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Extinct Animals Remakes

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General Information:
Creators: Lgcfm and Ulquiorra
Language(s): Any
Expansions Required: EA, MM
Downloads Required: Radical Remake, JFD's aurochs, Crocodylia Animations
Bugs: Some non-dramatic distortions

Extra Information:
Iben and Milchman for base slow growth coding used on various animals
Quagga -AD (Simba) for model, Bunyupy for base skin, Eryel for skin components
Velociraptor - HENDRIX for model and base skin
Giant Warthog - AD for base model and skin (Okeanos and Eryel)
Deinonychus - HENDRIX for model and base skin
Deinosuchus - HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont for base model and skin, Scott for edited model, Thom for bugfixing
Giant Camel - Maxforever  for base model and skin
Doedicurus - Bill for base model, Verdant Gregor for node set
Diprotodon - HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont for base models, Verdant Gregor for node set
Giant Ground Sloth - HENDRIX for base model & animations
American Mastodon - Aurora Designs for base model
Elephant Bird - Jannick & Tyranachu for base model, Jannick for skin components
Protarchaeopteryx - HENDRIX & Tyranachu for base model, HENDRIX for base skin
Steppe Lion - Zebrasorus for base model & skin
Warrah - HENDRIX for original model & skin components, Bunyupy & Whalebite for edited base model
Grasslands Burrow - ZTABC for model & texture, Aurora Designs for grass & rocks
Woolly Rhinoceros - HENDRIX & Zerosvalmont for base model & animations, Thom for bugfixing

These are remakes for animals from the Extinct Animals expansion pack, with color schemes based on the original animals created by Blue Fang.
All remakes override the original in every way (meaning they can be created at the lab from fossils, guests will have them as favorites, donate to them, buy gifts, etc.)
All feature juvenile stages and at least 3 variant skins. Some animals feature slow growth (meaning they will get slowly bigger with time instead of turning 3 times bigger in 5 seconds).
These remakes might conflict with other remakes, hacks, filters, etc. affecting these animals.
Some biomes and behaviors have been changed to be more realistic.
This download is Public Domain, but please credit the original creators for their skins and models we used as a base (listed above).

Velociraptor - includes desert nest reskin
Giant Warthog
Deinonychus - includes wetlands nest reskin
Giant Camel
Giant Ground Sloth
American Mastodon
Elephant Bird
Protarchaeopteryx - includes temperate nest
Steppe Lion (Cave Lion remake)
Warrah - includes grasslands burrow remake
Rock shelter remake
Enrichment hack (makes the glacier, misty spring and tar pit work for animals in AD's new biomes)
Time Periods Filter (adds Cenozoic filter to AD's dodo and thylacine and JFD's aurochs)
Caveman entertainer
Woolly Rhinoceros

Bonus Features:
Public Domain? All except Mastodon model, you'd have to ask AD


zz EAR American Mastodon.z2f zz EAR Deinonychus.z2f zz EAR Deinosuchus.z2f zz EAR Diprotodon.z2f zz EAR Doedicurus.z2f zz EAR Elephant Bird.z2f zz EAR Giant Camel.z2f zz EAR Giant Ground Sloth.z2f zz EAR Giant Warthog.z2f zz EAR Protarchaeopteryx.z2f zz EAR Quagga.z2f zz EAR Steppe Lion.z2f zz EAR Velociraptor.z2f zz EAR Warrah.z2f zz EAR Woolly Rhino.z2f zzz EAR Caveman Entertainer.z2f zzz EAR Enrichment.z2f zzz EAR Rock Shelter.z2f zzz EAR Steppe Lion BF variant.z2f zzz EAR Time Periods.z2f

Edited by SLGray

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Attachments for the rock shelter and the caveman entertainer has been added.

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The woolly rhinoceros has been added.

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