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  1. General Information: Creator: Lgcfm Expansions Required: MM Downloads Required: Ideally Radical Remake Marine Mania, but if you don't have it there is a version which doesn't need it. Language: Bugs: None Extra Information: Credits: Thom for the draggability coding, as well as bugfixing help. All of these statues are based on models and skins of existing animals, thus many thanks to the original creators: 7SeasDesigns for oarfish. Aurora Designs for beluga, blue whale, bottlenose dolphin, goblin shark, green sea turtle, manatee, manta ray, marlin, narwhal, orca, and pilot whale. Danny, -JimmyzHoopz- and Zebrasorus for humpback whale. Eryel for coelacanth. HENDRIX for sunfish (WLP import). Jannick for common dolphin and right whale. -JimmyzHoopz- for hammerhead shark. Moana Designs for harbour porpoise. Samuel for sperm whale. Zerosvalmont for basking shark, whale shark, and white shark. Whalebite for ropes. Description: 23 marine animal statues for your aquarium and marine themed areas. Some hanging, some with floor support and some wall-mounted. After placing, click on them (they will glow blue) and drag up and down to adjust the height as you wish, like with a tank wall. Bonus Features: Public Domain: ✓ (please note all animal models and skins belong to their original creators, so you should check permissions on them before using them). Number of Variants: If you have the version for RR MM, MM animal models will have as many variants as the animal they're based on. Otherwise, none. Zoopedia: ✓ Permission to reupload? ✓ Version for people with Radical Remake Marine Mania: z Draggable Marine Models with RRMM.z2f Version for people without it: z Draggable Marine Models.z2f
  2. Share your Easter themed websites, forums, blogs, etc. After you share them, they will be shared on Twitter. The Twitter account is here: https://twitter.com/zootycoonumc?lang=en
  3. The image might be wrong. I will add a new when we get the download link fixed.
  4. Thanks to @Mondschatten the attachments have been added.
  5. Designer: Mondschatten, & German 13 Language: German Binturong - Zoo Duisburg Pack (Mondschatten, German 13).z2f
  6. SLGray


    Designer: Mondschatten & HENDRIX Requires: MM Language: Dutch, English, and German Baiji (Mondschatten, DinosaurMan).z2f
  7. SLGray


    Designer: Mondschatten & German13 Language: German Fossa - Zoo Duisburg Pack - Mondschatten, German 13.z2f
  8. Designer: Mondschatten Language: German, Dutch, and English Mountain Zebra # (Mondschatten).z2f
  9. Designer: Mondschatten Language: German Western Black and White Colobus (Mondschatten).z2f
  10. Designer: Mondschatten Language: German Votsotsa (Mondschatten).z2f
  11. Designer: Mondschatten & German13 Language: English, German, and Dutch Burchell Zebra (Mondschatten).z2f
  12. Designer: Mondschatten & German 13 Requires: MM Language: German and English Nurse Shark (Mondschatten).z2f
  13. The staff would like to give a big thanks to @lgcfm , @Mjmannella , and @Mondschatten . All three has given us downloads so we can fix broken download links.
  14. @lgcfm has updated some of the files. Please download all the files again.
  15. The attachments have been added.
  16. The attachment has been added.
  17. The attachment has been added.
  18. The attachment has been added.
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  20. SLGray


    The attachment has been added.
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  22. SLGray


    The attachment has been added.
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