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  1. loon wrote:
    Coming soon

    Jul 11
    No. 113 Lamborghini Reventon
    No. 113 Lamborghini Reventon (Limited Color)
    No. 73 Kobelco Rough Terrain Crane Panther X 250
    Tomica Limited 0133 Sileighty RPS13 Kai

    Aug 11
    No. 85 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Limited Color)
    No. 85 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    No. 54 Honda Civic TYPE R EURO
    Tomica Limited 0134 Honda NSX R

    Sep 11
    No. 120 Nissan Leaf (Limited Color)
    No. 120 Nissan Leaf
    No. 50 Lotus Exige S
    Tomica Limited 0135 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (PGC10)

    cool! where you got the info from?
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