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  1. If you're wondering if this is fake, it is not. I have given Lgcfm Steam keys to Planet Zoo and all DLC's, except for deluxe upgrade and the Conservation Pack. I am still working on the last 2.
  2. It has been updated to include the Late Cretaceous DLC.
  3. The guidelines have been updated.
  4. Thanks to @Dylan Hooton , the attachment has been added.
  5. If you're on Twitter, please re-Tweet this: https://mobile.twitter.com/ZooTycoonUMC/status/1554345143523835905?cxt=HHwWgoC8oYerkpIrAAAA
  6. Another way you can help is share the link with others.
  7. The attachment has been added.
  8. Some Tips {Earn > Tasks & Surveys): Surveys - CPX research will give a bonus if you get credited for finishing a survey. Also you could receive a small amount if you are disqualified. AdGate Rewards - They have fun quizzes and tasks that require you to read (click and explore) some pages. AdGate Rewards, AdscendMedia & WannAds - They have tasks where you can download and use mobile apps. Also you can sign up for rewards like a $500 Wal-mart gift card.
  9. Thanks @lgcfm for helping to upload downloads in the public and private sections? I hope you are enjoying your gifts.
  10. Play with Nano See why Nano is the best cryptocurrency, with feeless and instant use cases. Earn, play, bet, and spend - no account or login required. Tasks & Surveys Earn Nano by completing tasks and surveys from any of our providers below. Each user that completed tasks has earned an average of 17.66 XNO (19.92 USD) for now. Watch & Learn Watch videos & learn about different topics to get rewarded a few Nano (new categories will be added soon) Faucets You don't have Nano? Collect small amounts of Nano from a range of community-run faucets, to be able to see the power of this currency! Affiliate Program Earn 40% commission on everything. Forever. Gift Cards Use your Nano to purchase your favorite Gift Cards. Mobile Top-Ups Use your Nano to Top-Up your or your friends' mobile phone. Games Use your Nano to purchase your favorite Games.
  11. New screenshots have been added.
  12. If you can help, you can receive keys like @lgcfm have received already.
  13. A new attachment has been added.
  14. New screenshots have been added.
  15. If you would like to help me with offering Steam game keys, please visit this referral link and : Earn (Faucets, Watch & Learn, Tasks & Surveys, and/or Affiliate Program) Play (Jumper and/or Minecraft) Bet (Roulette and/or NanoSquares) Spend (Gift Cards, Mobile Top-Ups, and/or Games) https://playnano.online/?ref=slg Everyone needs to understand that just clicking the link does not help. You need to do some activities on the site.
  16. Are you still having issues?
  17. A new screenshot has been added.
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