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Tamara Henson

Countries of the World: Somalia

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Creator:  Tamara Henson & Treebeard

Original Creator: Several people need credit for the original models, skin details, and coding used in this pack.

Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the bat, jerboa, mongoose, galago, hedgehog, leopard, dik-dik (with Longisquamata) and ostrich meshes; Doc 118 for the mesh used for Naked mole rat; Jannick and the dube Warrior's team's for zebra mesh used for the Somali wild ass; Triceraptor Rex and Slice for the Beisa Oryx; and Zebrasoru for the lesser kudu.

Requires:  Most of these downloads use only zoo tycoon 2 but will benefit from having the Radical Remake new biomes as many are coded to prefer the tropical dry forest biome. The bat needs DM's bat and the jerboa needs the European Expedition jerboa found in the EE-new bonus downloads. All the animals below need African Adventures - Somali Hedgehog, Somali Dwarf Mongoose, Somali Desert Warthog.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: Food occasionally sticks to the hedgehog's face

Description: 13 animals native to the country of Somalia in Africa. This pack includes the Beisa Oryx, Silver Dik-Dik, Somali Ostrich, Somali Wild Ass, Somali Leopard (including the super-rare king leopard color phase), Somali Hedgehog, Somali Galago, Somali Dwarf Mongoose, Somali Desert Warthog, Schlieffen's Bat, Northern Lessr Kudu, Naked-Mole Rat, and Lesser Egyptian Jerboa.


Beisa Oryx Adult, Juvenile, and Young

Northern Kudu

Desert Warthog

Somali Galago

Somali Hedgehog

Silver dikdik

Somali Ostrich

Naked Mole Rats

Somali Wild Ass

Somali Leopard

Schieffen's Bat

Lesser Egyptian Jerboa

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qlnwzvuvrhwuom2/COTW_Somlia.zip?dl=0

Hashtags: #cotw #Countries_of_the_World #Africa #Somalia #Somali #Tamara_Henson #Treebeard #jerboa #bat #leopard #feline #equine #equid #rat #ostrich #bird #dikdik #hedgehog #galago #primate #warthog #kudu #oryx #antelope

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