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  1. Skouliki

    IconSkouliki Graphics

    Graphic Creations/Graphic Requests https://iconskouliki.forumgreek.com/ All image creations in this forum are only for personal and non commercial use. You may not sell or distribute our graphics without our written permission. Backlink to https://iconskouliki.forumgreek.com REQUIRED
  2. New features/tutorials/updates have added this year Theme 2023 - Forum updates Forum improvements New appearance of the prefixes New widget for publications Adding Follow members option Update the profile cover code Profile updates New category emoticons were added New category forum was added New function Rate Card
  3. Graphic Creations Member Ranks Navigation Bars Buttons (topic icons, button sets) Other Graphic Creations Banners Signatures Avatars Icons Progress Bars Mascots-Emoticons General Images Vector Alphabet Letters Graphic Section/Graphic Requests (Members Section) General Discussions/Support Section (Members Section) Introduce yourself Suggestions and Ideas Photoshop and Useful Information (only registered members) Promote or advertise your forum, website or blog. Forumotion Tutorials Forumotion themes Extra features Online Photo Editor (members and guests) IconSkouliki Forum Store (only registered members) IconSkouliki Image Slider (members and guests) License All image creations in this forum are only for personal and non commercial use You may not sell,modify or distribute our graphics without our written permission Backlink to https://iconskouliki.forumgreek.com REQUIRED All forum theme graphics such as buttons, profile icons, awards, signatures etc are copyrighted.
  4. The technicians are aware of the problem and they are working on it. https://help.forumotion.com/t157548-only-topic-forumotion-downfall#1091902
  5. here is the message i got when i tried to open this thread ... it only happens to that thread as far as i tested i did bypass it and update my antivirus settings but i want it to report here just to let you know
  6. Hello if we add a new forum directly here ...basically a duplicate of our forum.... Will this new direct collab interferes in any way with the original forum? ( url? Admin account? Members account?)
  7. but everytime i must open a request for merge right? can i do it myself or at least be able to delete the extra account? iam registered as skouliki with multiple passwords at least at 20 forums
  8. thank you is it possible to know the answer in my original post question please
  9. this needs to be deleted https://forumsclub.com/profile/13519-skouliki/ this is the right profile https://forumsclub.com/profile/13494-skouliki/
  10. Hello seems that i have two accounts when i first came i could not registered cause my username was already used so i just sign in now iam a member to a forum here same username but different password this seems to create two accounts so i will need a merging , i prefer to keep this one i use right now but general speaking if i am member at five forums with same username ..different passwords then here i would have five profiles? Thank you
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