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  1. I am a moderator. You can send me a message, or you can post here in this topic.
  2. Did you start this topic? If yes, does this mean you have 2 accounts?
  3. until
    Contest Guidelines: create a pack that contains one tree and plant that grows in the Middle East area upload the pack here: https://forumsclub.com/forums/f440-zoo-tycoon-2/ add this to the title of your upload topic - Easter Contest 2024 only one entry per person all entries must be in by midnight on March 31, 2024
  4. Remove all other mods and check.
  5. Do we have any mod designers for other games? If yes, would you like to share your creations here? If yes, please reply with the name of the games.
  6. Please do not post links in the descriptions, comments, or reviews. The link (big red button) for the websites, forums, blogs, etc. are created when you create the link topic.
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