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  1. The first time I ran across them, I thought you had to download all-l-l-l of them...just grabbed a few just now (for Aves, EE, so forth). Thanks! 🙂
  2. Great download, no issues, loving the Greater Kudu 💖
  3. A great animal for a biome I don't have many critters for. Much appreciated. 🙂
  4. Been loving and using these for so long I forgot they were a download. 😄 A must-have.
  5. Squeeee, black-faced sheepie for my farm zoos! 😃
  6. A list of designers and it was right in here somewhere, but this is the one I've been using to snoop stuff in the meantime: https://www.ztwds.net/f48-zoo-tycoon-2 . 😃
  7. After all these years, I still kinda wonder what some actually do. For instance, maps. Are these strictly entertainment? Is placing one near the entrance enough or should they be scattered here and there? Forgive me for mixing platforms (yep, Granny's a gamer), but it's easier to call them sims...when the sims look at a map, does it affect their behavior? I'd place more if, say, it encourages that one dweeb who really needs to rest on an umbrella table to NOT go dance by the music rock. 🙄 Focus, sims, FOCUS! LOL Also, those blasted educational thingees with the monkey on top: it seems my stars go up when every exhibit has its very own right by it...? Yes no? Also, any other tips for educational exhibits? My critters get hung up on rocks a lot, for instance, so I put a tiny blop of shallow water with one tiny rock in it in every exhibit, which seems to help, so I seem to have the rock thing straightened out. As for trees---do I really need one of every tree of that biome in an exhibit to raise the educational value? Also, one of every type of plant? Are there other secrets I ain't figured out? 😁
  8. That educational exhibit with the monkey on top annoys the crap out of me. I'd love something that adds educational value to an exhibit without take up so much space (and looks attractive). I'm keeping in mind that this is a simple wishlist and it's pretty unlikely...but I can dream! 😊
  9. I always have an eye out for more "stuff": Mini-exhibits, such as the spider, tropical fish, and jellyfish exhibits that came with the game. (Can folks make those?) More statues but smaller than the honkin' big elephant statue in the original game. Smaller statues that go with the original themes (desert, savannah, etc.) Arches, lamp posts, etc. I'll ALWAYS grab a new restaurant 😄 So far, I have a Japanese, Mexican, African, Little Sleazer's, and Scooby's. Love 'em! Maybe a Chinese place? BTW, whoever made that teeney-tiny umbrella viewing area (was it maybe European Exp?), you rule and I love you. 😁 I'd leave you my fortune but it's cheeese and you'd have to wrassle 9 Volt for it. 😆
  10. If you've seen any of these critters out there, please holler out. 🙂 I'll add more as I remember them...I've been playing this game since its release, and I've slept since then. LOL Sarcastic Fringehead (oh come on, you know you'd download it!) Chicken breeds (with realistic sounds). You wouldn't believe the variety, and some are quite beautiful, such as the Phoenixes, Sebrights, and the Ayam Cemani. Shown is a Silver Sebright, the next 2 I am not familiar with, and the last is a Brahma, the legendary "Gentle Giant." You may remember these goliaths from a popular YouTube video:
  11. Is that what it's called? I feel like a noob. ;D
  12. Lovely fish, beautifully done, just wanted to share that the name sent me into a fit of giggles when it brought to mind the sarcastic fringehead. 🤣 Say...what's the chances anyone's done one? 😄
  13. Hi there! 🙂 I had been using 2 different links to navigate around in here and I accidentally deleted one. The one I still have takes me to my profile page; the deleted one was to a page with an alphabetical list of all the content creators, where you can just click a name to view a list of the stuff that person has made. I can't seem to find that page no matter what I click on. Help help! 😉
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