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  2. Michael

    Faith Tested

    When Faith is Tested. There are many in today's Post Truth Era that will sarcastically claim that Christians have no reason to complain about the way they are treated. Yet a quick scan of International News will show a World that is aggressively anti Christian. It has been recorded that on average 7 Christians die every day. This number is in reality just a tip of the proverbially iceberg. The true number of Christians tortured, enslaved or executed may in fact be 100 times that number. Yet there is little if any coverage by the news of this occurring. While for the most part many other religions are broadcast as being under attack. When have you found your Faith being Tested? Was it from someone you know personally? How did you it turn out for you and them? What would you do differently next time?
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  5. Johnson Family History

  6. Welcome to ForumsClub!

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    2. SLGray


      You can create a website. 


      After you create it, you have the options to add a gallery, link directory, forums, blogs, downloads, etc.

    3. Michael


      Thank you for that. I already have the Church Website;


      I was just looking for a way to add a Forum to the site.

    4. SLGray


      Ok.  Some you want to add a forum to your website?  This might not be want you are looking for.  Does the website you have a support forum?  If yes, they could help you with your question. 


      Or maybe this:  https://www.forumotion.com/

  7. Ok. I will just need to fix them.
  8. Thanks for the information.
  9. The issue could be that the video uploader does not what it shared. I had one like that yesterday.
  10. I believe the deleted topics are only visible to administrators until they are deleted permanently.
  11. I think 10 is good esp if you have picky cats who like their privacy.
  12. We are now a ForumClub. Hope you enjoy it and tell your friends.
  13. It hasn't gotten any worse.
  14. In another topic I reported having a problem with posting videos again. I deleted the topic that had the video link in - but I couldn't get rid of it. Finally had to create a hidden forum and move the topic there. Then noticed the 'bin' icon next to the title and message saying the topic was deleted 16/4/19 - will be permanently removed 16/5/19. So that means the topic is still there for a month after it's been deleted ! Does this mean that every topic I delete is going to have to be moved to a hidden folder for a month before it is finally removed ?
  15. Terrorism has not yet been even hinted at in the National TV and media, which only reinforces my suspicions !
  16. Copying the 'share' link has stopped posting the video - only posts the link now.
  17. It’s never too late to find out more about your family – and this 48-year-old adopted woman from Georgia is certainly glad that she decided to investigate her biological family after decades of mystery. Amy Battle was adopted in a happy and loving home when she was just 5 months old. Though she had been happy growing up with her adoptive parents, she always wondered about her biological family. Her heritage remained a mystery until Battle’s oldest daughter finally convinced her to take a 23andMe Ancestry kit – and she was stunned by the results. Full Story Here
  18. It is certainly no easy task to take on and I wish them all the best for their futures.
  19. hello, not for the moment but it would indeed be a good idea to develop for forumsclub we will see if it is possible to add it to our list of improvements to be made
  20. thanks for the links. I just did several tests and it seems that these links were already broken in the source forum !
  21. Did you see the edit link on the first post? If you did, you could have edited the link or upload the download to the post.
  22. Functional Link to Gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/thylaco/gallery/57049631/JPOG Functional Link to Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mmgesck24c6v7og/JPOG_Gondwana_basics.zip/file
  23. Functional Link to Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ij9yqcx46bc7ydc/Gondwanan_Plant_and_Terrain_Pack.zip/file
  24. Was this disastrous inferno the work of terrorists, or simply the result of a tragic accident ? I know what my thoughts are at this moment
  25. Ok. After I posted, I did look at the story again and noticed that locals were being trained to use the drones.
  26. I found this Here The project in Myanmar is all about community development and enabling people to care for trees, providing them with jobs, and making environmental restoration in a way that it’s profitable for people. The forest didn’t vanish by itself — the forest was cut down by local people. We train local people to be drone pilots, and they want that. They want to be in IT. They want to process data, they want to fly drones, they want to do agroforestry, they want to do regenerative agriculture, they want to create vertical farms, they want to do all this cool stuff. It’s not the ambition to be a seedling planter for $1 a day. So the drone project isn’t just helping the forests themselves, but the local communities too by helping provide new economic opportunities.
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