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    Utahraptor has been updated.
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    Designer: Thomvonder Requires: ZT2 Public Domain: Yes Bugs: It might interfere with other hacks that edit the shell.xml. Description: This hacks edits the 'hide guest' button, it makes sure staff disappear as well when you click on it. Normal Version zzzzzzzz_InvisibleKeeper.z2f Version Compatible With Lego's New Biome System zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_InvisibleKeeperCompatibleWithLegosBiome.z2f Version Compatible With ZTDC's Biomeshell zzzzzzzz_InvisibleKeeperComp.BiomeShell.z2f
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    The post was edited after @Mjmannella posted the reply.
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    The attachment has been added.
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    Designer: Zoosaurus Note: This fix gives the Sarcosuchus the Gharial model by King Hoopla, and gives Deinsuchus the Eryops model. Download: Please contact @SLGray if you have this download.
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    Designer: Skin - Unicorn Coding - Thom Mesh - Ben_10 Original Creator: Model by DinosaurMan Requires: Extinct Animals Language: English, German, and Dutch Bugs: No icon. Picture: Download Link: In need of a new download link. If you have this download, please contact a Download Expert or Administrator. Hashtags: #dinosaur #extinct
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    Still no download link. 😞
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