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    This topic is an easy way to gain access to the VIP Members group. All you have to do is reply with your favorite animal. This only applies to people who are exactly members of User-Made Creations.
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    What is this supposed to be?
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    The section is open again for new VIP Members.
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    This forum has gone through many name titles, but now we're back as AForum. We've been around since 2012. (Former Title: FPromotion.) Anyways, let me tell you a little bit about AForum and its main objective: We are here to Advertise for you. Get your forum known and filled with traffic. We just don't advertise your forum, we do a bit of it too, to get known. With that being said we go to different platforms that offer forum promotion and we try to get ourselves known and get traffic from all kinds of users. Examples of different platforms: Forumotion, VBulletin, PhpBB, Xeforo, and so on. So we make sure there'll be some sort of traffic coming your way. Very important fact, anyone is welcome to advertise anything, YouTube channel, TikTok, etc... Aside from Advertising, we provide other services such as: Reviews for Blogs, websites, or forums. Post Count Packages for your forum: +New member, request graphics designs or show off. Unfortunately, at the moment these services are offline due to no personnel. We will strive to provide the best promotion service you can use!
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    Designer: RyuKami Requires: EA Version 2 of my Anchiceratops. Retextures it and adds several updates, including fixing some bugs in the AI. Also baby now can be contained by any fence (won't bash fences), and uses different enrichment from the adults. Super adults will lay eggs that hatch into super babies. Guest interactions are fixed so guests can be attacked or donate when they see the Anchiceratops. Adds sick and dirty skins. Anchiceratops.z2f
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    General Information: Creator: Thom Expansions Required: MM Language: English Bugs: When you raise the tank after the tank connector is placed, you've to remove and replace the connector to ensure optimal performance. Extra Information: Description: This object makes it possible for animals to move between tanks. Includes 4 variants (normal and large in length 2 and 3.) How to use: Place the object inside the tank. If you raise the tank after placing the connector it's advised to remove and replace the connector to ensure optimal performance. Bonus Features: Public Domain? ✓ Permission to re-upload? ✓ Original Models? ✓ Zoopedia? ✓ TankConnector.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: This pack would not be possible without the talents of these peerless designers...Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Hispa Designs, Platypus, Freki, Cosmius, Aurora/ Radical Remake Designers, Fauna/Z-Studios, Zerosvalmont, and Artifex. See screenshots (below) for more detailed credits. Requires: The following requirements are needed... ZT2: European items, Billberry goat, European Robin, and Pembroke Welsh corgi. ES: Exmoor Pony, Kerry Bog Pony, Kellas Cat, Scottish wildcat, and Scottish red deer. AA: West European Hedgehog, Eurasian Jay, and European Green Woodpecker. EA: Chillingham Cattle and European Slow Worm. MM: Eurasian eel and Grey Seal. Public Domain: All but the European robin mesh is public domain, just credit the original designers. All maps, skins and new coding is PD, just give me credit. Language: English Bugs: Chilenlingham cattle are black when first selected but change to actual color once placed. The robin is similar but is white when first selected instead of black. The slow worms and jay have no sick or dirty skins due to the limitations of the coding associated with the models. Description: This download includes 15 new British animals, two bouncy rides, a fountain, and a restaurant for your zoo. Screenshots: 1 Bilberry Goat (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Barbary sheep) 2. British Red Squirrel (Cosmius's Indian Giant Squirrel) 3 Chillingham Cattle (Platapus' yak mesh for male, Dinosaurman/Hendrex's Wisent for female and young) 4 European Jay (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European Expeditions v2 Raven) 5 European Eel (Dinosaurman/Henrex's sea snake) 6 European Green Woodpecker (Dinosaurman/Henrex's woodpecker,Yes it pecks wood!) 7 European Robin (Platypus and Freaki's songbird) 8 Exmoor Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra) 9 Grey Seal (Zerosvalmont's leopard seal) 10 Kellas Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex'a European wild cat v2) 11 Kerry Bog Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra) 12 Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Artifex's Tenrec) 13 Scottish Red Deer (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European red deer v2) 14 Scottish Wild Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex's European wild cat v2) 15 Slow Worm (Fauna and Z-studio's giant anaconda v2) 16 Soay Sheep (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Mouflon v2) 17 West European Hedgehog (Hispa Design's echidna) Items: Tiny Cat Fountain! Made for small areas and it is used by children and adults as a wishing well! Scottish Red Deer Bouncy Ride Exmoor Pony Bouncy Ride Big Ben Pub, serves traditional British food such as ale, crumpets, toad in the hole, and more. Bilberry Goat.z2f British Red Squirrel.z2f Chillingham Cattle.z2f European Eel.z2f European Green Woodpecker.z2f European Jay.z2f European Robin.z2f European Slow Worm.z2f Exmoor Pony.z2f Great Britain Items.z2f Grey Seal_COTW.z2f Kellas Cat.z2f Kerry Bog Pony.z2f Pembroke Welsh Corgi.z2f Scottish Red Deer.z2f Scottish Wildcat.z2f Soay Sheep.z2f West European Hedgehog.z2f
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    Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding... Austroraptor for the adult male marco Polo's sheep, Jimmy Hoopz for the bear mesh; Dinosaurman/Hendrex for the red deer, mouflon, big-horned sheep, and civet mesh; Ultamateterex2's thylacine for the pakicetus; and ZTABC Wild china crew for the tragopan. Requires: ES: Kashmir Deer; EA: for the pakicetus; and Wilde China for the Western tragopan. Public Domain: All but the Marco Polo's sheep (ask Austroraptor). Language: English Bugs: The western tragopan will have no skin unless Wilde China is installed. Description: A remake of six of the animals from the original Countries of the World: Pakistan. It contains the Himalayan brown bear, Kashmir deer, Marco Polo's sheep, Pakicetus, Western horned tragopan, Urial, and Yellow-throated marten. Screenshots: Yellow-Throated marten Marco Polo's Sheep Urial (My first successful mesh) Himalayan Brown Bear Pakicetus Western Horned Tragopan Kashmir Deer Himalayan Brown Bear.z2f Kashmir Deer.z2f Marco Polo Sheep.z2f Pakicetus.z2f Urial.z2f Western Horned Tragopan.z2f Yellow-Throated Marten.z2f
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    ZG8gbm90IGRvd25sb2FkIHRoaXMu z_zzzanimal.z2f
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    The golden pheasant has been my favourite animal since i was little.
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    If you just want names in game, you can edit the number folder in the lang folder. When you do that, your game will be able to read the files in side, but the names will be in the language of the original folder.
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    The overall of this forum is amazing. You got a astonishing theme, organized. The best part is the Graphic Request, you'll never be disappointed with your request. 😃
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    General Information: Creator: Thom (rigging) & BuffZoo (coding & icons) Credits: Models and skins by Fishing Planet, Ultimate Fishing, Gabboi (Mekong Catfish, Paroon Shark and Kaluga), Monsoon (Siam Carp) Expansions Required: MM Language: English Bugs: the tiger shark has some small model distortions near its fins Extra Information: Description: This pack contains 21 fish: mekong giant catfish, kaluga, paroon shark, siamese carp, arapaima, redtail catfish, pacu, ripsaw catfish, piranha, goliath tigerfish, vundu catfish, welsh catfish, payara, alligator gar, electric eel, black arowana, tiger sorubim, nile perch, piraiba, cornish jack, northern snakehead Bonus Features: Public Domain? X Permission to re-upload? X Original Models? X Zoopedia? ✓ Fish Import Pack 6 - Freshwater Friends.z2f
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    Since I am the only active staff here, I can not fix many of the broken download links and images. I want to say a big thanks to the members who have been helping with the ZT2 public and private downloads.
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    The attachment has been added.
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    Designer: Xtremepieman Requires: ZT2 Southern_Ground-hornbill.z2f
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    Creator: Kingcobrasaurus Description: An expansion that contains 12 herbivorous animals, including the Russian tortoise, Solomon monkey-tailed skink, and the yak. American Pika.z2f Collared Peccary.z2f Congo Peafowl.z2f Dugong.z2f Emu.z2f Gaur.z2f Mountain Goat.z2f Russian Tortoise.z2f Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep.z2f Solomon Islands Monkey Tailed Skink.z2f Texas Longhorn.z2f Yak.z2f
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    Author: Octavio17493 and Kangorilaphant Requires: Endangered Species WDU_Tasmanian Devill.z2f
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    Author: Kangorilaphant Requires: AA and MM Bugs: The Northern Bluefin Tuna is not tank/water placeeble, needs to be fixed. Includes: Animals Iberian Wolf Dalmatian Pelican Spanish Ibex Northern Bluefin Tuna Foliage Spanish Lavender Cork Oak Aleppo Pine Black Pine Mediterranean_Pack.z2f
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    Designers: Tamara Henson and Whalebite Original Creator: Many designers deserve credit for providing the base models, coding, and skins used for this project: Aurora Designs for the penguin; Bahia46, JimmyHoopaz, and Zerosvalmont for the dog; Bunyupy for the lizards; Chucha, Dn and Eryel for the Pigeon; Jannick for the Falcon; Hendrix for the Jay Animations (used for many of the birds, frog, and Tuatara; Ulquiorra for the Centipede, and the frog reproduction coding; Zerosvalmont for the Kiwis, Spider (with Hendrix), and Tazmanian Devil (used for the St. Bathens Mammal; The ZTABC Team for the stilt, duck, snake animations (used for the eel and centipede), and sealion. All others by Whalebite. Requires: All expansion packs, WWD: Spirits of the Ice Forests, and Aves. It may also need Hendrix's European Jay. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: There are three known bugs... 1: The Copper Skinks get stuck when feeding from the Carcass (and more rarely the reptile pool)and the eggs hatch before the egg timer is full. 2: Adult Moa distort when laying down and the young when running fast. Their eggs take a while to hatch even after the egg timer fills. 3: Wrybill has incorrect nodes so cannot eat, drink, or lay eggs. They are not coded to eat/drink but food can be placed as props. They will get pregnant and crouch to lay the egg but no egg appears. Description: This download contains 25 animals (one an ambient) from the country of New Zealand. Screenshots: Archey's Frog Black Stilt Blue Duck Copper Skink Giant Kokopu Great Spotted Kiwi Jewelled Gecko Katipo Spider Kea (Remake) and Red-Crowned Parakeet Ambient (Contained in same file) Kuri (Extinct breed of dog) New Zealand Falcon New Zealand Giant Centipede New Zealand Longfin Eel New Zealand Pigeon (Remake) New Zealand Sealion Northern Brown Kiwi North Island Kokako South Island Giant Moa St. Bathen's Mammal Tui (Parson Bird)and Updated Nectar Feeder Weka Wrybill Yellow-Eyed Penguin Southern Tuatara Hack to change the WWD Tuatara to the Northern Tuatara. The two species do NOT get along. COTW_Archey's Frog.z2f COTW_Black Stilt.z2f COTW_Blue Duck.z2f COTW_Copper Skink.z2f COTW_Giant Kokopu.z2f COTW_Great Spotted Kiwi.z2f COTW_Jewelled Gecko.z2f COTW_Katipo Spider.z2f COTW_Kea.z2f COTW_Kokako Remake.z2f COTW_Kuri Dog.z2f COTW_New Zealand Falcon.z2f COTW_New Zealand Giant Centipede.z2f COTW_New Zealand Longfin Eel.z2f COTW_New Zealand Pigeon Remake.z2f COTW_New Zealand Sealion.z2f COTW_Northen Brown Kiwi.z2f COTW_South Island Giant Moa.z2f COTW_St Bathens Mammal.z2f COTW_Tui.z2f COTW_Weka.z2f COTW_Wrybill.z2f COTW_Yellow-Eyed Penguin.z2f zzzzCOTW_Southern Tuatara.z2f
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    Designer: Dinosaur Requires: ZT2 and ES Black Footed Rock Wallaby.z2f
  23. 1 point
    Author: Kangorilaphant Required: AA and ES Includes: Animals Red Deer Wild Boar European Bison Capercaillie Foliage Toadstools Beech Tree Norway Spruce English Oak Europe_Pack[1].z2f
  24. 1 point
    Zebret Skin Made By: Mika Coded By: iba5000 Zebret.z2f
  25. 1 point
    Emerald Spalding Peafowl Made by iba5000 Updated 12/04/09 Gift Fixed Now Works Updated 01/22/10 Skin Update/Egg Data Fixed/Rarity Corrected Emerald Spalding Peafowl.z2f
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    Creator: Whalebite Credits: Hendrix for Textures, Plesiosaur models and animations, OS for Mososaur models, samual for kaiwhekea model Requires: :MM: , :EA: , and WWD Cruel Seas Language: English Pictures: Mauisaurus, New Zealand's Largest Plesiosaur zzzz-whalbit-Mauisaurus haasti.z2f Moanasaurus, New Zealand's Largest Mosasaur zzzz-whalbit-Moanasaurus mangahouangae.z2f Kaiwhekea, One Of The Strangest Plesiosaurs zzzz-whalbit-Kaiwhekea katiki.z2f Taniwhasaurus zzzz-whalbit-Taniwhasaurus oweni.z2f
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    White Flamingo Made by Becuffin and IBA5000 Not Albino Updated 12/04/09 Gift Zoopedia Corrected Updated 01/22/10 Gift Skin Updated White Flamingo.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author:TTT Original Creator:TTT Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: arbok is a little buggy with breeding. kyogre takes a long time to eat Requirements: zoo tycoon1 (tested on complete collection use with caution if you have a different version) Picture: http://zootycoonwildlife.aforumfree.com/t1813-ttt-s-projects Pokepack.zip
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    Designer: Penguinman and Budgielover101 The pack contains the following objects: ElementsPack.zip
  30. 1 point
    Creator: Ringo-Coder and Skinner dudmesister130-Mesher (Amphicyon) Deepca-Skinner (Amphicyon) *Thanks to Zelda-Maniak for the models for the Daeodon and Carpocyon. *Thanks to Murodock for the Montauk Monster Model. Requires: ZT2, ES, AA, and EA Language: English Features: Contains fossil puzzles and zoopedia. Content - Amphicyon ingens The North American giant Bear-dog. BIOME: Grassland Carpocyon The North American primitive canid. BIOME: Grassland Daeodon The North American killer hog. BIOME: Grassland zzzzzMioceneNApackP1.z2f
  31. 1 point
    Black Swan Creator: Kangorilaphant Requires: ZT2 Black Swan.z2f
  32. 1 point
    Author: Penguinman and Cochin007 Requires: ES Notes: The adult is white and also has a more greyish variant skin, while the babies are black. Picture: Camargue Wild Horse.z2f
  33. 1 point
    Designer: Zooasaurus Requires:ZT2+MM Includes: Animals: Cookiecutter Shark Pacific Sleeper Shark Sixgill Shark Foliage: Sea Pen Glass Sponge Tube Worms Scenery: Black Smoker Lanternfish Vent Crab Midwater Jellyfish(Aequoria,Colobenama, Foersteria) Whale Carcass Other: Whale Carcass Food Fixes: -All cetaceans will turn into the Whale Carcass when they die -All foliage, and the deep-sea anemone will work with the biome editor -Goblin Shark will eat the Whale Carcass Food -adds a new loading screen Special thanks to papapanda for helping with the Black Smoker. To fix the white box in foliage, download the Shark Pack 2 XP-Deep-Sea_Pack.z2f
  34. 1 point
    Designer: Tamara Henson & Whalebite Original Creator: Zerosvalmont and Hendrix Requires: ES Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: The beloved black dragon ridden by Hiccup in the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Now with full wings, though it cannot fly. Yes you can ride it! Alas it cannot breathe fire. Screenshot: Night Fury.z2f
  35. 1 point
    Name of File: Kodiak Bear Author/Maker: Slice Compability: ES Screenshot: zzzKodiakBear by Sliceandkill.z2f
  36. 1 point
    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: Platypus for the base model and skins Requires: Endangered Species and Extinct Animals Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None that I know of though I haven't tested the fossils yet Description: An extinct horse breed from Abaco Island in the Caribbean. Screenshot: Abaco Barb.z2f
  37. 1 point
    Author: Thomvonder Requires: Extinct Animals Language: Dutch and English Notes: It has variants. Picture: Luiaard.z2f
  38. 1 point
    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creators: The original idea for this pack was from Velociraptor (AKA Dinosaur) and it is a remake of an old pack done by this designer. The new models are by Jimmz Hoopaz (the Hokkaido wolf) and the Honshu wolf was made from Zeosvalmont's dingo. Requires: Radical Remake, Endangered Species, Extinct Animals Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None that I have found Description: Two extinct wolves from Japan, the tiny Honshu wolf and the fierce Hokkaido wolf. Screenshots: Hokkado wolf Honshu Wolf New Gifts for Guests (in Extinct gift cart) Japanese Wolves.z2f
  39. 1 point
    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: The following designers deserve credit for the following meshes that I used to make the animals in this pack. Dinosaurman/Hendrix and the Artiodactyla and Carnivora crew for the roe deer used for the rabbuck, the mongoose used for the Pamthret, and the waterbuck used for the cleft-backed antelope. Penguinman for the dolphin used for the Porpin. Platypus for the Takin mesh used for the Hornhead. And ultamateterex2 for the tylacine mesh used for the Falanx. Requires: Zoo Tycoon 2 and all it's expansions Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: The rabbucks ears will revert back to the original model soon after placement or birth. Status filter shows up at end of menu bar and is too long. Description: 8 animals from the Metozoic era, 65 million years into the future. All are from Dougal Dixon's classic book 'After Man' (the entire book can be found archived Here). The pack also contains three statues, a new filter and a new status: Futuristic. Screenshot: Common Rabbuck Falanx Common Porpin Cleft-Backed Antelope Horrane Common Hornhead Horrane Pamthret Statues After Man-Pack.z2f
  40. 1 point
    Creator: Koiking Original Creator: Blue Fang Requires: EA Language: English Bugs: No name next to the icon in the animal's general info panel. Koiking can't seem to find what is causing the problem. Description: This download will add a new conservation status of domesticated. zzzzzzKoikingDomesticatedStatus.z2f
  41. 1 point
    Creator: Silesian Tomcat Requires: ZT2 Picture: SomalienWildAss.z2f
  42. 1 point
    Picture: Author: Kingcobrasaurus ZZZZZ-ZT2 resize.z2f
  43. 1 point
    Creator/Designer/Author: MaxlFaxl Bugs/Information/Notes: Foots are looking bizarre Requirements: ZT2 Picture: FlamingoAndean.z2f
  44. 1 point
    T-Rex Variants by becuffin. trex variants.z2f
  45. 1 point
    Author: Holden Requires: ZT2 and ES Update: Removed Dutch Language gray_fox.z2f
  46. 1 point
    Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Many people need to be credited for allowing the use of their models for this project. Thank you Artifex and Penguinman for the mesh used for the squirrel, various deer, and buffalo; DinosaurMan for the meshes used for the tortoise, python, Nilgai male, Nilgiri Tahr, and duck; Hispa Designs for the mesh used for the cobra; JimmyHoopz for the mesh used for the male and young Chinkara; Robert for the female Chinkara and female and young Nilgai mesh; and Zerosvalmont for the kite and nurse shark mesh. Requires: ZT2, ES, AA, and MM (see description below for exact requirements) Public Domain: Yes (all the meshes are public domain, just credit the original designer) Language: English Bugs:This project has a few minor bugs. The Indian leopard cub lacks gloss as the cub-skin came out way to light with it. Don't worry it gets a shiny new coat at adulthood. The Indian Giant Squirrel and Asiatic Buffalo are white when selected but normal once placed, this seems to be a side-effect of the model. While not a bug (the regular African Spurred Tortoise does it as well)the Indian Black Tortoise is hard to keep and may refuse to eat or drink. Just remove the heat lamp and place turtle under the shelter umbrella. They usually eat and drink immediately after a nice nap. Description: This download contains 19 animals and one object perfect for Indian Zoos. ZT2 only: Asiatic Lion, Chinkara (Indian Gazelle), Indian Giant Squirrel, Nilgai, and Nilgiri Tahr. ES: Indian Leopard, Indian Rock Python, Indian spotted Chervotain, King Cobra, Sambar and Sambar bouncy ride, and Sangai. AA: Asiatic Buffalo, Brahminy Kite, Gee's Golden Langur, Gray Langur, Indian Black Turtle, and Jungle cat MM: Pink-Headed Duck (for food and shelter) and Tawny Nurse Shark (Zerosvalmont) Screenshots: Asiatic Lion Asiatic Water Buffalo Brahminy Kite Chinkara Gee's Golden Langur Hanuman Langur Indian Black Tortoise Indian Giant Squirrel Indian Rock Python Indian Leopard (Yes it can crossbreed with the Black leopard and produce both types of cubs!) Indian Spotted Chevrotain (AKA the Indian Mouse Deer) Jungle Cat King Cobra Nilgai Nilgiri Tahr Pink-Headed Duck Sambar and Sambar Bouncy Ride Sangai Tawny Nurse Shark Asiatic Lion.z2f Asiatic Water Buffalo.z2f Brahminy Kite.z2f Chinkara.z2f Gee's Golden Langur.z2f Hanuman Langur.z2f Indian Black Tortoise.z2f Indian Giant Squirrel.z2f Indian Leopard.z2f Indian Rock Python.z2f Indian Spotted Chevrotain.z2f Jungle Cat.z2f King Cobra.z2f Nilgai_COTW.z2f Nilgiri Tahr.z2f Pink-Headed Duck.z2f Sambar Deer.z2f Sangai Deer.z2f Tawny Nurse Shark.z2f
  47. 1 point
    Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara" Henson and Kangorillophant Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains six North American species/subspecies of deer and one bouncy ride. There are two minor bugs: When at a distance the antlers of the mule and black tailed deer sometimes become distorted. This corrects itself when you come closer however. The legs of the Peary and Dawson's Caribou calfs sometimes flash black, why I do not know as it does not do this with the other deer. Requirements: ZT2 and Endangered Species, Extinct Animals is needed for the extinct icon for Dawson's Caribou. Picture: Black-tai Dawson's Caribou Key Deer Mule Deer Peary Caribou Wapiti White Tailed Deer Elk Bouncy Ride American Deer Pack 1.z2f
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