeping Daniel in my prayers for a safe return in September, please continue to pray for him and his comrades. God Bless, thank you for asking ...

  4. Return to the City of Truth My People You cannot stay in communion with the Living Christ with unforgiveness and bitterness against a brother or sister, in your heart God hates pride…but because pride takes root and separates the children of God from communion with Him. Why do we hold onto pride like an only blanket in the cold…why?The truth is what it is, we can attempt to overwrite it to our own understanding but still TRUTH WILL NOT CHANGE to suit us. We can walk around it and travel for years and miles making that well worn path in the soil for but in end still TRUTH IS STANDING IN THE SAME PLACE…IT WILL NOT CHANGE to suit us.

    Some make pledges to the Living God that their love is true and yet betray Christ regularly and willfully, by refusing to forgive, refusing to love their enemy refusing to let the words of their own mouth be pleasing to the Father of us.We are powerless without Christ. The truth will not change…we must change.Father God I pray that you will come in and give us a desire for your truth and not our own will. Father let us long for your will above our own. God give us a strength to let go o our false protection of pride and instead be given the covering that you intend for your children…Let us put on Christ, that coat of many colors that shows to our brothers that we are loved. Come in and commune with me Oh Lord I pray. Not by might, nor by power…but by my Spirit sayeth the Lord…THIS MOUNTAIN SHALL BE REMOVED. Praise God and RETURN TO THE CITY OF TRUTH.

    Word of God to ponder" Listen to the roar of the lions: the lush thicket of the Jordan is ruined! Zechariah 11:3


  5. Don't over your power to the enemy.

    How do we hand over power to our enemy? By insisting on our own preconceived ideas. By setting ourselves up all throughout the day to for wins and losses, again and again. By holding others accountable to be judged by our standards. By making provision for sin. We do it to ourselves day after day, month after month and year after year. We own it; it belongs to us, and it is so not from God.

    The enemy keeps us in a whirlwind of struggle, with our minds engaged in our problems instead of entering in to the peace that passes all understanding. How often do we choose to stay wrapped up in our struggles and playing the same game over and over again instead of making the giant leap of faith which is actually to apply the word of God in our lives? Actually to cast our cares on the God who loves and cares for us, and to ignore the tacks in the path that the enemy constantly throws our way. “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world….”

    As children of the living God, we are instructed to keep our mind on the higher things (what is good and pure and of good report). Instead of honoring those instructions, we set ourselves up for continual anger throughout the day.

    Many of us walk through each day as if it were a contest, or even worse, as if we are walking through a mine field. “I will be angry if I don’t make that traffic light.” “I will be angry if I get one more bill in the mail…if that car pulls in front of me…if I forgot something at the store… if the line at the bank is long…if I forgot my wallet in the car…if, if, if.”

    Do we forget that we are created in God’s image and that God has given us instructions on how to walk through the day, really? Do we know who we are in Christ Jesus? Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 days, and we cannot go through even one day without complaining about insignificant things that happen in this very day that the Lord has made?

    Truly we need to say to ourselves; “This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!” And we need to mean what we say. We need to pray for a passion for God’s heart in us, and the desire to walk in thankfulness for all that Christ has done to give us, His children, good things. For everything good is from God.

    Shall I find fault with my brother, talk about my sister, roll my eyes at my husband (just an example), grumble about the bills?

    God tells us that when we can be faithful in the small things, He will give us charge over the larger things. Walking through the day being angry at every little thing that does not go our way is ruining the quality of our life. It is dangerous for our health and it is a shallow way for an ambassador for Christ Jesus to live, for it is ruining our ability to shine the light of Christ on others.

    How can we shine if we are too busy being ugly? Really!

    As Christians we have an enemy that seeks to destroy us. If the enemy cannot destroy us, he will work very hard to destroy our walk with Christ, and to make sure that we do not draw others to Christ by leading us into this life-choice to continually be angry with the little things that go wrong in our daily life. This should not be.

    We have the power of the living God inside of us. We have the ability to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Shall we then begin again…to honor God and walk in this light? Shall we make a choice to walk in God’s ways and in His peace? Or will we choose to continue in our own way?

    Life is too short to choose our own way.

    I am listening to the words that God has given to my heart, and I am choosing to begin again. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. We can do this.

    Let us not make provision for sin.

    For more about author see http://lulu.com/product/paperback/its-a-god-thing-my-sheep-will-hear-my-voice-2nd-edition/14456456


  6. For God Has Not Given Us A Spirit Of Fear.....
    Is It Fear Of Man .....Or Fear Of God?
    or Fear of God? We cannot ever begin to truly embrace the fear of the Lord, until we have truly abandoned our fear of man. God gave me this message a few days ago and it is so true. How could we possibly believe that we have put God first in our lif...e…if he is not truly first in our life? We tend to see this world through the eyes of this world, the way it’s always been the way it’s always been portrayed, but we are not from this world anymore once we have been born again. The Bible calls us aliens. God says that we actually become a new creature in Christ. That doesn’t mean that we have to run around wearing Star Trek costumes or anything radical like that. But what it does mean is that we live in truth, we walk in truth. We cannot deceive ourselves and be a part of mocking God, He is hip to what’s going on in this world and in our own hearts always. God knows exactly how often we are in tune to Him and what every single one of our thoughts are about. We need to spend a little more quality time with our God, with the intent to get real with Him and ask what exactly kind of things does He want our mind to ponder and what does He want our life to look like…This is of course if we want to please God. The Bible is an amazing thing because it is the word of God, that actually became flesh and walked among us. I don’t know about you, but I could read that sentence three or more times and still long for a revelation for more clarity. It is challenging to understand but then, He is God. And as much as we want to know the answers for everything, I know we’re not always going to get everything there is to know in the Spiritual Kingdom. at least not while we are still living here on earth. I do know that the word of God is food for our spiritual man to grow stronger and more enlightened spiritually. The Bible says that we do not live by bread alone but by every word that cometh out of the mouth of God. The man of flesh eats food to live, but the spiritual man eats, well, he eats spiritual food, every word that comes out of the mouth of God, that is the food that Christ talked about when his disciples were worried about him. They talked among themselves if Jesus had eaten yet or not, and Jesus told them that He had food of which they knew not. Now we know. It is the word of God, which is also written on the pages of the Holy Bible. If we want to remain immature and infant-like in our spiritual life, we may just read the word of God, which is like milk to a baby Christian and we will learn, but If we want to be strong and mature in our Spiritual reality with Christ Jesus, we must have more than milk, we must have meat. What is the meat? That is when you do not just “read” the word but begin to “walk” in the word….that is the meat. Jesus said “walk in my way and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”….just “knowing” is not enough. Just having faith that Jesus “is” is not enough, for even the demons believe, and they tremble. No, We either run to Christ for a real experience with Him, or we do not. But I do know this thing for sure, God has been telling me for several days now, we will never know the true fear of God until we can abandon our fear of man. And I do know that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What does that mean? To me, the fear of God is deep reverence, I didn’t always have that. The fear of God is the reality that He is real and all that He says is real. The fear of God is that when I wander off, (as I belong to Him)…it may cause me great pain and difficulty as He rounds me up….like a shepherd finding the lost sheep caught in the thicket bush, or worse, pried from the teeth of a hungry wild animal. I remember the painful things that have happened to me when I wander off in my own way instead of The light of God’s way. I don’t ever want to wander off again. That is the fear of God http://lulu.com/product/paperback/its-a-god-thing-my-sheep-will-hear-my-voice-2nd-edition/14456456 See More
    By: Linda Marie Irish

  7. Dear Jasmine...you have many sisters in Christ on this site that would love to Spiritually Mentor you....We would love to be here for you and many have walked in the Lord for many years.

    It doesnt need to be shared on the open forum...I am willing to be available and I know I speak for the moderators here...and so many more. If you want the peace that passes all understanding, If you want to have encouragement and guidance on how to navigate through the trials and struggles....you can private message as well. It seems like so much in your life is a struggle, but THAT IS THE PERFECT PLACE to really test and grow your faith....I have just been through a very hard time losing my home of 27 years...and other issues that have emotionally held me hostage....but I am seeing the Light at the end of the tunnel and it is Christ....with His hand out to me.
    We will not hear god at first~But HE IS THE WORD THAT BECAME FLESH AND WALKED AMONG US. That is where HE will first begin to talk to you....as you begin to incorporate Gods ways into your life He reveals Himself to you in a deeper way...this is my experience. God bless you and guide you Jasmine....I am praying for you dear heart.
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