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  3. So you just want a big crocodile?
  4. SLGray


    World of Feathers have been added to the filter.
  5. Last week
  6. Thom fixed an animation bug on the Dimetrodon, please redownload.
  7. New screenshots have been added. The selection icon for the wolf should now be fixed.
  8. Please download the Arnoux's Beaked Whale again. The name has been corrected.
  9. A new screenshot has been added.
  10. Thanks for uploading Lazy Ranch.   Do you have any more of their downloads?  If yes, could you share them, too?

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    2. SLGray


      I got it tpo upload to the private section.   I did change the author to you.

    3. Mjmannella


      Thank you very much!

    4. SLGray


      You're welcome.

  11. General Information: Creator: Worldwide Designers United (WWDU) - Ailurus, JohnZTMaster, Kangorilaphant, Octavio1793, Realy, and Warrior Bat Language: English Expansions Required: ES, AA Bugs: None Extra Information: Credits: JohnVM for having the download available Description: A pack containing several farm animals, foliage, and buildings. More animals were planned before the pack stopped development. Reuploading with SLGray's permission Bonus Features: Public Domain? Unspecified Original Model? Yes Original Sounds? Yes Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Permission to Reupload? Unspecified Reskins and Variants: The shire horse and mallard duck have 1 variant, the border collie has 2, the Suffolk sheep has 3, the donkey, Nubian goat, and llama have 4 Hacks: None Other Additions: I included a product filter for this pack since it originally didn't have one. LazyRanch.z2f
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  13. SLGray


    Zoker Designs have been added to the filters.
  14. We provide the highest quality in mold remediation services, asbestos removal & water dry out in Maricopa County including Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale and Gilbert! for more information visit our website Mold Removal Services | Water Damage Restoration

    1. SLGray


      If you are wanting to advertise, you can here: 


    2. Mark Glesson
    3. SLGray


      You can also share your Youtube channel.

  15. Check out epic game if you like football or otherwise waiting for this Thursday rollercoaster game is free.


    ( now hopefully playing grand theft auto 5 next week)

    which game would you trying below on the epic game.



    1. autumngreen40


      You can still check out epic game Twitter for announcing free game is how I found out. Just every Thursday morning if you are on the east coast side 

    2. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Roller Coaster Tycoon and hope that it is android friendly and not mobile all these games that come out think your playing on your phones not one game is installed on my android phones I access all games on my chromebook  
       I will have to check out epicgames.com and see if these can be played on my chromebook 

  16. Checkout HENDRIX's signature on ZT2 Round Table. Click the ZTABC link. P.S. There is an edited version of Carnivora here in the private downloads section. I edited the sand cat where it should mate,
  17. Where can I find the download for Artiodactyla and Carnivora?
  18. General Information: Creator: Lgcfm Original Creator(s): ZTABC Team Language(s): Any Downloads Required: Artiodactyla, Carnivora Bugs: None known Extra Information: Credits: ZTABC for models and original skins. Azrael & magpiealamode for testing. Thom for bugfixing. Description: Variant skins for animals made by the ZTABC Team, all based on real photos. These variants will show up in placed animals as well as those born in the zoo when they grow up. Depending on the variant some might be as common as the normal skin, or very rare (albinos and special patterns). Make sure they are below the original ZTABC files in your ZT2 folder for them to show up properly. Might conflict with other animal hacks or variants. Contents: Artiodactyla Fallow Deer x8 White-tailed Deer x3 + new baby skin Père David's Deer x4 Bighorn Sheep x3 European Reindeer x3 Carnivora Eurasian Lynx x3 Serval x4 Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes, but credit ZTABC, my skins are just edits of their original ones. Deleting variants you don't want It is understandable that you might not want all these variants in your game, either because you don't use a certain animal, you don't particularly like those variants, you want to use alternative variants made by someone else, you don't want such a heavy file, etc. If that is the case you can easily delete those variants by doing the following: 1- If you don't have a zipping program, get 7-Zip. It's very useful and completely free, so you won't ever be asked to buy it like with winzip. 2- Open zzzzzzzzzzRR Variants.z2f using 7-Zip or another zipping program of your choice. No need to extract it. 3- You will see a folder called entities inside, with more folders inside it. For every animal that you don't want variants of, you will need to delete two things: 4- Go to entities/units/animals and delete the folders for the animals you don't want. Don't delete the ai folder. 5- Go to entities/units/animals/ai and delete the .xml files for the animals you don't want. Note that the names will be a bit different depending on the animal. That's it, now your file contains only the variants you want. zzzzzzzzzzZTABC Variants.z2f
  19. General Information: Creator: DRAGON-unit911 Expansions Required: None Downloads Required: Radical Remake Language: German and English Bugs: None known Extra Information: Credits: Aurora Designs for base model and skin, Lgcfm for coding. Description: The other species of African elephant. Male has a model variant with a broken tusk (placeable and breedable). Also includes slow growing up coding, and females will start reproducing again when their offspring become juveniles. Bonus Features: Public Domain: Ask AD Number of Variants: 3 skin, 2 model (male) Zoopedia: ✓ Baby Variants? X Baby Model? ✓ Permission to reupload? ✓ zzzz_Du_African Forest Elephant.z2f
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