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  1. A screenshot for the Peruvian pelican has been added.
  2. The woolly rhinoceros has been added.
  3. Thanks. You are now in the VIP Members group.
  4. The flamingo lily is orange. Also it is not shape like that.
  5. What is the name of that flower to the right of the monkey in the first screenshot? Great job on the animals.
  6. Welcome to ForumsClub!  This site is an English-speaking site.

  7. New screenshots, except for the mountain, has been added.
  8. All requirements are listed at the top.
  9. ES is listed as one of the required downloads/expansions.
  10. I believe all old addresses are now not working. Before they would convert to the correct one. If you can locate the current link to the forum, you could do a search for the download.
  11. If you want to see the private downloads, please reply to this topic. @iloveanimals123 @Tom Van Ryn @Todd Morgan @Charles Cantrell
  12. You have to just create one account for all the clubs on this site. You also bring all your members from your forum to here. They then cam see all the other clubs here and join if they want.
  13. I fixed it for you. When the attachment is large, it sometimes takes a second time to submit. When you submit it first time, you will see a white page with numbers and dots going in a circle. You need to wait until the page to load again and send the post again.. I love the horses and cattle.
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