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PC Game Modding Community

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      This section will contain project threads by designers of mods for PC games.  Also members can start wishlists in this section.

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      This section is for any kind of support for any PC game that is on this site. 

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  6. my favorite animal is capybara and lowland paca
  7. Topic Locked Please send me a private message if you want to open this topic again.
  8. Topic Locked Please send me a private message if you want to open this topic again.
  9. Unfortunately no! Just my freakin luck i guess. :(
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  11. My favourite animal would be the proboscis monkey.
  12. until
    Contest Guidelines: You must make at least a 10 minute Youtube video. The zoo must have a spooky theme. Only real (living/extinct) animals are allowed. Try to use animals that are seen as being scary by some people. The spooky theme only applies to the zoo's scenery and decoration. It can also apply to tour objects. The staff and guest can have spooky clothing. The entertainer can be dressed up in a spooky costume. The video must start at the entrance and cover the whole zoo.
  13. Designer: SLGray Original Designer: JimmyzHoopz Requires: My World Filter Description: This wigeon is listed under Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Europe. zzz - EurasianWigeon.z2f
  14. Designer: SLGray Original Designer: Whalebite Requires: My World Filter Description: This toad will be listed under North America and Central America. zzzz-whalbit-Incilius periglenes.z2f
  15. Another bug is that some will appear as white boxes in the selection menus.
  16. Milne-Edwards's sifaka or Milne-Edwards's simpona
  17. I had a problem with the model of the signs but I will fix it (from scratch) then, in the meantime, I leave here a WIP of the first animal I have ever made, the "Meganeura" from Walking with Monsters. 👍 Pay special attention to transparent wings! (Original model by Ulquiorra)
  18. Give your animal a different entityname .
  19. Earlier
  20. yea but now it's replacing the original animal! :( its treating the new animal as a remake and not as a separate animal!!
  21. You sent me a private message saying you got it in the game.
  22. Okay... I figured out how to skin and the animal now isn't white! :D But now the animal doesn't show up in the game! :( how do I make it workable in game??
  23. Could you do it for me and tell me exactly what you changed! please? Coz it's going right above for me :( thank you. :-) zzzzGigantophis.z2f
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