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  1. If you do not want to post the link, you can send a PM to @SLGray.
  2. Merriam's wild turkey South Mexican wild turkey Gould's wild turkey Rio Grande wild turkey Eastern wild turkey Osceola wild turkey or Florida wild turkey
  3. We are here to provide you everything from help and support to codes, themes and graphics for your Forumotion forum. Do you have any questions about your forum? Need help? Just ask us and we will give you the answer! FMservices for your forum are coming soon Administrators: Niko Mathias Tutorials and codes HTML & CSS Languages The first type of web-languages that you have to learn are CSS and HTML. This section contain the resources as HTML and CSS codes. Share your own codes here! Template editing Forumotion allow founders to edit templates, in this way you have more possibilities of customization. Start to improve the Forumotion language. Javascript Javascript codes are important because they can add new features to Forumotion forums and they can be used on all the pages Management guidelines Do you want to know the secrets of the best forums? Read topics here and open your own ones to let everybody enjoy your secrets Free to use In this section you can share and find codes that are free to use. All you have to do is todownload them. Work in progress Are you working on something but you need help (not from 0%)? You can show your work here before sharing it to fix it up. Coding issues Post here your issues about the Development of Codes. Of course, we will try to help you; but use the function «Search», your problem may already have found a solution. FMservices Graphic design Come in the magic world of Graphic Design; Show your creations, ask for requests and look for cool HTML themes. Graphic proposals, graphic requests and more Forum promotion Promote your forum as a thread here and updated it with the latest news of your forum. Forum reviews Do you want to know if your forum is good or bad and what you can improve? Ask here your review with no-limits of time! And more coming soon!
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  5. Polina Sergeyevna Gagarina (Russian: Поли́на Серге́евна Гага́рина, IPA: [pɐˈlʲinə sʲɪrˈɡʲejɪvnə ɡɐˈɡarʲɪnə], born 27 March 1987) is a Russian singer, songwriter, actress and model She represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with "A Million Voices" where she finished second, with 303 points earned by jury. Gagarina also participated in the Chinese reality-competition Singer, where she was one of the finalists.
  6. Since there is no way to report websites, I will like to suggest a report button on the homepage of website. Right now there are many websites on the website page that are not in English, and I believe most of them are spam.
  7. The topic will be unlocked on November 12, 2019 and locked again on December 31,2019.
  8. spotfin lionfish or broadbarred firefish Luna lionfish or dragon's beard fish devil firefish or common lionfish African lionfish, deepwater firefish or frillfin turkeyfish clearfin lionfish, tailbar lionfish, radiata lionfish, fireworks fish or radial firefish red lionfish
  9. Screenshots for the jellyfish has been added.
  10. New screenshot has been added.
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