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    Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: The following designers deserve credit for this pack: Bunyupy, Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Jimmyz Hoopz, Tyranachu, Ultamateterex2, Z-Studios, Kangorillophant, and Igcfm. See screenshots for more extensive credits. Requires: All files require EA and the Steppetundra biome, The fox and Irish elk also requires ES. Public Domain: Yes, all the models, maps,sounds and skins are PD, just credit the original designers for the meshes and icons. Language: English. Bugs: The fox and dirk-toothed cat have no fossils. Description: This pack contains seven animals native to the Steppetundra biome and a Wooly Mammoth fountain. The Irish elk also contains a hack to the Steppetundra biome that fixes the Europe map. Screenshot: Alopecoid Fox (mesh is Dinosaurman's red fox v2) Cave Bear (mesh is Jimmyz Hoopz's black bear) Dirk-toothed Cat (Adult is Ultamateterex2's young smilodon mesh, the young is Dinosaurman's European lynx) Irish Elk (Adult male mesh is by Bunyupy imported from the game Carnivores: Ice Age, the female and young mesh from Dinosaurman's red deer v2. Male icon by Kangorillaphant) Short-Faced Hyena (mesh by Z-Studio from their v1 Vampire Beast, skin in part based on Igcfm's brown hyena skin) Steppe Bison (mesh by Dinosaurman) Woolly Mammoth (mesh by Tyranachu) Mammoth Fountain Alopecoid Fox.z2f Dirk-Toothed Cat.z2f European Cave Bear.z2f Mammoth Fountain.z2f Short-Faced Hyena.z2f Steppe Bison.z2f Wooly Mammoth ST.z2f zzzIrish Elk.z2f
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    This topic is an easy way to gain access to the VIP Members group. All you have to do is reply with your favorite animal. This only applies to people who are exactly members of User-Made Creations.
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    My favorite animal is the cheetah
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    my favorite animal is capybara and lowland paca
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    Only post information about official announcements about PC games in this topic. Civilization VI:
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    My favourite animal would be the proboscis monkey.
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    Ammonite Fossil Display Stand Almost finished, just need to make the icon and some coding 😄 Decorative Murals Need to correct the scale and fix the placement grid of the model, and also include other pictures as variants.
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    I had a problem with the model of the signs but I will fix it (from scratch) then, in the meantime, I leave here a WIP of the first animal I have ever made, the "Meganeura" from Walking with Monsters. 👍 Pay special attention to transparent wings! (Original model by Ulquiorra)
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    Thanks for the screenshot, @Cricket.
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    Thanks @Cricket for the screenshot.
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    I fixed the tuna's placement issues. But the animal itself is still very buggy (moves only in a straight line and returns at a set distance, has no needs). Mediterranean_Pack.z2f
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    Anyways, here is my Malayan Tapir exhibit. I tried 😛 Using only AD CC, even plants and building materials! (and food too)
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    I would say my favorite animal is a fox. I love all of the various fox species!
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    My favorite animal is the Ferret, Black-footed or Domestic.
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    Thank you! ☺️ I created two signal sizes, for 2x1 and 1x1 enclosures. I'll release it as a resource for users to create their own signs, alongside with a texture template of the screen.
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    The ammonite fossil is finished 😄 and also I decided to add two variants: Like all my projects is PD so you can use the base for your own "fossils displays". On the other hand, I'm working in a new project: a info sign for aquariums/terrariums, this can be freely placed on top of any panel or window fence thanks to Thom's tutorial of how to code objects to be draggable, like tank walls. ^ Sorry for the ugly textures hehe, they're just placeholders.
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    Start a topic in the correct section (Zoo Tycoon 2). There is a link to click to upload images and/or attachments. It will have to be approved before it is visible to everyone.
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    Have you seen this one: https://zt2downloadlibrary.fandom.com/wiki/Tyrannosaurus_(Ultamateterex2) ?
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    My favorite animal is the Axolotl, just look at him, it's beautiful
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    My favourite animal is the African forest elephant.
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    The ZT2 Download Library Wikia is a database for user-made content for the video game Zoo Tycoon 2. Our aim is to compile the content that has been uploaded to different forums and websites throughout the ten years since the game was released, to make it easier for users to find the desired content for their game and to help designers advertise their work. This project started as a "Zoo Tycoon Download Encyclopedia" idea by TheLastPanthera at The Round Table on December 19, 2014. Lgcfm suggested the wikia format, and ADHO15 created this wikia as a test to see the advantages and disadvantages of the format. It was decided via poll that the wikia was the best method as opposed to a forum, external listing or document format, and the wikia was officially revealed to the public on December 29, 2014.
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    Thanks for sharing your work with us. They all look amazing. I really like the display stand.
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    Nope, couldn't stop, looked for all my favorites, here is another one.
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    I released my Metridiochoerus (giant warthog) here!
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    I just released my Foliage of the World pack for Zoo Tycoon 1!
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    I updated my Zoo Tycoon 1 "Free Terrain Hack" so now refilling tanks with water is now free.
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    I have some bad news. When I updated McAfee it corrupted a lot of files and the computer had to have the operating system set back to factory restore. On the bright side I had backed up all my projects on an external drive. On the bad side I need to find and re-install zoo tycoon 2 on my computer. I also lost all of my original screenshots for my older downloads as most had not yet been put on a new site. As a result my projects are going to be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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