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  2. @Stevio Kazoroski Have you joined the club?
  3. Introduction: Following suit from my 100th tournament, I’m doing a post that is reflecting on the past tournaments I have hosted. Opposed to the first reflection though, this one will involve reflecting upon the 100th tournament all the way up to the 199th tournament. That’s all I really have to say about this reflection so without further ado let’s hop into the reflection. Starting off with the 100th tournament, looking back I found it interesting how everyone went along with the Falcon Miis only theme. I’m thankful people enjoyed the theme and overall while the Mario Kart Wii portion of the tournament was successful, the Mario Kart 7 portion didn’t feel like it resonated as much. The remaining Superstar Showdown and Falcon Tour tournaments all were extremely fun and went well organization wise. Many people consider those tournament series some of their favorite tournaments they have attended out of the ones I hosted. I can see the sentiment and looking back I have positive memories of the later Superstar Showdown and Falcon Tour series. The initial finale FFA tournaments went well too despite people hosting other events over the MKW one. The challenges came with my “retirement phase”. Looking back retiring from tournaments and even the internet proved super cringey. This unfortunately caused problem with my series as my attendance was peaking, but taking a hiatus hurt the series overall. Looking back, this would remain a common pattern over these tournaments and is something I want to work on when getting back into the tournament organizing business. After about a few months I wanted back in the scene, so I created the Wait What He’s Alive tournament series. I think the funniest thing is the second after I created a thread on mariokartwii.com one of the Super Moderators instantly viewed the thread. I think he was expecting it was some religious cult nonsense with that title. Wait What He’s Alive actually started off super strong with the first two tournaments, but then started declining. As I grew busy, I didn’t have much time for the Wait What He’s Alive tournament series and the 13-tournament long season got cut in half. Oddly enough despite getting too busy for my own series that didn’t stop me from hosting three strong, official FFA tournaments for mariokartwii.com. I even won Tournament Organizer of the year on the website for 2013; however, after having to carry the MKW tournament and other complications I left the official organizers. The start of 2014 was a small decline for the tournaments. It started off with a Brawl tournament series Finem Rixam that had mixed reception. Afterwards I tried hosting random tournaments and reviving the Wait What He’s Alive tournament series; however, Nintendo WFC ending in May 2014 messed with those plans. I had plans in the background for an elaborate Mario Kart 8 tournament series, but as senior year of high school got hectic I had no choice, but scrapping the story elements for the MK8 tournament series and just doing standard Mario Kart 8 tournaments. The FxD Center Mayhem series did well, but between the start of college approaching and other factors, the tournament series didn’t last long. Also, while the format of hosting every Friday and Saturday whenever a host was available proved successful at first, when I tried abridging the series for another hiatus the numbers dwindled. None of these tournaments were bad attendance wise and the Falcon Kart 7 + 8 finale went off without many hitches, it just fell victim to the old hiatus spell. I took another break after December 2014, but I didn’t stop thinking about ideas for tournaments in this time span. Come August 2015 I wanted a change, Mario Kart 8 wasn’t hitting the same levels of fun as Mario Kart Wii did for me so I decided I would switch over to Sm4sh. This led to Fight To The Finish, a Sm4sh tournament series, getting created. This tournament ran from August 2015 to March 2016 and proved extremely successful. After the mixed results for the past few seasons, Fight To The Finish proved a second tournament renaissance and was extremely popular. I didn’t plan for a second season though and due to this I spent time working on one quickly. Unfortunately, life kept me busy and it wasn’t until January 2017 that I could begin hosting Fight To The Finish Season 2. This season had its good moments, but it didn’t live up to the hype as the first season. There were also a few questionable organization choices here, but overall the series was fine. Unfortunately, after Fight To The Finish finished in mid-2017, the tournaments didn’t peak beyond this point again. Senior year of college proved the busiest year yet and I didn’t get much time for organizing tournaments. I hosted a few occasional tournaments related to Fight To The Finish; however, Fight To The Finish Season 3 never happened. There weren’t any more tournaments until the Grab Bag tournament series in summer 2018. Grab Bag like its name implies was a filler tournament series with different games each tournament. Seeing as how the game varied per tournament it was hard getting large turnouts consistently. There were a few memorable tournaments, but it wasn’t the same as past tournaments. The series lasted 12 tournaments which lead into the 200th Tournament Festival which should have preceded the next tournament series. The 200th Tournament Festival unfortunately I felt didn’t live up to its hype since while there were many different events it didn’t get advertised enough nor organized the strongest. This tournament was the first time I used Smash.gg in a while and it shows for some events. There were some fun parts of the 200th Tournament Festival; however, it could have been better and didn’t hold a candle to the 100th tournament. Now remember how I said the 200th tournament should have preceded a future tournament series? Well, life had other plans between working full-time, master’s classes, and running my college’s Smash team. Although I didn’t do much in 2019, I hosted several offline Smash Ultimate tournaments and hosted one tournament at the end of 2019. Now that 2020 is in full swing I plan to get back into the game, but it’s much different from the past. Through-out the past 100 tournaments there have been several highs and low. My new goal is working on a series that I am proud of and reaches the same heights that Blast Of The Past, Superstar Showdown, and Fight To The Finish did. As for the future, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the tournament series!
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  5. We're a small forum dedicated to the bbc hit sitcom As Time Goes By. Come and join like minded fans in the discussion, or Alistair might get you tickets to a foreign country or push you to write a book about sheep. We have different sections and various web pages so there's something for everyone. Have fun on our forum, we encourage new members and would love to make the site even more popular 🙂
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  8. Sorry to hear about your house. Thanks for the update.
  9. I am alive. Sorry for the delay but its been one thing after another. First my computer crashed, then a couple of weeks later my house burned down. Needless to say I have been unable to complete my projects. On the bright side the place where I am staying now is close to the library and the weather is getting much less harsh. I should be releasing the King Kong pack and COTW Fiji soon as testing is just about completed. I also have an extinct French animal minipack and a couple of more New Athens creatures in the works.
  10. General Information: Creators: Lgcfm and Ulquiorra Language(s): Any Expansions Required: EA, MM Downloads Required: Radical Remake, JFD's aurochs, Crocodylia Animations Bugs: Some non-dramatic distortions Extra Information: Credits: Iben and Milchman for base slow growth coding used on various animals Quagga -AD (Simba) for model, Bunyupy for base skin, Eryel for skin components Velociraptor - HENDRIX for model and base skin Giant Warthog - AD for base model and skin (Okeanos and Eryel) Deinonychus - HENDRIX for model and base skin Deinosuchus - HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont for base model and skin, Scott for edited model, Thom for bugfixing Giant Camel - Maxforever for base model and skin Doedicurus - Bill for base model, Verdant Gregor for node set Diprotodon - HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont for base models, Verdant Gregor for node set Giant Ground Sloth - HENDRIX for base model & animations American Mastodon - Aurora Designs for base model Elephant Bird - Jannick & Tyranachu for base model, Jannick for skin components Protarchaeopteryx - HENDRIX & Tyranachu for base model, HENDRIX for base skin Steppe Lion - Zebrasorus for base model & skin Warrah - HENDRIX for original model & skin components, Bunyupy & Whalebite for edited base model Grasslands Burrow - ZTABC for model & texture, Aurora Designs for grass & rocks Description: These are remakes for animals from the Extinct Animals expansion pack, with color schemes based on the original animals created by Blue Fang. All remakes override the original in every way (meaning they can be created at the lab from fossils, guests will have them as favorites, donate to them, buy gifts, etc.) All feature juvenile stages and at least 3 variant skins. Some animals feature slow growth (meaning they will get slowly bigger with time instead of turning 3 times bigger in 5 seconds). These remakes might conflict with other remakes, hacks, filters, etc. affecting these animals. Some biomes and behaviors have been changed to be more realistic. This download is Public Domain, but please credit the original creators for their skins and models we used as a base (listed above). Contents: Quagga Velociraptor - includes desert nest reskin Giant Warthog Deinonychus - includes wetlands nest reskin Deinosuchus Giant Camel Doedicurus Diprotodon Giant Ground Sloth American Mastodon Elephant Bird Protarchaeopteryx - includes temperate nest Steppe Lion (Cave Lion remake) Warrah - includes grasslands burrow remake Enrichment hack (makes the glacier, misty spring and tar pit work for animals in AD's new biomes) Time Periods Filter (adds Cenozoic filter to AD's dodo and thylacine and JFD's aurochs) Bonus Features: Public Domain? All except Mastodon model, you'd have to ask AD zz EAR American Mastodon.z2f zz EAR Deinonychus.z2f zz EAR Deinosuchus.z2f zz EAR Diprotodon.z2f zz EAR Doedicurus.z2f zz EAR Elephant Bird.z2f zz EAR Giant Camel.z2f zz EAR Giant Ground Sloth.z2f zz EAR Giant Warthog.z2f zz EAR Protarchaeopteryx.z2f zz EAR Quagga.z2f zz EAR Steppe Lion.z2f zz EAR Velociraptor.z2f zz EAR Warrah.z2f zzz EAR Enrichment.z2f zzz EAR Steppe Lion BF variant.z2f zzz EAR Time Periods.z2f
  11. At the top right corner, do you see a green button that says Join Website? If yes, click it. https://forumsclub.com/forums/54436-easy-access-to-the-vip-members-group/ Thanks.
  12. Hello there I'm not sure but I think I ive been already signed last before here with my main youtubemail I get in here via the zt2 stuff to download Sometimes are able for download but some others not There are many very well made zt2 stuff in your site! I got signed here with my youtube account Is there any other step to reach the full registation or something to have full access to your awesome stuff in here ?
  13. Creator: SLGray Original Creator: Uliquorra Requires: Small Tortoise Pack with Filter Description: I added the filter from the Small Tortoise Pack with Filter to this pack. zzzzzAldabraGirant&RedfootedTortoise.z2f
  14. Creator(s): Ulquiorra Original Creator(s): AD Language(s): English Expansions Required : ES, AA, RR Bugs : None Credits : AD, for models and skins Description : A small Pack containing two much needed species of tortoise, the Aldabra Giant and the Red-footed. The Aldabra tortoise has a new location. Contents: Aldabra Giant Tortoise and Red-footed Tortoise. Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload ? Yes Original Models? No Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes zzzzzAldabraGirant&RedfootedTortoise.z2f
  15. Creator: Ulquiorra Original Creator: ZTabc Team Language: English Expansions Required : ES, RR Biomes Bugs : None Credits : abc team (spotted deer model) Description : The Sambar deer, a large deer from India, favoured prey of Bengal tigers. Number of Variants : None Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload ? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? Yes Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes SambarDeer.z2f
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  17. Sorry been sick. Well hopefully rain comes and relieves them soon 😞
  18. New Roleplays popping up check us out!
  19. @red eagles @shark topus @nobodyimportant53 @Stevio Kazoroski @Tom Van Ryn Have you joined the club?
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