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  1. Hello, I am contacting you here because I cannot get into or reach an administrator at Taggin' & Snaggin' forum, so I am unable to send her a message. We know each other well. If you read the message below you will know what is going on. The problem is I forgot "where" I saw my first concert, and it won't allow me to change my password. I wrote it wrong or something. If you could get this message to the Administrator (Cathy) at the above forum and give her the below message which I tried to send her, I would appreciate it very so much. <Copy> Hi Cathy, I don't mean to be such a hassle to you. :( Until now when I tried to get into Forumotion it has been Unsecure so I was afraid to continue. It is now secure. This happened to me years ago so I stopped coming altogether to this forums website. Can you help me once more? My Chromebook support has assured me that I will be "secure from now on." I'm very sorry. Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you!!🥳 Della
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