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  1. Done. Sorry for the delay. And no, it's installed like any other regular mod.
  2. Well... I recently went to my local supermarket, and I was very surprised to see many more Christmas items sold than Halloween 🤔 Hmm a X-mas vibe in this spooky month? I thought, so as if I were a mad scientist, create this strange and hideous mixture to your... delight? 🤣 Credits to Hendrix and Dannybob (models and skin components). Happy Halloween! 🎃 zzzzzzSanta_Zombie.z2f
  3. Designer: 【Zhadow】 Requires: None Public Domain: Yes Language: English and Spanish Bugs: None Description: A bike rack with a strong and solid design. It can be used in indoors and outdoors. Screenshot: bike_rack.z2f
  4. Designer: 【Zhadow】 Original Creator: Hendrix (Ammonite base model and texture) Requires: None. Public Domain: Yes Language: English and Spanish Bugs: none Description: An essential piece in any fossil collection, you can use it to give a different touch to your exhibits. Available in three different variants. Screenshot: Ammo_Fossil.z2f
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