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  1. Last week
  2. Please report to me any bugs or glitches in these animals. I have the rest of Worldwide Wonders still and am hoping to bugfix it in the near future.
  3. Earlier
  4. My favorite animal is the Clouded leopard.
  5. It has been updated to include the Late Cretaceous DLC.
  6. JVM


    Thank you for recovering this. I actually lost my own copy of the file if you can believe it.
  7. Designer: RyuKami, credits to Hendrix for model Requires: EA Uploading with permission Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Ornitholestes.z2f
  8. Thanks to @Dylan Hooton , the attachment has been added.
  9. definitely the Rhinoceros Hornbill 😉
  10. If you're on Twitter, please re-Tweet this: https://mobile.twitter.com/ZooTycoonUMC/status/1554345143523835905?cxt=HHwWgoC8oYerkpIrAAAA
  11. Another way you can help is share the link with others.
  12. The attachment has been added.
  13. So how do I get them ingame? Do I just put the .exe in the ZT2 folder or do I have to extract it?
  14. Some Tips {Earn > Tasks & Surveys): Surveys - CPX research will give a bonus if you get credited for finishing a survey. Also you could receive a small amount if you are disqualified. AdGate Rewards - They have fun quizzes and tasks that require you to read (click and explore) some pages. AdGate Rewards, AdscendMedia & WannAds - They have tasks where you can download and use mobile apps. Also you can sign up for rewards like a $500 Wal-mart gift card.
  15. Thanks @lgcfm for helping to upload downloads in the public and private sections? I hope you are enjoying your gifts.
  16. New screenshots have been added.
  17. lgcfm


    Both files were exactly the same, that's why I deleted the duplicate thread. The pic here looks darker because it's the dirty skin.
  18. I feel like another Dinofelis (one that had a brighter color than this one) by the same user was briefly on this site. Plus this one appears to not have any Zoopedia info in-game. (sorry)
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