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  1. I have some bad news. When I updated McAfee it corrupted a lot of files and the computer had to have the operating system set back to factory restore. On the bright side I had backed up all my projects on an external drive. On the bad side I need to find and re-install zoo tycoon 2 on my computer. I also lost all of my original screenshots for my older downloads as most had not yet been put on a new site. As a result my projects are going to be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. I am working on Fiji and have a few birds completed. Here are two frogs Fiji Tree Frog Fiji Ground Frog I lost the codes for the bird images and need to re-upload them, LOL. I will post them next time. After France I will head back to Africa for Gambia and South Africa. I have some good ideas for both these areas.
  3. I have two releases for today. An alpine themed pack featuring two pika species and alpine shelters and a big pack of extinct carnivores. Pika Mini Pack American Pika remake Collared Pika Rock Pile (Mini Alpine Kopje) Alpine Burrows It also adds a hack for Aurora Design's Rock Hyrax to allow them to behave more like rock hyraxes! Now for the Prehistoric Carnivores American Cheetah (Miracionyx trumani) American Lion (Panthera leo atrox) Longdan Tiger (Panthera zdanskyi) Dire Wolf (Canis dirus) Agriotherium africanus (south Africa's only bear) Hemicyon barboui(a dog-like bear) Hespercyon gregarious (a weasel-like dog) Kretzoiarctos beatrix (an early panda from Spain) Potamotherium valletoni(the most famous of the otter-like river-seals) I am also doing a King Kong Skull Island pack and remaking my Dragonriders of Pern pack. Both are almost done so should be ready in a few months at the latest.
  4. So nice to have the project forum back! It was just in time for a project I have been working on for over a year - The Dinosaurs of the East. This is a pack (all in a single zt2 file) of the most iconic dinosaurs of the Eastern United States. It contains all new maps, including an accurate map of the Cretaceous North American continent, and fossils for all the species. I only have to finish the Geosternbergia (it will not breed) then it will be done. Ammosaurus Appalachiosaurus Astrodon Coelosaurus Dryptosaurus Eotrachodon Hadrosaurus Podokesaurus Priconodon Pteranodon sternbergii Juvenile (Dawndraco) Adult (Geosternbergia)
  5. Well I have finally finished the next entry in the Countries of the World series. I just need to fix the elephant skin and finish testing the dhole and this pack is done. Expect it by Christmas Bay cat Blood Python Bornean Bristlehead Bornean Elephant Bornean Rhinoceros Bornean Yellow Muntjac Giant Rat of Sumatria Green Junglefowl Malayan Colugo/Sunda Flying Lemur Malaysian Weasel Muller's gibbon Sumatran Dhole Sumatran Orangutan Sunda Pangolin Sunda Stink Badger Tell me what you think.
  6. Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: The following designers deserve credit for this pack: Bunyupy, Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Jimmyz Hoopz, Tyranachu, Ultamateterex2, Z-Studios, Kangorillophant, and Igcfm. See screenshots for more extensive credits. Requires: All files require EA and the Steppetundra biome, The fox and Irish elk also requires ES. Public Domain: Yes, all the models, maps,sounds and skins are PD, just credit the original designers for the meshes and icons. Language: English. Bugs: The fox and dirk-toothed cat have no fossils. Description: This pack contains seven animals native to the Steppetundra biome and a Wooly Mammoth fountain. The Irish elk also contains a hack to the Steppetundra biome that fixes the Europe map. Screenshot: Alopecoid Fox (mesh is Dinosaurman's red fox v2) Cave Bear (mesh is Jimmyz Hoopz's black bear) Dirk-toothed Cat (Adult is Ultamateterex2's young smilodon mesh, the young is Dinosaurman's European lynx) Irish Elk (Adult male mesh is by Bunyupy imported from the game Carnivores: Ice Age, the female and young mesh from Dinosaurman's red deer v2. Male icon by Kangorillaphant) Short-Faced Hyena (mesh by Z-Studio from their v1 Vampire Beast, skin in part based on Igcfm's brown hyena skin) Steppe Bison (mesh by Dinosaurman) Woolly Mammoth (mesh by Tyranachu) Mammoth Fountain Alopecoid Fox.z2f Dirk-Toothed Cat.z2f European Cave Bear.z2f Mammoth Fountain.z2f Short-Faced Hyena.z2f Steppe Bison.z2f Wooly Mammoth ST.z2f zzzIrish Elk.z2f
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