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  1. Loving all the quads of course but amazing job on the nekkid mole rat! Wow! 😄
  2. Not sure if I'm a vip or not, but my favorite animal is the Beisa oryx (or any kind of oryx!) 😄 (Lots of different replies! Wow, folks know their critters!) ❤️
  3. Even with bouncy rides! You're too good to us! I saw the word "barb" and got all excited--FISH, Bonnie, not HORSE ROFL I love the sheep and can't wait to try him 😄
  4. Been in love with oryxes since I was a kid and these are fantastic. Thanks for adding the fringey, I have him as a single dl and can now remove 😄 Yay for tidy Zooty-coon files! 😛 For those unfamiliar with the pack, it's a Beisa, Arabian (the little white one), and I believe the darker one is the Fringey. 🙂
    As close as you can come to "exhaustive." WOW. All set up in lovely, easy-to-use directories spanning however you could possibly wish to search for or browse stuff (I was just searching by year, that was fun). The files themselves are stored wherever the creator has them with a link to them but I have rarely found a link that wasn't current. Don't go unless you plan to spend some time perusing the goodies! (ANOTHER place I spend way too much time LOL) 😍
    A wealth of downloads and very friendly and helpful members. I spend way too much time there. 😛
  5. AMAZING. Can't live without it. 😍 😘
  6. Occasionally, there's an animal I use frequently yet don't read the Zoopedia on for a while. Here's a gem I just spotted: the Eastern Elk, now extinct, was exterminated due to a demand for its TEETH?  🤣

  7. Yes, and also the Feral Kauai Chicken. 😄 I know I have issues, my 72 yr old dad informs me every time he stops by and 9 Volt is hanging out on the back of the couch. I'd love a few of the ducks but the duck pack that they need to work seems to want EA in order to work right, but every site I've found to download the thing scares me: kinda the interwebz' equivalent of a creepy guy in a black trench coat in a dark alley. 😮 I bought EA's predecessor (Dino Danger, was it?) back in the day, but that was like 4 computers ago. 😞 Blessings on the person who made the "no EA Cow/Auroch" file, so at least I have that. 💖
  8. I love it and use it constantly. 💖
  9. Beautiful bird, my favorite of the user-made pheasants, and better behaved than a couple others. 🙂
  10. My all-time favorite stand-alone animal pack. So nicely done, no crankiness in the critters, and just lovely to look at.
  11. Wishing I had some with grid on, I'm very anal LOL and the grid helps me set things more precisely in my lil obsessive-compulsive zoos 😄 But I still like these
  12. Works exactly like it says, been using it for years 🙂
  13. Make sure you have EA--I don't and it crashed the game =( If it's already happened to you, delete the duck from your files and your saved zoo will load with a warning message that some critters/objects may be missing, but everything else will be just fine.
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