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  3. Thanks for offering to share your creations.
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  5. I just did, but the animal on the statue is still white even after placing it
  6. An image has been added.
  7. Delete the download and download it again.
  8. The Toolache Wallaby on the "Toolache dreamtime statue" is white after placing it.
  9. Welcome to the VIP Members group! You're welcome.
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  11. I have a few favorite animals but I'll say wolves are my most favorite!
  12. I know that a couple images are messed up. If you have better ones, please send me DM/PM. Also if you have the ones missing images.
  13. Sorry for bumping this thread, but what's exactly unfinished about these?
  14. My favorite animal is African elephants.
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  16. I love pinnipeds, especially the Hawaiian monk seal or the California sea lion!
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