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    As close as you can come to "exhaustive." WOW. All set up in lovely, easy-to-use directories spanning however you could possibly wish to search for or browse stuff (I was just searching by year, that was fun). The files themselves are stored wherever the creator has them with a link to them but I have rarely found a link that wasn't current. Don't go unless you plan to spend some time perusing the goodies! (ANOTHER place I spend way too much time LOL) 😍
    A wealth of downloads and very friendly and helpful members. I spend way too much time there. 😛
  1. Occasionally, there's an animal I use frequently yet don't read the Zoopedia on for a while. Here's a gem I just spotted: the Eastern Elk, now extinct, was exterminated due to a demand for its TEETH?  🤣

  2. Yes, and also the Feral Kauai Chicken. 😄 I know I have issues, my 72 yr old dad informs me every time he stops by and 9 Volt is hanging out on the back of the couch. I'd love a few of the ducks but the duck pack that they need to work seems to want EA in order to work right, but every site I've found to download the thing scares me: kinda the interwebz' equivalent of a creepy guy in a black trench coat in a dark alley. 😮 I bought EA's predecessor (Dino Danger, was it?) back in the day, but that was like 4 computers ago. 😞 Blessings on the person who made the "no EA Cow/Auroch" file, so at least I have that. 💖
  3. The first time I ran across them, I thought you had to download all-l-l-l of them...just grabbed a few just now (for Aves, EE, so forth). Thanks! 🙂
  4. That educational exhibit with the monkey on top annoys the crap out of me. I'd love something that adds educational value to an exhibit without take up so much space (and looks attractive). I'm keeping in mind that this is a simple wishlist and it's pretty unlikely...but I can dream! 😊
  5. I always have an eye out for more "stuff": Mini-exhibits, such as the spider, tropical fish, and jellyfish exhibits that came with the game. (Can folks make those?) More statues but smaller than the honkin' big elephant statue in the original game. Smaller statues that go with the original themes (desert, savannah, etc.) Arches, lamp posts, etc. I'll ALWAYS grab a new restaurant 😄 So far, I have a Japanese, Mexican, African, Little Sleazer's, and Scooby's. Love 'em! Maybe a Chinese place? BTW, whoever made that teeney-tiny umbrella viewing area (was it maybe European Exp?), you rule and I love you. 😁 I'd leave you my fortune but it's cheeese and you'd have to wrassle 9 Volt for it. 😆
  6. If you've seen any of these critters out there, please holler out. ? I'll add more as I remember them...I've been playing this game since its release, and I've slept since then. LOL Sarcastic Fringehead (oh come on, you know you'd download it!) Chicken breeds (with realistic sounds). You wouldn't believe the variety, and some are quite beautiful, such as the Phoenixes, Sebrights, and the Ayam Cemani. Shown is a Silver Sebright, the next 2 I am not familiar with, and the last is a Brahma, the legendary "Gentle Giant." You may remember these goliaths from a popular YouTube video:
  7. Hi there!  ?  Had a wee question...is there a spot we can chat a bit?  I actually wanted to ask what space hack folks are using these days (some of my critters are ignoring it--currently using Scooby's, swapped it out from the Ultimate hack because I just want the space bits).  So I was wondering where to put stuff like that?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SLGray


      There is not one right now.  I might add one later. 

      Have you checked out ZT2 Round Table?  There are many discussions about space hacks. 

    3. Bonnie Bauer

      Bonnie Bauer

      Always  LOL  I'm usually over here but I pop over there pretty frequently  ?  I was hoping, as far as a space hack, someone had something newer.  Okies, I'll keep RT in mind for future pesterings.  ?

    4. SLGray


      Look at Thom.  I believe he made a hack that includes a space hack.

  8. Even when not using the animals, I use all the "stuff" all the time, like the benches and so forth. It is refreshingly low-profile. Also, the music rock is fantastic...I put it everywhere. ?
  9. Bacon as a ZT2 enrichment item?  I can dream, don't judge me!  ?



  10. 23 minutes ago, I said I was going to bed.  Darn you, designers, for making such awesome stuff.  ?  I just KNEW I shouldn't go poking around in Tamara's stuff again...  ?

    1. SLGray


      I like your profile photos.

    2. Bonnie Bauer

      Bonnie Bauer

      A chicken and Froot Loops, that pretty much describes me.  Heehee!  ?

  11. @SLGray  I am so lost in here.  I can't figure out how to reply to your message or talk to folks (unless this is how  LOL).  I am figuring Round Table out but this one has me confuzzled!

    Going to try to add a pic of 9 Volt...



    1. SLGray


      Did you figure it out?

    2. Bonnie Bauer

      Bonnie Bauer

      Yep!  I've been going through the files like a Tasmanian Devil, I should really try to figure out more of my profile stuff, but all these wonderful downloads!  ?

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