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  2. My favorite animal is the Lowland streaked tenrec
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  4. Euparkeria General Information: Euparkeria is a prehistoric reptile from the Triassic period, thought to be close to the common ancestor of all dinosaurs (and birds) Creator(s): Ringo Language(s): ENG, SPA Expansions Required: EA Bugs (if any): Doesn't breed. Each time the game starts it get's out f exhibit. I recommed placing rocks (with collision effect) around every fencing to prevent the animals to scape. Extra Information: Credits (if any): Tyranachu and Lazardi for their Decuriasuchis model (Pseudosuchia pack) Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes (model credits for Tyranachu and Lazardi) Permission to Reupload? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Download Link: Attached below zzzzz_Euparkeria.z2f
  5. My favorite animal is the Pipistrelle Bat.
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  7. I like lots of animals but my 2 favorites out of all of them is Spinosaurus and the Saltwater Crocodile
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  10. The animal that is my favorite since as kid is the jaguar!
  11. my favourite animal is the saltwater crocodile
  12. I did and I also reinstalled Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate collection just to be sure, and now the Indus River Dolphin appears thanks.
  13. Remove all other mods and check.
  14. the one mod that I most certainly have is Aurora design's Radical Remake. I always use that mod, but i'm not sure if that's the cause of the Indus River Dolphin not appearing.
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