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  1. hwcars wrote:
    Lsk138 , you meeting Loke ? I think Get from shelves is the most challenging but the coolest !

    Well said bro Joshua! Very Happy
    Not forgetting the adrenaline rush too when you spot VVHTF cars on pegs Cool

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  2. vandenan wrote:
    Just pass it to Cjack when you take your scirocco. The money you want to bank in to me for the scirocco just deduct the retail price you buy that M3 =)

    Now I am moonlighting as middleman Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  3. Zedd_68 wrote:
    OP Updated 23-09-2012.

    Sold (those that I recalled)

    Maisto VW beetle set of 3
    Maisto Juventus new VW Beetle
    RMZ Audi A5 and Merc E46 AMG
    Various loose

    Thanks Guys! thumbsup

    Oh nooooooooooo Audi and Merc AMG gooooooooooneeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Sad

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  4. hwcars wrote:

    Damn Internet is so slow for the past 1 week. All the links are screwed. Only can share 1 photo. Give up loading. outdoor 3G Internet + Flickr and maybe even iPhones . One of them is the culprit!! Smileshakeheadstars used to be great but not anymore. Results of cutting cost??

    Bro you collect Aston Martins too? Very Happy
    I too think last year's cars were better Cool
    Haven't got this colour yet Sad
    Now busy with work can't go hunting Mad

    Cheers and happy hunting,
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