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Posts posted by glow88

  1. dawnbrans wrote:
    I have everything except the fox, would love to trade for 1 of your fox costume, which one would you like?

    haha do u still wan to trade?

    -Serenity- wrote:
    I hope I have one so I can trade with your black cat set Sad
    Good luck for you Smile

    sorry >.
    Riuna wrote:
    i have the raccoon set if you wanna trade

    Alexi1211 wrote:
    I want to swap my Raccoon set with your Fox set

    i think someone pmed me in facebook asking for trading..wonder which of u did....

    milkcocoa wrote:
    do you sell ?
    i want 1 black cat costume
    for 10*3333 plss

    sorry not selling but only trading

  2. Hmmm I am not sure if there is a thread around here somewhere talking bout this..
    But does anyone have a list of treasure items that I can find?

    and one more question is the weekly and rare...
    I still do not have them...
    does the weekly changes every week?
    I notice the weekly I just got is the kitty...!

    But I notice thats like new...!
    Does anyone know the weekly that was before this?
    And is the rare changing every week too?
    And what is the rare item now?


  3. Hi I wud like to buy the new wig >.<
    Hope can get it in time...

    Erm...I do not have 3333ss..But i have 999s left...
    and if ur looking for some past items..I do have them...
    Please let me know...whats ur offer..thx!
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