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  1. Yesterday
  2. Did you see the edit link on the first post? If you did, you could have edited the link or upload the download to the post.
  3. Functional Link to Gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/thylaco/gallery/57049631/JPOG Functional Link to Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mmgesck24c6v7og/JPOG_Gondwana_basics.zip/file
  4. Functional Link to Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ij9yqcx46bc7ydc/Gondwanan_Plant_and_Terrain_Pack.zip/file
  5. Last week
  6. If a topic has an attachment, you have to be a member and logged into the site to download it.
  7. American Giant Desert Centipede Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creators: Original coding by Ulquiorra and original model by Whalebite. Requires: Endangered Species and African Adventures (ES & AA) Public Domain: Yes. Language: English Bugs: none found Description: The largest centipede in the United States. Includes the red-tailed, blue tailed, and red headed subspecies as variants. Screenshots: Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HB2LPuRSWS05XVvbCTub39xcD50vZX2S
  8. ENORMOUS ELEPHANTS Creator: Velociraptor and Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creators: This enormous pack would not have been possile without the orignal skina and models of many talented designers. Carthaginian and Desert Elephant (modified), Astypalea Dwarf, Cypriot Swarf, Kos Dwarf, Maltese Dwarf, and Tilos Dwarf Elephants are all from Lazardi's Blora Elephant with the Young from Eryel and co.'s Sumatran elephant. Chinese and Syrian Elephant from the Sumatran elephant by Eryel and co. Cretan dwarf elephant from Eryel's mammoth, Young from Eryel and co.'s Sumatran elephant Straight Tusked Elephant modified from Lazardi'a Reck's Elephant with the young modifed from the Blora Elephant Asian Straight Tusked Elephant from Lazardi's Blora Elephant Channel Island and Sardinian Mammoths use Eryel's mammoth Wrangel Island Mammoths use Eryel's mammoth modified by Zoo Tycoon Thailand. Flores dwarf elephant from Eryel's Stegotrabelodon,Juvenile from Lszardi's Reck's Elephant (moded) Young from Eryel and co.'s Sumatran elephant Requires: Extinct Animals EA Public Domain: Yes. Language: English Bugs: Ghostly elephants occasionally occur when there are a large number of animals in the park. Description: A remake of Velociraptor/Dinosaur's Enourmous Elephant packs, all placed in a single file. This pack contains 15 species of extinct elephant and a living ecotype for your zoo ranging from the tiny Cretan dwarf mammoth to the immense Asian Straight-Tusked Elephant. Screenshots: African Straight Tusked Elephant Asian Straight Tusked Elephant Carthaginian Elephant adult and baby Chinese Elephant https://imgur.com/Gae4XZh.png[/img] Desert Elephant Syrian Elephant Wrangal Island Mammoth Astypalean Dwarf Elephant Channel Island Dwarf Mammoth Creatan Dwarf Mammoth Cyprot Dwarf Elephant Flores Island Dwarf Elephant (Stegodont) Kos Swarf Elephant Maltese Dwarf Elephant Sardinian Dwarf Mammoth Tilos Dwarf Elephant Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t76L1GuEx6TDSkXl4R2IJ86yBO0dvKMm
  9. Which 2 were you trying to download? We are trying to upload the downloads to the posts right now. If the post had a download link, it should still be there. If it was a link and text, it is broken now.
  10. I was going to download two new items but can't figure out where to do so on this new club forum.
  11. Creator(s): -JimmyzHoopz- (me) Original Creator(s): DinosaurMan, Okenos Language: Feel free to release a translated version. Expansion packs required: Bugs (if any): N/A zzz_-_JHFishPack.z2f
  12. The attachment has been fixed.
  13. A calendar section has been added. All events will appear there.
  14. until
    Contest's Rules: You must start a show & tell on the website during this contest. You are allowed to create 2 show & tells, but they must be one for each game. No leaked content is allowed. Personal use content is allowed. You must follow the show & tell guidelines.
  15. A section has been add to allow people to post classified ads related to gaming. https://forumsclub.com/links/c9-pc-gaming/
  16. You can add your blogs, websites, or forums about PC gaming here: https://forumsclub.com/links/c9-pc-gaming/
  17. A gallery section has been added: https://forumsclub.com/gallery/c7-pc-games/ Please upload images into the correct album. If there is not an album for the images you want to upload, please create one for the PC game.
  18. You can post your show & tells as blogs here: https://forumsclub.com/blogs/4-show-teller/
  19. Designer: SLGray Original Designer: Ulquiorra Description: I just added a filter for the animals, shelter, and foliage. MuskiePack.z2f
  20. Here are the new download guidelines: When you post your downloads, they will have to be approve by staff before the topic will be visible to everyone. You can upload your mods to your posts. Please only post your own downloads. If you have permission from the designer, please post that in your posts. Please give detail information about the downloads and post screenshots. If it is an utility/hack, please give a detail description. This guidelines can be updated at anytime, please check this topic often.
  21. Designer: Artifex Description: Download this file if you would like the main menu icon moved to the top (where the premium pack goes) to avoid pushing the other icons off at the bottom. Place the .z2f into: C:Program Files/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon 2. Thank you to Badisbadis101 for helping with the coding!! Z_-_AN_Icon_Fix.z2f
  22. Designer: Artifex Description: Download this if you would like the main menu icon removed. Place the .z2f into: C:Program Files/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon 2. Arabian_Nights_Main_Menu_Icon_Fix.zip
  23. Designer: Artifex Description: Using this version of the "Download this First" file will keep the splash screen, music and loading bars of your official expansion pack instead of overwriting them with the Arabian Nights theme. You do not need to install both, please choose one "Download this First" file. Arabian_Nights_Download_First_2.zip
  24. If you come across a broken download link, please post the direct link to the download post.
  25. Creator: Ulquirra Original Creator: HENDRIX Languages: English, Deutsch. Expansions Required: ES, AA, MM, EA, RR Biomes, HENDRIX's DM filter, Amphibia, EE, WNW Redtailedboa, Inland Taipan, my Brown Rat and Raptor Pack. Description: A patch that fixes the adder remake female variants not showing up. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sb3vixv6dtvyyya/ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ_BogPack_AdderFix.z2f
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