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  2. Thanks to just one VIP Member who broke the rules access to the private downloads section is now close to new members. Topic Locked
  3. v1.8.1 Updated to include the extra database entries for the Marine Species Pack and assorted new database entries.
  4. @lgcfm quote: The first post have been updated.
  5. Bog Pack Rock Fix - Bog Pack Adder Fix -
  6. Some screenshots have been added.
  7. v1.7.10 Updated Database Entries for new paths and pylons from the free decorations update.
  8. Thanks to @Dylan Hooton a new image has been added.
  9. If you just want names in game, you can edit the number folder in the lang folder. When you do that, your game will be able to read the files in side, but the names will be in the language of the original folder.
  10. I hope the original English version gets found someday.
  11. Designer: RyuKami Requires: EA Version 2 of my Anchiceratops. Retextures it and adds several updates, including fixing some bugs in the AI. Also baby now can be contained by any fence (won't bash fences), and uses different enrichment from the adults. Super adults will lay eggs that hatch into super babies. Guest interactions are fixed so guests can be attacked or donate when they see the Anchiceratops. Adds sick and dirty skins. Anchiceratops.z2f
  12. then I guess I'm left out and I will never use any vanilla-styled King Kong animals other than kong or venatosaurus...
  13. v1.7 Updated to cover all database entries for Update 6 and the Feathered Species Pack.
  14. Separating them will not stop them from requiring certain mods.
  15. oh that's disappointing. i hope someone will seperate them (and the flintstones pack) for the non-radical remake or walking with dinos using users.
  16. General Information: Creator: Thom (rigging) & BuffZoo (coding & icons) Credits: Models and skins by Animal Crossing New Horizon and IrritatingFish Expansions Required: MM Language: English Bugs: - Extra Information: Description: This pack contains 34 fish: African Tigerfish, Blue Girdled Angelfish, Batangas Groppo, Banded Basslet, Pacific Beardfish, Banded Bellowsfish, Largemouth Bass, Common Bluestripe Snapper, Saddle Butterflyfish, Japanese Eel, Dark ghostshark, Goonch, Elephant Ear Gourami, African Wedgefish, Lovely Hatchetfish, King-of-the-salmon, Longnose Lancetfish, Prickly Lanternfish, South American Lungfish, Manyspot Filefish, Abbott's Moray Eel, Chambered Nautilus, Atlantic Needlefish, Giant oarfish, Bigeye Opah, Pennant Coralfish, Piraiba, Porcupinefish, Japanese Puffer, Sea Toad, Tribute Spiderfish, Smallspine Spookfish. Adriatic Sturgeon, Pacific Viperfish Bonus Features: Public Domain? X Permission to re-upload? X Original Models? X Zoopedia? ✓ zzFishImportPack7.z2f
  17. If there are, they were be in the first post.
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