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  1. You're now a member of the VIP Members group.
  2. Creator: PaJaS30 Credits: Original coding by Thom, original model by Ulquiorra Requires: ZT2 MM, variant selector script Language: English Bugs: None Description: CarpKoiButfly.z2f
  3. I also made one for ZT.
  4. I have made a forum for broken download links for ZT2.
  5. I am afraid that we will have to delete the topics with broken download links since we can not locate working links or received them from people who have them. If you have any of them, please contact @SLGray.
  6. The updated version has been uploaded.
  7. Even if someone does this, they will have to have permission to release them.
  8. Is there a reason why you can not do it yourself?
  9. I can confirm that this site works when it comes to earning nano and spending them on Steam gift cards or buying games to use on Steam.
  10. The dwarf Sicilian elephant has been released.
  11. Creator(s): Ulquiorra Original Creator(s): Deep Silver, Sam Language(s): English Expansions Required : ES, AA, EA, Lgcfm's variant script. Bugs (if any): Some distortion in the legs. Credits (if any): Deep Silver (original creators of the model and skin), Sam ( importing from WLP2) Description (Optional): An updated version of a WWB style Macrauchenia, originally made for WLP2. Also comes with a lower browseholder, which can be used by some other animals. Number of Variants (if any): 8 Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload ? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? Yes Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzWLP_Macrauchenia.z2f
  12. Share your websites, forums, blogs, etc. about the Jurassic World Evolution series.
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