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    Just Social Network {JSN} Taking Back the Internet & World Wide Web Discovery of many other great forums Exposure to great tips tricks businesses and more Events Parties and more Invite your friends its free to register and all is welcome Something new and Exciting all the time Scrolling board message, chat box, character game, prizes Be a part of JSN and to taking back the internet and the world wide web As long as everyone plays nice in the sandbox{forum} then Welcome to JSN
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    Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: The following people deserve credit for the original meshes used to make this pack the best it could be. Credit goes to Manut and Tyranachu for hare wallaby/bettong mesh, MiBound and Jannick for the tree kangaroo, and OtterLord for permission to use the RR kangaroo. Requires: Just Zoo Tycoon 2 and the AWAU Starter pack. Public Domain: Yes for all maps, locations, and gifts. The Banded hare wallaby, Bennett's tree kangaroo, and Northern bettong, and rufus hare wallaby are also PD. All the rest use the RR kangaroo as the base model and are not PD. You need permission from Otterlord to use those models. Language: English Bugs: The northern bettong constantly escapes from it's pen. Description: A remake of Awesome Australia: Marvelous Mob. It contains 10 brand new macropods (kangaroos and wallabies) for your zoo all in a modern Radical Remake style. Screenshots: Banded Hare Wallaby Bennett's Tree-Kangaroo Bridled Nail-Tailed Wallaby Common Wallaroo (Euro) Eastern Grey Kangaroo Northern Bettong Northern Nail-tailed Wallaby Purple-Necked Rock Wallaby Rufus Hare Wallaby Swamp Wallaby Banded Hare Wallaby.z2f Bennett's Tree-Kangaroo.z2f Bridled Nail-Tailed Wallaby.z2f Common Wallaroo.z2f Eastern Grey Kangaroo.z2f Northern Bettong.z2f Northern Nail-tailed Wallaby.z2f Purple-Necked Rock Wallaby.z2f Rufus Hare Wallaby.z2f Swamp Wallaby.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Blue Fang & (for the birds) Kangorillophant Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains 9 new animals for Zoo Tycoon 2; the Antelopine Kangaroo, Australian Pelican, Australian Snubfin Dolphin, Black-headed Monitor Lizard, Brolga, Ledbeater's Cockatoo, Toolache Wallaby, Western Brush Wallaby, and the 'Pretty Faced' Whiptail Wallaby. The birds were created from meshs by Kangorillophant. The black-headed monitor has a minor bug which keeps it from blinking. A more serious bug is found in the snubfin dolphin, while most testers here say they have had no problem with it, the download will cause some games to crash, so save the game before selecting it. As it was mainly my Acer computer with Windows Vista that was affected I was unable to get a photo. Requirements: ZT2, ES, AA, MM Picture: Antelopine Kangaroo: Australian Pelican: Black-headed Monitor Lizard: I am sorry but this image seems to have been lost during the change from Photobucket to Imgur. I will replace it if I can find a copy in my old files. Sorry for the inconvenience. Brolga: Ledbeater's Cockatoo: Toolache Wallaby: Western Brush Wallaby: Whiptail Wallaby: Antilopine Kangaroo.z2f Australian Pelican.z2f Australian Snubfin Dolphin.z2f Black-Headed Monitor.z2f Brolga.z2f Ledbeaters Cockatoo.z2f Toolache Wallaby.z2f Western Brush Wallaby.z2f Whiptail Wallaby.z2f
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