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  1. I broke youtube a few years ago re-playing this video. He's so lovely.... This song was re-recorded as "So Alive" by his band The Rising. Don't know why I'm posting it but there you go
  2. Hey guys! I got sad and wanted to come in here for a visit, cuz Michael Johns died
  3. GTTG +2 Circ -2 Where's that minus 5 for a non-elimination day? Lol, that's the only way this will end...
  4. Haha I know, but sometimes effing is so fucking fun to say
  5. Just wanted to say that Dave looks beautiful in your avie I'm still DYING to hear the other 10 or so songs on his unreleased album between Analog and American Idol. Based off that fact that A Daily Anthem and We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping are two of my favourite songs of his, and after seeing all the intriguing song titles, and the fact that he was still writing by myself at this stage, I'm willing to bet that the album would be a personal favourite of mine. I also think that all the songs are pretty much buried and will never see the light of day (We have heard a snippet of Optimistic to a Fault, but other than that..)
  6. Oh yeah I'm not saying he took the idea from someone else, just that it's cool of other celebs to have done the same thing.
  7. Oh ok I thought I read that in some review somewhere. A mistake in a review, what a surprise! Sorry for being a downer in this thread, I'll just slink away now and let you guys enjoy the song.
  8. ^ I think though that he can still write uplifting, positive music but do so in a lyrically interesting, unique way (example: A Daily Anthem), rather than filling songs with cliches that to me, don't seem like they would require much thought to compose, and don't pull out as much of an emotional response. I love a good voice and a good message behind a song, but to me, the lyrical content is equally important. And that's what made me so feel intrigued by David in the first place. Whether it's record companies or radio or David who's responsible for that change, I guess I'll just have to find it elsewhere these days PS. Is it one of these bonus songs that he wrote with Raine Maida? Is it this one?
  9. Well to be fair, Lady Gaga and also Taylor Swift did it as well, and apparently Taylor did deliver everything herself. But yes, Dave is awesome nonetheless.
  10. Apparently lots of people are doing this now http://perezhilton.com/2011-07-15-beyonce-orders-pizza-and-water-for-waiting-fans
  11. YES definitely! I think Goodbye to the Girl would have made an amazing single for the world to hear, but I don't think they will release two singles with the word Goodbye in them. (Damn the Last Goodbye.. *cough*wasteofasingle*cough*) But yes Circadian would make a great single! I can just picture lots of random people shouting along to the chorus in their cars
  12. I think I like REM more than Circadian.. REM+2 Circadian-2
  13. No I'm not saying that every song has to be written metaphorically to be a good song, but HTB doesn't grab me or stand out in any way, especially against REM. I find it pleasant to listen to, but sort of bland compared to the top 3 songs on the album (which most of us seem to agree on.. Interesting. I was wondering if that would happen ). But I'm still looking forward to seeing all these songs live hopefully, because his songs take on a new life in concert.
  14. I think REM is one of the best songs on the album, and HTB is just meh. There shouldn't even be a contest! REM+2 Hard to believe -2
  15. LOL, Bieber will make you obese. Don't listen! (I'm not sure how Bieber became the scapegoat for all crappy fast music in the world, but there ya go. He's like McDonalds. Poor kid.) I'm on the Analog Heart diet. Which involves a balanced intake from all major music groups.
  16. Yeah me too I actually really like the rockiness of the chorus as well, music-wise. Yep I agree with all that ^. I think music audiences now have such short attention spans, and such busy hectic lives that the majority of them don't have TIME to bother with really indepth songs with complicated meanings, you know? It makes me sad that it's become that way. They just have their 10 minute drive to work or whatever where they can listen to a couple songs and the news, and that's it. Life is just in such a hurry these days and people are working so much that there's no time anymore to really slow down and enjoy something special. It's just like fast food - and now there's fast music. And that's my overanalyzing thoughts for the day.
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