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  1. I prefer to scout myself these days with CMWiz
  2. https://champinnit.wordpress.com/category/tacticstips/
  3. The people over at http://www.cm97-98.eu/ have a season 2015-16 update free to download, I've yet to try it, if you have any feedback on this let us know.
  4. Great article written by Tim Hook at the link below. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2014/01/20/whatever-happened-to-the-superstars-of-championship-manager-9798/
  5. Have you managed to get it working? I run it through DosBox no problem on Windows 8.1.
  6. More recently I've found a Paraguay centre back who is consistently brilliant, his name is Carlos Gamarra and can be had for £5k at even the lowest league clubs.
  7. I always try and get John Curtis and loan him out if I've got better players, if I'm a lower league team I can buy him if he is listed for loan then list him for loan at my club and simply reject all loan offers. This way I get to play him and bigger clubs are unable to bid to purchase him, despite his big club release clause. Works great with all youngsters, and usually by mid season John is worth about £5m!!
  8. If you're managing a big club and want to buy a young player who has a big club release clause in their contract, submit a ridiculously low bid so as to let the tribunal decide. You can sometimes save millions this way, but beware the tribunal can occasionally agree a value greater than you would have paid otherwise, in which case cancel the bid and go back in for the default valuation.
  9. TIP 1 If you're really wanting to offload a player but struggle to get any interest from other clubs, try setting a ridiculously low value until you get enough interest, then simply return him to his normal worth and hope the bids come in! TIP 2 If you're managing more than one club, when your player for sale has an interested club(s) use one of your other clubs to bid up to 50% more of his default value. To ensure the interested clubs are able, it's worth first checking what funds they have available (if they're within one of the country leagues you're running).
  10. That would be cool because the match engine and simplicity about this version are what made it so great, I'd never thought about someone going back in time with the teams and players!
  11. I'm not aware of a patch that could provide this, I'm sure there is someone out there skilled enough to make it happen we just need to find someone who has a love for this game!
  12. Are you creating the 8Mb or 16Mb game? I don't know the exact numbers involved but a 16Mb game will load more active players from the database. You will never get it to load all players, which players are available will depend on which leagues you choose.
  13. Although I'm a Liverpool supporter I have to say Man Utd are really difficult to beat in the first season!
  14. In the early days that I played the game I would be ecstatic one minute at capturing a promising youngster, only for a bigger club to come in and steal the player away from me under the big club release clause. To make things worse, I would sometimes lose money on my purchase price too because it often takes them a while to get back to that level. You can get around this by immediately listing the player for loan, the board almost always allows it although it will depend on age/value. Clubs don't bid to purchase a player when they are listed for loan, you will get regular requests for loan if he's any good but you can simply reject them each time. Furthermore keep an eye on his contract requests by offering a new contract now and then, if you're season is going well you will often be able to agree terms for the same wage (or not much more) with NO big club release clause. Then they can come off the list for loan.
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