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  3. Dwarf Flores Stegodon General Information: Creator(s): Colonel Swampert & Mjmannella Language(s): English Expansions Required: EA Other Downloads Required: None Bugs (if any): Females might occasionally get stuck making rumblings, but moving them should prevent that. Extra Information: Credits (if any): Bill for coding. Blue Fang for texture and original mesh. Description (Optional): A small relative of elephants that live on the island of Flores, and shrank as a result of insular dwarfism. Number of Variants (if any): None Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Download Here Flores_Stegodon-MJSwampert.z2f
  4. Earlier
  5. The flamingo lily is orange. Also it is not shape like that.
  6. I'm not sure. I think it may be the Flamingo Lily from AD's Foliage pack. I am petty sure its from a mod.
  7. I am doing a small pack of extinct European animals to go with COTW: France. All but one are from the early to mid Plestiocene before the big Ice Age... Arde Antelope (Plotragus ardeus) European Ass (Equus hydruntinus) European Panda (Parailurus angicus) European Thar (Hemitragus bonali) Issoire Lynx (Lynx issiodorensis) Perrier Hyena (Pliocrocuta perrieri) Here is the one exception from the Plestiocene. Say hello to France's best known Jurassic theropod _ Pokilopleuron bucklandii!
  8. What is the name of that flower to the right of the monkey in the first screenshot? Great job on the animals.
  9. Here are some more exotic creatures for France... Red-Faced Spider Monkey Red Acouchi Neotropical Pygmy Squirrel Blue Lorikeet
  10. New screenshots, except for the mountain, has been added.
  11. The Andean goose and the guanaco required no expansion needed.
  12. All requirements are listed at the top.
  13. ES is listed as one of the required downloads/expansions.
  14. The Brazilian tapir required Endangered Species.
  15. The black-tailed prairie dog required African Adventure instead of no expansion needed. The pantropical spotted dolphin required Marine Mania 2 instead of no expansion needed. The Gila monster required African Adventure instead of no expansion needed. The ringed seal required Marine Mania 2 instead of no expansion needed.
  16. I believe all old addresses are now not working. Before they would convert to the correct one. If you can locate the current link to the forum, you could do a search for the download.
  17. If you want to see the private downloads, please reply to this topic. @iloveanimals123 @Tom Van Ryn @Todd Morgan @Charles Cantrell
  18. I fixed it for you. When the attachment is large, it sometimes takes a second time to submit. When you submit it first time, you will see a white page with numbers and dots going in a circle. You need to wait until the page to load again and send the post again.. I love the horses and cattle.
  19. It uploaded this time. I made a link to the entire pack and to each individual file and it loaded. I also uploaded the World of Kong for everyone. I will share the French animals I have made so far... Camarguais Horse Poioevin Horse Poitou Donkey ------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL ANOUNCEMENT, MULE HACK! The female Camarguais horse and male Grand noir du Berry from Slice's Donkey pack can breed to produce the mule in that pack. In addition the Male Poitou donkey and female Poitevin Horse can breed to make the draft mule. The reverse crosses (donkey mother and horse father) make the hinny included with this pack! PROOF: Adults Draft Mule Hinny -------------------------------------------------------------- Camargue Cattle Bull: Cow: Charteux Cat (and a sneak peak at the Dragon Ball toy I am making) European Asp Red Handed Tamarin Rouge de lOuest Sheep
  20. World of Kong Creator: Laura 'Tamara" Henson Original Creators: Many people deserve credit for making this project the best it could be... Atercurisaurus (Skull Island Stegosaur): original model by Hendrix and Ultamateterex2; Giant Bamboo model and coding from Penguinman; Brontosaurus model by Zoo Tycoon Thailand and One Piece; Burglar Monkey model by Raulfpv; Carnictis: original model by Z-Studios; Ferrucutus, remake of Jurassic Designs animal using same models but with a movie-acurate skin; Great Carrion Parrot, model by Hendrix; Inox, original adult model by Hendrix and larval model by Hispa Designs; King Kong, model by Burnt-Gecko and Aurora Designs; Kong's Den (Skull Mountain) based on an origninal model by Slice imported from Wlp3; Ligocristus original model by Jurassic Designs; Malamagnus original model by Z-Studios; Percerodon original model by Tyranachu, coding by Hendrix; Skullcrawler, model by Hendrix, icon by Z-Studio; Sker Buffalo, original model by Sam and Zoo Tycoon FR; Stickalithus (Mother Longlegs), original model by Tyranachu; Sumatran Rat-Monkey, original model from Primata by Dutch Designs; Terapusmordax (Giant Flying Rat), model by Serpyderpy from Studio Wildcard.; Vastatosaurus rex, adult model and base skin by Indra_budhi, juvenile and young by Ultamateterex2; Venatosaurus (Greter and Lesser), model and original skin by Indra_budhi; and Weta Rex, model and original skin by Ulquiorra and Whalebite. Language: English Expansions Required : EA, ES, AA, RR Biomes, Paranoia, and Walking With Dinosaurs 5: Spirits Of The Ice Forest Bugs : The Terapusmordax gets pregnant but never gives birth and the Percerodon will not breed at all and may ignore the provided shelter. Description : A large Pack containing 20 creatures native to the fictional Skull Island including the famous King Kong, Sumatran Rat-Monkey, and Skullcrawler. Four pieces of playground equipment for the kids to enjoy, A new shelter for very large animals that resembles Skull Mountain, two Skull Island themes arches, and a Skull Island themed Reptile Kiosk are also included. This is a single large ZT2 file containing almost everything needed for a Monsterverse zoo. Public Domain? Yes Atercurisaurus (Skull Island Stegosaur) Burglar Monkey Carnictis Ferrucutus Greater Carrion Parrot Inox Kong Kong Shelter Ligocristatus Malamagnus Peracerdon Sker Buffalo Skullcrawler Skull Island Brontosaur Stickalithus and Giant Tropical Bamboo Sumatran Rat Monkey Terapusmordax Vastatosaurus rex Adult Juvenile Young Venatosaurus, Greater (V. saevidicus) Venatosaurus, Lesser (V. impavidus) Weta Rex Skull Island Items DOWNLOAD ZZZZZ_World of Kong.z2f
  21. Countries of the World: Fiji Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: Many talented designers need to be credited for the models, base skins, and original coding used to create this project, give thanks to... Bill (Crocodile); Chucha & Titan (finches); Hendrix (Flycatcher, Iguanas, Frogs, Parrots); Hispa Designs (bat); Jannick (Goshawk), Raulfv (Lory); Whalebite (Rail); Whalebite, Chucha, Dn and Eryel (for Imperial pigeon) Requires: African Adventures, Endangered Species, Marine Mania, Extinct Animals, and Radical Remake's new biomes. These animals have the following requirements... Bill's Kaprosuchus (for land crocodile); Hendrix's Greater mouse-eared bat (for bat), Eurasian Jay (for flycatcher & goshawk), Dodo (for rail and Fijan dodo), Amphibia (for frogs), and WNW Keel-Billed Toucan (for Lory). Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None I have found, other than the crocodile eggs take a while to hatch. Description: 16 animals native to the islands of Fiji, many of them endangered or extinct. Screenshots: Azure-Winged Flycatcher Bar-Winged Rail (Nesoclopeus poecilopterus) Collared Lory Crimson Shining Parrot Fiji Banded Iguana Fiji Blue Iguana (Lapitiguana impensa) Fiji Goshawk Fiji Ground Frog Fiji Tree Frog Fiji Land Crocodile (Volia athollandersoni) Fiji Parrotfinch (right) & Pink-Billed Parrotfinch (left) Fijian Dodo also known as the Viti Levu giant pigeon (Natunaornis gigoura) Fijian Monkey-Faced bat Imperial Barking Pigeon Red-Shining Parrot DOWNLOAD Azure-Winged Flycatcher.z2f Bar Winged Rail.z2f Collared Lory.z2f Crimson Shining Parrot.z2f Fiji Banded Iguana.z2f Fiji Blue Iguana.z2f Fiji Goshawk.z2f Fiji Ground and Tree Frogs.z2f Fiji Land Crocodile.z2f Fiji Parrotfinch.z2f Fijian Dodo.z2f Fijian Monkey-Faced bat.z2f Imperial Barking Pigeon.z2f Pink-Billed Parrotfinch.z2f Red Shining Parrot.z2f
  22. Creator: Laura "Tamara" Henson & Ulquiorra Credits: Hendrix for the original model and Ulquiorra for the rest. Requires: Ulquiorra's Eastern Gray Squirrel Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: none This is a hack for Ulquiorra's Eastern Gray Squirrel that adds five new skins to the animal, all based on actual mutations found in the species. The hack also adds genuine squirrel sounds so your rodents no longer sound like lemurs. The zip file contains two packs that contain 5 new skins each to give the squirrel a total of 10 variants per pack. The packs are not compatible but contain the following skins... PACK ONE: Solid colors including the bizarre purple squirrel, brown (a common color here), raccoon tailed, red-tailed black, and a charcoal grey variant I saw near my old home. PACK TWO: Party colors such as harlequin and a beautiful black variant that lived next door that had silver tail hairs just on the edge of the tail. All Varients in download Varient pack 1 in Game Download Z_EasternGraySquirrel Varients.zip
  23. I do not see any topic for it in the Zoo Tycoon 2 section. Are you uploading the files separately or has one z2f file?
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