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  1. blueye wrote:
    currently we only have corvette tower sandwich. Layer consist of

    Extra soft bun
    out of this world metalic mayonnis
    vege with 5 spook pattern
    hash pipe brownies
    vege 10 spook pattern
    cheese melt with blow torch
    fried corvette big chunk
    bottom of bun

    for viper only hard boil viper eggs is available

    do you want with 7pop drinks?

    yes please! all of the above.. lol!

  2. kuih_tiow wrote:
    contest design would be nice...

    i 2nded this.. organizing a contest design is a great idea! once everyone has submitted their entries, you can make a poll so that people can vote through there.. the best that is chosen by the voters will be selected as the design for the tee.. Very Happy

  3. WANTED!
    '05 Ford Mustang GT (4 Stripes Variation - '08 T-Hunt)
    Amazoom (Green - '08 First Editions)
    Chevroletor (Light Blue - Designer's Challenge)
    HW40 (Green - Designer's Challenge)
    Mitsubishi Double Shotz (Black - Designer's Challenge)

    '65 Volkswagen Fastback ('08 First Editions)
    Carbonator ('08 First Editions)
    Drift King ('08 T-Hunt)

    i'm able to only buy at the moment since i'm not trading anything yet.. Very Happy
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