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    dinosaur: tyrannosaurus regular extinct: andrewsarchus modern: atm, rat
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    Extant: Komodo Dragon Extinct: Suchomimus
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    Designer: Penguika (Penguinman and Mikaboshi) Requires: ES and AA Picture: Christmas Jeep: Christmas Jeep.z2f Toy Chest: Toy Chest.z2f Christmas Roses: Christmas Roses.z2f Reindeer (Reskin): Z - Christmas Reindeer Reskins.z2f Christmas Polar Bear: Z - Christmas Polar Bear Reskin.z2f Christmas Mouse: Christmas Mouse Ambient.z2f Sugar Plum Tunnel: Sugar Plum Tunnel.z2f Christmas Tree: Christmas Tree.z2f
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    Name: Continent Pack: Ethiopia Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: DinosaurMan contributed the nif used for the African Wildcat and Maned Rat while the Nile Lechwe was made from a mesh designed for Wildlifepark 3 and rigged for ZT2 by Robert. Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This is a huge pack containing animals and objects from Ethiopia. There are no bugs that I have found. Requirements: many of the animals in this pack need only ZT2, though an expansion pack will allow one to see all the variant skins. ES The African Wildcat, Bat-Eared Fox, Maned Rat, and Sennar Roan Antelope need Endangered Species. AA The Defassa Waterbuck, Dibatag, Guereza Monkey, Menelik Bushbuck, and Side-Striped Jackal need African Adventures. The Addax (See Here) may be needed for the Common Eland and Mountain Nyala. Any Expansion Pack should allow use of the fountain and bouncy ride. Pictures: African Wild Cat African Wildcat Mini-Fountain (it is about half the size of the normal tiger fountain) Bat-Eared Fox Common Eland Defassa Waterbuck Waterbuck Bouncy Ride Dibatag Maned Rat Mantled Guereza Monkey Menelik Bushbuck Mountain Nyala Nile Lechwe Sennar Roan Antelope Side-Striped Jackal Sommerring's Gazelle Walia Ibex African Wildcat Fountain.z2f African Wildcat.z2f Bat-Eared Fox.z2f Common Eland.z2f Defassa Waterbuck.z2f Dibatag.z2f Maned Rat.z2f Mantled Guereza.z2f Menelik Bushbuck.z2f Mountain Nyala.z2f Nile Lechwe.z2f Sennar Roan Antelope.z2f Side-Striped Jackal.z2f Somerring's Gazelle.z2f Walia Ibex.z2f Waterbuck Ride.z2f
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    Creators: Tamara Henson & Bartlomies (WorkowatyWilczek) Original Creator(s): : Z-Studio for donation box and Fountain, Slice for the Statues, JPSpino (BioHazard) for the live food coding Language: English Expansions Required: All Bugs: The Fantasy Donation box lacks a zoopedia Credits (if any): Whelbite for tips and the original mermaid skin. Description: New Athens is a new expansion pack consisting of mythical animals and items appropriate for a fantasy themed zoo. Contents: This initial download needs to be installed first. It contains the filter, animal food, and items needed to use the rest of the New Athen's packs. Public Domain? Yes Original Models? Yes Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? No Zoopedia? Yes for all but the donation box. If there is anything you'd like to list as well, please mention below: Other downloads will be added to this expansion pack as they are compleated. New Athens_Install_First.z2f
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    Continent Pack: Pakistan Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creators: Many people need to be credited for allowing the use of their models for this project. Blue Fang gets credit for the zt2 grizzly bear model, Penguinman for the Artifex models used for the Himalayan Marmot and Pakicetus, Hispa Designs for the Fishing Cat, Kangorillaphant for the adult Urial models,and DinosaurMan for all the rest. Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains 12 new animals native to the country of Pakistan. As in other Countries of the World downloads all animals are in separate files for creating your dream zoo. The files included are the Common European Kingfisher, Fishing Cat, Himalayan Brown Bear, Himalayan Marmot, Kashmir Deer (includes a bonus bouncy ride), Kashmir Gray Langur, Marco Polo Sheep, the prehistoric whale ancestor Pakicetus, Smooth-Coated Otter, Urial, Western Horned Tragopan, and Yellow-Throated Otter. Bugs: Two animals have minor bugs... Marco Polo Sheep: The juvenile male grows to huge size when it first becomes an adult but then quickly shrinks down to normal size. This hilarious effect lasts only a few seconds and does not effect game play. Urial: The male's horns will revert back to the Ibex model at a certain distance but will return to the proper mesh when you get closer to the animal. Notes: The Pakicetus CAN swim but it will avoid the water if given a choice. Just make a deep river through their cage that they must cross to get to food on one side and shelter on the other to watch them play in the water. Requirements: Most just need ZT2, the exceptions are... ES : Fishing Cat, Kashmir Deer AA : Common Kingfisher, Kashmir Gray Langur MM : Smooth-Coated Otter EA : Pakicetus (as it includes fossils) Pictures: Common (Eurasian)Kingfisher Fishing Cat Himalayan Brown Bear Himalayan Marmot Kashmir Deer and Bouncy Ride Kashmir Gray Langur Marco Polo Sheep Pakicetus Smooth-Coated Otter Urial Western Horned Tragopan Yellow-Throated Marten Common Kingfisher.z2f Fishing Cat.z2f Himlayan Brown Bear.z2f Himlayan Marmot.z2f Kashmir Deer.z2f Kashmir Gray Langur.z2f Marco Polo Sheep.z2f Pakicetus.z2f Smooth-Coated Otter.z2f Urial.z2f Western Horned Tragopan.z2f Yellow-Throated Marten.z2f
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    Name: Continent Pack: Democratic Republic of the Congo Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Several people deserve credit for the contents of this pack... DinosaurMan: contributed the nif used for the female & young Bate's Pygmy Antelope and the Genet nif. Sophie: for the Male Bate's Pygmy Antelope nif. Artifex & PenguinMan: for the swamp monkey, Giant Forest Hog, and male Kinda Baboon nifs. Hispa-Designs for the nif used for the Owl-faced, Mustached and Eed-tailed monkeys. Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This is a huge pack containing animals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. It contains 14 new animals for your zoo. There are no bugs that I have found. Requirements: many of the animals in this pack need only ZT2, though an expansion pack will allow one to see all the variant skins. The Allen's Swamp Monkey, De Brazza's monkey, Giant Forest Hog, Pousargue's Moongoose, Meller's Mongoose, Kinda Yellow Baboon, L'host's Monkey, and Dryas Monkey need African Adventures. The Bate's Pygmy antelope, Giant Forest Hog, L'host's Monkey, Dryas Monkey, and the Mustached and Red Tailed Guenons are all coded for the montaine biome though that download is not a requirement as the default biome is tropical forest. Pictures: Bate's Pygmy Antelope Giant Forest Hog Pousargue's Moongoose Meller's Mongoose Aquatic Genet Elegant Galago Mustached Guenon Red-Tailed Guenon Owl-faced monkey Allen's swamp monkey De Brazza's Monkey Kinda Yellow Baboon L'host's Monkey Dryas Monkey Allen's Swamp Monkey.z2f Aquatic Genet.z2f Bate's Pygmy Antelope.z2f De Brazza's Monkey.z2f Dryas Monkey.z2f Elegant Galago.z2f Giant Forest Hog.z2f Kinda Baboon.z2f L'Hoest's Monkey.z2f Meller's Mongoose.z2f Mustached Guenon.z2f Owl-Faced Monkey.z2f Pousargues's Mongoose.z2f Red-Tailed Guenon.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creators: Many people need to be credited for the original models used to make this pack. Bunyupy for the Beakuana, Bunyupy and Zerosvalmont for the Great Gobbler, Dinosaurman for the Big Yellow Gigaduck, Eryel for the Penguin of Death, and 16529950 for the Lawn Moa. Requires: ES, EA, MM, and Spec World: Children of the Tree of Pain Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: Five animals native to New Zealand from the Spec World alternate universe. It includes Spec's largest bird, the Big Yellow Gigaduck; the gigaduck's smaller cousin the Lawn Moa; The carnivorous Great Gobbler; the Pelacosaur-like Edaph-Beakuana, and the Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death!!!! Screenshots: Big Yellow Gigaduck (yes it screams like Godzilla!) Edaph Beakuana (Guests like these giant tuataras) Great Gobbler (a big carnivorous bird in two subspecies) Lawn Moa (watch out for the poo) Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death!!!! (Warning these flip out and eat people all the time!) Spec_Big Yellow Gigaduck.z2f Spec_Edaph Beakuana.z2f Spec_Great Gobbler.z2f Spec_Lawn Moa.z2f Spec_Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: GLM/Jannick for the Heyuannia model used for the Cenobite. All other models by Blue Fang. Contents inspired by the Original Speculative Dinosaur Project (2003 edition). Main information by Daniel Bensen and Matti Aumala. A modern (incomplete) wiki version can be found Here. Requires: EA :Bones: Public Domain: No for the Cenobite model (you must ask GLM/ Jannick) but Yes for all the rest. Language: English Bugs: none Description: The Speculative Dinosaur Project postulated a what if world where the dinosaurs never became extinct. This parallel Earth is Spec World. This pack includes three animals and a plant from the Specultive Dinsaur Project's article "Children of the Tree of Pain". Here you will find the Cenobite Seedcracker, The Pain Tree, The King in Yellow butterfly, and both subspecies of Nettle butterfly. It also contains the Spec World filter for future packs in this series. Screenshots: Cenobite Seedcracker Tree of Pain & butterflies Spec World_Children of the Tree of Pain.z2f
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    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: The models and coding of many designers made this project possible. Artifex for the Pritchardia and Lehua plants; Chucha for the finch; Hendrix for the raven, hoopoe (used for the O-O and Honeycreeper), duck, spider, and bat meshes; Jimmyzhoopaz and Janneck for the goose; Zerosvalmont for the hawk, petrel, seal, and (with Hendrix) the spider. Requires: All Expansions (ES, AA, MM, and EA) and the spider prefers the Volcanic Biome. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: Seal does nor breed but has a separate young to select. Description: A collection of Hawaiian animals and plants including the Hawaiian crow, Hawaiian duck, Hawaiian Goose, Hawaiian Hawk, Hawaiian Hoary Bat, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Hawaiian O-O, Hawaiian Petrel, Kaua'i Cave Spider, Nihoa Finch, and Scarlet Honey Creeper. Foliage contains the Koa Tree, Candelnut Tree, several types of Hibiscus plant, the Pritchardia palm, and Ohi'a Lehua. There is also a Hawaiian resteraunt for guests to enjoy poi and similar native foods. Screenshots: Hashtags:Hawaiian Goose Hawaiian Petrel Nihoa Finch Hawaiian Hawk Hawaiian Duck Hawaiian Crow Hawaiian Monk Seal Hawaiian Hoary Bat Kaua'i Cave Wolf Spider Hawaiian O-O Scarlet Honeycreeper Hawaiian Resteraunt Hawaian Crow.z2f Hawaiian Duck.z2f Hawaiian Folage.z2f Hawaiian Goose.z2f Hawaiian Hawk.z2f Hawaiian Hoary Bat.z2f Hawaiian Monk Seal.z2f Hawaiian O-O.z2f Hawaiian Petrel.z2f Hawaiian Resteraunt.z2f Kaua'i Cave Wolf Spider.z2f Nihoa Finch.z2f Scarlet Honeycreeper.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author:Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Blue Fang Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: Two cartoon classics for your game. Coyote comes in several skins including Wile E. Coyote, Ralph Wolf, Calamity Coyote, Tech E. Coyote and Tabaqui the jackal. Roadrunner comes in his usual blue shade, the 'Zipping Along' green variant, Little Beeper orange, and Rev Runner red. Requirements: ZT2, AA Picture: Beep Beep.z2f Wile E Coyote.z2f
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    Designer: Laura "Tamara" Henson Original Creators:The following designers provided the original models modified to create the contents of theis pack... Chucha and Iguanoraptor123 for the Primal Carnage Tyrannosaurus used as a base for the retro T. rex. Big thanks for Invicta Plastics for the texture and inspiration and to the original 'Land of the Lost' for sounds. Hendrix for his Rhamphorhychus and Pteranodon used to make the Thipdar. Otterlord for permission to use the RR Kangaroo for Hoppy. Tyranachu for the model modified to make Dino. Zebrasorus for his smilodon used to create Baby Puss the machairodus. Biohazard's JPOG Styracosaurus to make the Snoots bouncy ride and camarasaurus for the Dino gift. Z-Studio's black cat used to create the Baby Puss (Machairodus) bouncy ride and for the music rock model. Requires: All expansion packs and Hendrix's Walking With Dinosaurs Pteranodon. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Found Description: This pack is an expansion for Extinct Animals that gives a Flintstone's theme to your game. Items include a cycad-shaped music rock, a Flintstone's themed diner featuring such foods as bronto burgers and cactus cola, and three bouncy rides (one based on Hoppy, one on Snoots, and one on Baby Puss. It also contains a hack that turns the dinosaur entertainers into Dino and Sassy and 4 new animals. Animals include the fictional snorkosaurus (Dino)and Hopparoo, a retro Tyrannosaurus rex, "Pterodactylus occidentalis" a retro Pterosaur, and the long-tailed sabre-toothed cat Machairodus (the animal Baby Puss was based on) Screenshots:[/b Flintstone's Snorkosaurus (Dino) Flintstone's Hopparoo (Hoppy) Flintstone's Machairodus Thipdar (Retro "Pterodactyl" occidentalis) Retro T. rex Invicta British Museum of Natural History toy (retro T. rex gift) Flintstone's Diner Flintstone's Cycad music Rock Flintstone Snorkosaur Entertainers Flintstone's Bouncy Rides ZZZZZZZ_Flintstones Pack.z2f
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    Continent Pack: China Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creators: Many people need to be credited for allowing the use of their models for this project. Thank you DinosaurMan for the bharal (used for both blue sheep), sarus crane, and alpine musk deer meshes; Hispa Designs for the meshes used to create the Chinese water deer, Chinese alligator, Chinese giant salamander, restaurant, and arch; Kangorillaphant for the pelican mesh; Penguinman and Artifex for the river dolphin mesh; and Blue Fang for all the rest. Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains 17 new animals native to China and several objects. As in other Countries of the World downloads all animals are in separate files for creating your dream zoo. The animals included are the Alpine Musk Deer, Assam Macaque, Stump-tailed Macaque, Black Snub-nosed Monkey, Gray Snub-nosed Monkey, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Chinese Alligator, Chinese Blue Sheep, Dwarf Blue Sheep, Chinese Giant Salamander, Chinese Water deer, Red Goral, Sarus Crane, Sichuan Takin, Spot-Billed Pelican, Tibetan Wolf, and White Flag Dolphin. The items are all in a single download and include a Chinese dragon themed arch, bench, viewing area, and gazebo; an Imperial Guardian Lion fountain and bouncy ride, and a Panda Express restaurant. Bugs: The Sarus crane has a minor bug in which it will revert back to the flamingo model at a certain distance but will return to the proper mesh when you get closer to the animal. Requirements: Most just need ZT2, the exceptions are... ES : Alpine Musk Deer, Chinese Water Deer, Red Goral, and Tibetan Wolf. AA : Assam Macaque, Stump-Tailed macaque, all three Stub-Nosed monkeys, and the Sichuan Takin. MM : Chinese Giant Salamander and White-Flag Dolphin. EA : Chinese Alligator Pictures: Alpine Musk Deer Assam Macaque Stump-tailed Macaque Black Snub-nosed Monkey Gray Snub-nosed Monkey Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Chinese Alligator Chinese Blue Sheep Dwarf Blue Sheep Chinese Giant Salamander Chinese Water deer Red Goral Sarus Crane Sichuan Takin Spot-Billed Pelican Tibetan Wolf White Flag Dolphin Objects Alpine Musk Deer.z2f Assam Macaque.z2f Black Snub-Nosed Monkey.z2f Chinese Alligator.z2f Chinese Blue Sheep.z2f Chinese Giant Salamander.z2f Chinese Water Deer.z2f COTW Chinese Objects.z2f Dwarf Blue Sheep.z2f Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey.z2f Gray Snub-Nosed Monkey.z2f Red Goral.z2f Sarus Crane.z2f Sichuan Takin.z2f Spot-Billed Pelican.z2f Stump-Tailed Macaque.z2f Tibetan Wolf.z2f White Flag Dolphin.z2f
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