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  1. 2 new question sections have been added: Site Help & Support - https://forumsclub.com/forums/f422-site-help-support/ PC Game Help & Support - https://forumsclub.com/forums/f664-pc-game-help-support/ You can rate the answers you get in your question topics.
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    I have added a filter for items by 16529950.
  4. Designer: SLGray Original Designer: Tamara Henson Description: I fixed the trees that had no names in game. You need to replace the old file with this one. x999_AWAU_items.z2f
  5. When I use the default zoo map, I usually add one near the entrance. It depends on the size of the map. I might use 2 in small maps, 4 in medium maps, and 6 in large maps. I usually try to space them far apart.
  6. @Saber Cyan and @László Kiss have you read the first post? 
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    The attachment has been added.
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  12. Are you just referring to Zoo Tycoon 2 or also the first game, too?
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