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    This topic is an easy way to gain access to the VIP Members group. All you have to do is reply with your favorite animal. This only applies to people who are exactly members of User-Made Creations.
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    Please report to me any bugs or glitches in these animals. I have the rest of Worldwide Wonders still and am hoping to bugfix it in the near future.
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    This forum has gone through many name titles, but now we're back as AForum. We've been around since 2012. (Former Title: FPromotion.) Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about AForum and its main objective: We are here to Advertise for you. Get your forum known and filled with traffic. We just don't advertise your forum, we do a bit of it too, to get known. With that being said we go to different platforms that offer forum promotion and we try to get ourselves known and get traffic from all kinds of users. Examples of different platforms: Forumotion, VBulletin, PhpBB, Xeforo, and so on. So we make sure there'll be some sort of traffic coming your way. Very important fact, anyone is welcome to advertise anything, YouTube channel, TikTok, etc... Aside from Advertising, we provide other services such as: Reviews for Blogs, websites, or forums. Post Count Packages for your forum: +New member, request graphics designs or show off. Unfortunately, at the moment these services are offline due to no personnel. We will strive to provide the best promotion service you can use!
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    Designer: RyuKami Requires: EA Version 2 of my Anchiceratops. Retextures it and adds several updates, including fixing some bugs in the AI. Also baby now can be contained by any fence (won't bash fences), and uses different enrichment from the adults. Super adults will lay eggs that hatch into super babies. Guest interactions are fixed so guests can be attacked or donate when they see the Anchiceratops. Adds sick and dirty skins. Anchiceratops.z2f
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    Designer: Laura "Tamara" Henson Original Creators:The following designers provided the original models modified to create the contents of theis pack... Chucha and Iguanoraptor123 for the Primal Carnage Tyrannosaurus used as a base for the retro T. rex. Big thanks for Invicta Plastics for the texture and inspiration and to the original 'Land of the Lost' for sounds. Hendrix for his Rhamphorhychus and Pteranodon used to make the Thipdar. Otterlord for permission to use the RR Kangaroo for Hoppy. Tyranachu for the model modified to make Dino. Zebrasorus for his smilodon used to create Baby Puss the machairodus. Biohazard's JPOG Styracosaurus to make the Snoots bouncy ride and camarasaurus for the Dino gift. Z-Studio's black cat used to create the Baby Puss (Machairodus) bouncy ride and for the music rock model. Requires: All expansion packs and Hendrix's Walking With Dinosaurs Pteranodon. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Found Description: This pack is an expansion for Extinct Animals that gives a Flintstone's theme to your game. Items include a cycad-shaped music rock, a Flintstone's themed diner featuring such foods as bronto burgers and cactus cola, and three bouncy rides (one based on Hoppy, one on Snoots, and one on Baby Puss. It also contains a hack that turns the dinosaur entertainers into Dino and Sassy and 4 new animals. Animals include the fictional snorkosaurus (Dino)and Hopparoo, a retro Tyrannosaurus rex, "Pterodactylus occidentalis" a retro Pterosaur, and the long-tailed sabre-toothed cat Machairodus (the animal Baby Puss was based on) Screenshots:[/b Flintstone's Snorkosaurus (Dino) Flintstone's Hopparoo (Hoppy) Flintstone's Machairodus Thipdar (Retro "Pterodactyl" occidentalis) Retro T. rex Invicta British Museum of Natural History toy (retro T. rex gift) Flintstone's Diner Flintstone's Cycad music Rock Flintstone Snorkosaur Entertainers Flintstone's Bouncy Rides ZZZZZZZ_Flintstones Pack.z2f
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    General Information: Creator: Thom Expansions Required: MM Language: English Bugs: When you raise the tank after the tank connector is placed, you've to remove and replace the connector to ensure optimal performance. Extra Information: Description: This object makes it possible for animals to move between tanks. Includes 4 variants (normal and large in length 2 and 3.) How to use: Place the object inside the tank. If you raise the tank after placing the connector it's advised to remove and replace the connector to ensure optimal performance. Bonus Features: Public Domain? ✓ Permission to re-upload? ✓ Original Models? ✓ Zoopedia? ✓ TankConnector.z2f
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    Designer: Penguika (Penguinman and Mikaboshi) Requires: ES and AA Picture: Christmas Jeep: Christmas Jeep.z2f Toy Chest: Toy Chest.z2f Christmas Roses: Christmas Roses.z2f Reindeer (Reskin): Z - Christmas Reindeer Reskins.z2f Christmas Polar Bear: Z - Christmas Polar Bear Reskin.z2f Christmas Mouse: Christmas Mouse Ambient.z2f Sugar Plum Tunnel: Sugar Plum Tunnel.z2f Christmas Tree: Christmas Tree.z2f
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    Thanks to @Dylan Hooton a new image has been added.
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    You have been added to the VIP Members group.
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    General Information: Creator: Thom (rigging) & BuffZoo (coding & icons) Credits: Models and skins by Fishing Planet, Ultimate Fishing, Gabboi (Mekong Catfish, Paroon Shark and Kaluga), Monsoon (Siam Carp) Expansions Required: MM Language: English Bugs: the tiger shark has some small model distortions near its fins Extra Information: Description: This pack contains 21 fish: mekong giant catfish, kaluga, paroon shark, siamese carp, arapaima, redtail catfish, pacu, ripsaw catfish, piranha, goliath tigerfish, vundu catfish, welsh catfish, payara, alligator gar, electric eel, black arowana, tiger sorubim, nile perch, piraiba, cornish jack, northern snakehead Bonus Features: Public Domain? X Permission to re-upload? X Original Models? X Zoopedia? ✓ Fish Import Pack 6 - Freshwater Friends.z2f
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    My favorite animal is the Carpenter Ant
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    Creator: Koiking Compatibility: ZT2, ES, EA, possibly others. Glitches/notes: no problems that I know of, but if not all the variants don't work for you then just add more Z's to the files name.The white one is very rare. zzzzzzzDodo Variants V2.z2f
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    General Information: Creator: Thom Credits: Textures by Blue Fang Expansions Required: MM Language: English Bugs: none Extra Information: Description: This mod contains two scenery items and an invisible tank wall which you can use to create a pond. How to use: First place the invisible tank wall, then simply place the pond scenery objects around it. Lower the tank floor and water level to make sure it levels with the scenery items. Bonus Features: Public Domain? ✓ Permission to re-upload? ✓ Original Models? ✓ Zoopedia? ✓ Pond.z2f
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    my favourite animal is the Bears.😄
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    My favorite animal is the ptarmigan, I want to know how it tastes. And see one without eating one too.
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    The following animals are in it: - Amur leopard - Asian cheetah - South Chinese tiger - Asian lion V2 - Leopard V2 - Fox mangoest - Serval - Sumatran tiger - Siberian tiger Creator: Robert95 Languages: English Requirements: AA Raging Animals Part 1.exe
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    Designer: Penguinman, Doooot, RedNotDead, Gibbon-Fanatic, Mikaboshi, Csleesburg, and Exitree Requires: ES AA All packs contain the following: Biome Themed Arch Biome Themed Sign Biome Themed Elevated Path There are a total of eight packs. Alpine Pack Contains: Foliage - Alpine Azalea Alpine Cinquefoil Bristlecone Pine Animals - Chilean Flamingo Pyrenean Ibex Takin Verreaux's Frog Yak Scenery - Alpine Fencing Alpine Paths Picture: Alpine Pack.z2f Grassland Pack Includes: Foliage - Butterfly Weed Magnolia Tree Magnolian Linden Pampas Grass Animals - Aldabra Tortoise Asiatic Wild Donkey Black-Footed Ferret Elk Gray Fox Scenery - Iced Tea Stand Ruby Deposit Butterfly Cave Picture: Grassland Pack.z2f Scrub Pack Includes: Foliage - Aster Mojave Olive Tree Sage Brush Tanoak Yucca Animals - Beira Golden Jackal Kudu Mexican Gray Wolf Nilgai Pronghorn Scenery - Scrub Tunnel Picture: Scrub Pack.z2f Temperate Forest Pack Contains: Foliage - Almond Tree Banksia Blue-Eyed Grass Buttercups Wild Violets White Dogwood Pink Dogwood English Oak Animals - Eastern Blue Tongued Skink European Wild Cat Raccoon Spirit Bear Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat Scenery - Temperate Sky Tram Temperate Forest Path Picture: Temperate Forest Pack.z2f Desert Pack Contains: Foliage - Apache Plume Chilean Mesquite Pacific Madrone Pata de Guanaco Poppy Saguaro Cactus Animals - Addra Gazelle Collard Peccary Desert Tortoise James's Flamingo Wild Burro Scenery - Desert Music Rock Mexican Restaurant Oasis Sand Storm Machine Picture: Desert Pack.z2f Boreal Forest Pack Includes: Foliage - Siberian Crabapple Siberian Elm Sitka Spruce Rudbeckia Mayflower Animals - Black Tailed Deer White Tailed Deer Siberian Brown Bear Eastern Timber Wolf Fisher Scenery - Boreal Jeep Boreal Pole Boreal Forest Path Picture: Boreal Forest Pack.z2f Savannah Pack Contains: Foliage - African Blackwood Tree Cattleya Violacea Purple Mushrooms Animals - Dwarf Mongoose Grevy's Zebra Radiated Tortoise Springbok Scenery - African Restaurant Juice Stand Afrikaans Gazebo Picture: Savannah Pack.z2f Tundra Pack Includes: Foliage - Dead Tree Dwarf Birch Dwarf Willow Animals - Siberian Lynx Arctic Wolf Scenery - Arctic Blue Deposit Arctic Sea Smoke Machine Snowy Sky Tram Snowy Tunnel Tundra Paths Tundra Fencing Picture: Tundra Pack.z2f
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    Author: Kangorilaphant Required: African Adventures Includes: Animals Impala Pangolin African Civet Foliage Karoo Thorn African Iris Buffel Grass Food Giant Termite Mound African Savannah.z2f
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    Author: Holden Requires: ZT2 + ES + AA + Musk Ox Tundra Theme Pack Contains: blood pheasant, Pallas´s cat, yak, Yunnan snub nosed monkey, 4 trees, 2 plants, 2 rock formations, alpine spring, prayer flag, resting rock, alpine raised sleeping platform. himalayan mini pack.z2f
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    Designer: Zooasaurus Requires: ZT2 Crocodile Monitor.z2f
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    Name: Continent Pack: Ethiopia Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: DinosaurMan contributed the nif used for the African Wildcat and Maned Rat while the Nile Lechwe was made from a mesh designed for Wildlifepark 3 and rigged for ZT2 by Robert. Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This is a huge pack containing animals and objects from Ethiopia. There are no bugs that I have found. Requirements: many of the animals in this pack need only ZT2, though an expansion pack will allow one to see all the variant skins. ES The African Wildcat, Bat-Eared Fox, Maned Rat, and Sennar Roan Antelope need Endangered Species. AA The Defassa Waterbuck, Dibatag, Guereza Monkey, Menelik Bushbuck, and Side-Striped Jackal need African Adventures. The Addax (See Here) may be needed for the Common Eland and Mountain Nyala. Any Expansion Pack should allow use of the fountain and bouncy ride. Pictures: African Wild Cat African Wildcat Mini-Fountain (it is about half the size of the normal tiger fountain) Bat-Eared Fox Common Eland Defassa Waterbuck Waterbuck Bouncy Ride Dibatag Maned Rat Mantled Guereza Monkey Menelik Bushbuck Mountain Nyala Nile Lechwe Sennar Roan Antelope Side-Striped Jackal Sommerring's Gazelle Walia Ibex African Wildcat Fountain.z2f African Wildcat.z2f Bat-Eared Fox.z2f Common Eland.z2f Defassa Waterbuck.z2f Dibatag.z2f Maned Rat.z2f Mantled Guereza.z2f Menelik Bushbuck.z2f Mountain Nyala.z2f Nile Lechwe.z2f Sennar Roan Antelope.z2f Side-Striped Jackal.z2f Somerring's Gazelle.z2f Walia Ibex.z2f Waterbuck Ride.z2f
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    Designer: Gloria and Badisbadis101 Requires: ZT2 Grevy Zebra (Badisbadis101).z2f
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    Author: ELCR Requires: :MM: :EA: Pictures: Dryosaur Zephyrosaur New Food For Pre-Cretaceous Herbivores - Fern Leaves Dryosaurus.z2f Zephyrosaurus.z2f ZZZZZFern leaves food.z2f
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    Creator: Octavio17493 Requires: ZT2 Common Rat.z2f
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    Author: Silesian Tomcat Requires: Endangered Species Picture: asiatic-black-bear-es.zip
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    Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Artifex Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This is an animal I have wanted ever since Zoo Tycoon 2 was made. Once a staple of Zoo Tycoon the Olive baboon of Africa was one of the animals missing in ZT2. Thanks to Penguinman here it is again with several variants. Thank you Penguinman for allowing the use of this wonderful model which was originally made for the hamadryas baboon of Arabian Nights by Artifex. There are no known bugs. Requirements: AA Picture: Olive Baboon.z2f
  29. 1 point
    Karaganda Argali Made by: Clyfia and IBA5000 Karaganda Argali.z2f
  30. 1 point
    Gray Mouse Lemur Created by: IBA5000 Updated 11/04/2009 Zoopedia Updated Updated 01/22/10 Skin Updated Gray Mouse Lemur.z2f
  31. 1 point
    Author: Dinosaur Requires: ZT2 Picture: Gray Kangaroo.z2f
  32. 1 point
    Designer: iba5000 & Silverwren Original Creator: Hendrix Requires: MM Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: Sawfish Pack: includes the Longcomb and Knifetooth Sawfish Screenshot Sawfish Pack.z2f
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    Creator: Penguika (Penguinman and Mikaboshi) Requires: Endangered Species, African Adventure, and Marine Mania The Rockies Contains: Rainbow Trout (live food prey and ambient) Black Cottonwood Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Subalpine Fir Picture: The Desert Contains: Beavertail Cactus Gila Monster Palo Verde Tree Picture: The Prairie Contains: Buffalo Grass Prairie Dog Shelter Black Tailed Prairie Dog Picture: The Gulf Contains: Florida Royal Palm Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Picture: The Marshland Contains: Great Blue Heron Red Osier Dogwood Picture: The Arctic Contains: Ringed Seal Pasque Flower Picture: The Arctic.z2f The Desert.z2f The Gulf.z2f The Marshland.z2f The Prairie.z2f The Rockies.z2f
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    Name of File: Kodiak Bear Author/Maker: Slice Compability: ES Screenshot: zzzKodiakBear by Sliceandkill.z2f
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    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creators: The original idea for this pack was from Velociraptor (AKA Dinosaur) and it is a remake of an old pack done by this designer. The new models are by Jimmz Hoopaz (the Hokkaido wolf) and the Honshu wolf was made from Zeosvalmont's dingo. Requires: Radical Remake, Endangered Species, Extinct Animals Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None that I have found Description: Two extinct wolves from Japan, the tiny Honshu wolf and the fierce Hokkaido wolf. Screenshots: Hokkado wolf Honshu Wolf New Gifts for Guests (in Extinct gift cart) Japanese Wolves.z2f
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    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: The following designers deserve credit for the following meshes that I used to make the animals in this pack. Dinosaurman/Hendrix and the Artiodactyla and Carnivora crew for the roe deer used for the rabbuck, the mongoose used for the Pamthret, and the waterbuck used for the cleft-backed antelope. Penguinman for the dolphin used for the Porpin. Platypus for the Takin mesh used for the Hornhead. And ultamateterex2 for the tylacine mesh used for the Falanx. Requires: Zoo Tycoon 2 and all it's expansions Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: The rabbucks ears will revert back to the original model soon after placement or birth. Status filter shows up at end of menu bar and is too long. Description: 8 animals from the Metozoic era, 65 million years into the future. All are from Dougal Dixon's classic book 'After Man' (the entire book can be found archived Here). The pack also contains three statues, a new filter and a new status: Futuristic. Screenshot: Common Rabbuck Falanx Common Porpin Cleft-Backed Antelope Horrane Common Hornhead Horrane Pamthret Statues After Man-Pack.z2f
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    Designer: Koiking Original Creator: Fishzilla (Yucca model) Require: Zoo Tycoon 2 Language: English Picture: zzzzzzzPhormium.z2f
  38. 1 point
    Creator/Designer/Author: Coder - Sneke_bite Skinner - Sneke_bite Mesher - Dinosaurman Original Creator: Dinosaurman Language: English Note: They have modified behaviors so they won't attack each other that often(Thanks to Tamara Henson) Bugs: Requirements: AA and maybe EA Picture: zzz_MacawPack1_SB.z2f
  39. 1 point
    Author: Silesian Tomcat Requires: ZT2 Picture: blackandwhiteruffedlemures.zip
  40. 1 point
    Creator: Silesian Tomcat Requires: ZT2 Picture: SomalienWildAss.z2f
  41. 1 point
    Author: Silesian Tomcat Requires: ZT2 Picture: PygmyHippopotamus.z2f
  42. 1 point
    Picture: Author: Kingcobrasaurus ZZZZZ-ZT2 resize.z2f
  43. 1 point
    Creator/Designer/Author: MaxlFaxl Bugs/Information/Notes: Foots are looking bizarre Requirements: ZT2 Picture: FlamingoAndean.z2f
  44. 1 point
    T-Rex Variants by becuffin. trex variants.z2f
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    Designer: Fauna Requires: ES, MM Language: English Picture: zzzFan_Palm_Fauna.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara" Henson and Kangorillophant Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains six North American species/subspecies of deer and one bouncy ride. There are two minor bugs: When at a distance the antlers of the mule and black tailed deer sometimes become distorted. This corrects itself when you come closer however. The legs of the Peary and Dawson's Caribou calfs sometimes flash black, why I do not know as it does not do this with the other deer. Requirements: ZT2 and Endangered Species, Extinct Animals is needed for the extinct icon for Dawson's Caribou. Picture: Black-tai Dawson's Caribou Key Deer Mule Deer Peary Caribou Wapiti White Tailed Deer Elk Bouncy Ride American Deer Pack 1.z2f
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