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Posts posted by wordnerd4life83

  1. @pn112 wrote:
    Don't I wish I wasn't on the other side of the continent! It would be way cool to stand with you and your new "David dresses on the right" sign!! Awww Love

    buahahahah omg i did techically say i was holding it up at my next show didnt i..and this is my next show. the long ass instructions did mention signs are allowed only they cant be bigger than 3 by 4 which is a big ass sign..people will be like WTF theres no david in this finalel that was last year dumb ass. ill be all no there is only one american idol for me and he dresses on the right!! suck it adam and kris!!

    obuahahhaah oh shit u all could see me and my sign on TV!!! cheers or maybe Embarassed

    um.....what do you mean by that? scratch

    ETA: yeah never mind, i think i kinda get what the meaning is LOL Face i'll have to go check that thread out that was mentioned.

  2. "I'm the dog who gets BEAT
    Shove my nose in SHIT!!"

    Audience: ShockedShocked Where did that guy who sang "Music Of the Night" go?

    Oh man, I would love to see that! Laughing hystericall Wide open mouths in the audience for sure!!!!

    omg! i just had THE funniest idea ever!! haha....ok so picture this
    your sitting there, david's on tv and starts off singing something slow like Music of the Night...pauses then BAM!!!!!!! launches right into Man in the Box..... Laughing hystericall

    ETA: audience doesn't know what hit them! hehe

  3. @CCforDC wrote:
    Yeah I just saw those. I'm quite excited for Jimmy Fallon. That should be hysterical.

    Me too! And Ellen shouuld be pretty entertaining too!

    I'm still hoping he will one day be on Chelsea Lately, though

    OMG Dave on Chelsea Latley would be HILARIOUS! I would fall off the bed laughing.

    so i'm not the only one who's been wishing for this eh? omg that would be hysterical! i think we all should email the heck out of her show requesting David Cook to be on LOL flag

  4. @cheng0613 wrote:
    Who's in the cover??? I think I saw OK Mag *not from the Philippines* in a local bookstore yesterday..

    ETA: Wrong cover.. *sigh* I hope that's the one I saw but nope.

    Cover of the mag is there on the page.. John Mayer, Robert Pattinson and some dude on the left.

    I'm glad that they still recognize David even without much exposure. It goes to show that he's REALLY HOT and famous as ever!

    OT: I'm loving the new icons..
    PukeScared!Freaked! :choco:

    i love them too! lol....but what's so funny to me is when i seen the new icons you put in your post i also seen out of the corner of my eye your profile pic of david....and just about busted out laughing cause it looks like Dave is amused at these new icons as well LOL flag

  5. @lizzidoll wrote:
    Ok so David likes to keep us guessing so he can read what our thoughts are. For some reason he must find us entertaining. So i'm gonna assume that he's reading this. Or a good possiblity he is. Why do i have a visual of him with Dublin by his side reading the boards here with a nice bowl of popcorn and drink in hand.

    don't worry i have the same visual going on in my head as well LOL Face

  6. @Leann wrote:
    God, I hope it it's not real. I personally find it repulsive. Please say he's been drawing on himself again! Sick

    Well, that's down right insulting to those of us who have them, if you ask me.

    Anyway, from twitter: yes he has a new tattoo.i asked him if we could see it, he said its not healed.but its an eagle, its first 3 letters fla // not a shamroc

    omg i love your avi pic! where did you get it?
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