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  8. My favorite animal is the elephant 🙂
  9. Believe the designer forgot that the other version of the Semmerring's gazelle is exactly a subspecies so they are different animals. I edited the lang files. Since the designer did not edit the zoopedias of some, I removed them.
  10. I fixed the error in the endangerment status coding.
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  13. My favorite animal is the tiger salamander. 😄
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  15. General Information: Creators: Thom & Iben Expansions Required: All + official bonus animals (Addax, muskox etc.) Language: Bugs: None Extra Information: Description: A pack containing over 20 gift shop items and a cash register Note: The cash register can be found in the buildings-tab, the other items are in the scenery tab. Bonus Features: Public Domain: ✓ Original Models: ✓ Permission to reupload: ✓ Zoopedia: ✓ zzz_GiftShopPack.z2f
  16. General Information: Creator: Thom Credits: Suggested by ChunkMasterBlast Expansions Required: All Language: Bugs: N/A Extra Information: Notes: -The file only includes the ticket vendor so the fence you see in the picture is not included (you can download it a Zeta-Designs). -Make sure the vendor is easy to reach (like in my video), otherwise guests will ignore him. -This download has to override 'guest.xml', otherwise it won't work. I made sure it's compatible with my elevator which also has to override this xml. If the download doesn't work try adding more z's to the filename. -When you try to select or delete it, you'll suddenly see a big cube. This is not a bug, adding the cube was the only way I could make the vendor selectable/deletable -The gridsnap might seem weird but it's necessary for this download to function. Bonus Features: Public Domain? ✓ Permission to reupload ✓ Zoopedia? ✓ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_TicketVendor.z2f
  17. General Information: Creators: Thom Expansions Required: Iben's cans. This download is essential! Language: German, English, Dutch, and Spanish Bugs: -Sometimes guests drop their plates, but you can simply sell or delete them. -If the guests (think they) can't access the cash register they'll skip it. Prevent this by making sure the cash register is easy to access. Same goes for the other counters, if they can't access it they'll skip it and leave the restaurant. -There's a small continuity error with the soda cans. You probably won't even notice it Extra Information: Credits: The soda cans included in the fridge were created by Iben. Description: A pack with several items to make a functioning restaurant. Notes: -To make it function as it should it's necessary to place the cash register, both food counters, the counter with plates, the fridge, the ice cream counter and some seats. The blank counters, coffee machine and trash rack are optional. If guests skip an object it's because it's placed too close to something else. -Don't place two cash registers close together, it can cause bugs. -This restaurant only functions with the seats included in this set! -The ice cream counter and cash register are found in the buildings tab. The rest is in the scenery tab. I included a filter called 'Restaurant' to make it easy to find everything. -To make them function optimally don't pick up or move guests while they're busy in the restaurant. Bonus Features: Public Domain: ✓ Original Models: ✓ Restaurant Pack.z2f
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