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  1. A new screenshot has been added.
  2. A new screenshot has been added.
  3. Ok. Thanks. P.S. Well, I just tried searching unlock and did get my 2 topics in the search.
  4. A new screenshot has been added.
  5. A new screenshot has been added.
  6. SLGray


    I added the filter for Birds of North America since some designers used the models from the pack. This will filter them if you do not have the Birds of North America pack.
  7. I click the search box and enter unlock Press return This the result page: https://forumsclub.com/search/?q=unlock There is no results that show my 2 topics from my club.
  8. Thanks. You are now in the VIP Members group.
  9. Is it not working at all or just not returning results showing your site?
  10. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks that when I do a search it is not working correctly. When I do a search for unlock, I am not getting the 2 topics on my club in the results. Here are the 2 Topics from My Club:
  11. The attachment has been added.
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