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  1. Paranormal Oddities Observation Group, or "POOG" for short is a forum dedicated to researching, and discussing the odd and the strange in our world. We cover topics ranging from the paranormal, to strange creature sightings, and we have a section for those who wish to share their dreams or to just talk about whatever they like. We welcome all members, regardless if you are a skeptic or a firm believer. Hope to see you there!
  2. Our summers here in the midwest are brutal! We typically get barely spring and fall like temperatures here, it usually goes from Winter to a day or so of Spring like weather, then it gets really hot and humid during the summertime. Then we usually get maybe a week or so of fall like weather, then it's freezing again. xD
  3. So anyone else play DnD with a group of friends in real life? Or do you play online with a clan? I started playing DnD with a group of friends late last year, we go meet up at their house every other Friday. We're currently running through the beginners campaign, since it's my wife and I's first time playing. I have a few sets of dice, and our friends even got us the Player's Handbook too!
  4. It's been above freezing here. The sun popped out a few times too. We got some nasty freezing rain on Wednesday though. The road conditions were bad, so we got to leave work early. :)
  5. Hey guys I wanted to post a update in this topic, Critical Mode is now available for free! Get ready to play Kingdom Hearts 3 on the most difficult setting, and be prepared to get knocked out many times too! ?
  6. One of the most popular RPG series of all time, Final Fantasy has tons of main series games and spinoffs. Originally released in 1987 in Japan on the Famicom, and later in 1990 on the NES in North America this game is a hit for many gamers. We've all started with one, which one did you first play? Mine was Final Fantasy 6 on the PS1 via Anthology. It's my personal favorite out of the titles I've played, still I haven't finished it yet. I just recently started playing the first game via Origins on the PS1. ?
  7. I haven't played this game myself yet, but it certainly looks like tons of fun! The sequel to the very popular game Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a while now. What are your thoughts on the game? Is it just as fun as the original?
  8. KH3 was finally released back in January of this year. This game was originally going to be released on the PS3, but got pushed back so many times that we thought we'd never see it. There's been other games to tie in the story before this one finally came out. Anyways my girlfriend is more into Kingdom Hearts than I am but I was thrilled to watch her play through the game. We're supposed to be getting more games in the future, but I wonder how long it'll be before they see the light of day. ? Anyways have you played this title yet?
  9. Ah good ole Doom 1 and 2! I first played the original game on the 32X, not the best version of the game but it certainly isn't the worst! Anyways I own both on the Xbox One (their 360 games but they're backwards compatible) and man they're difficult but tons of fun to play! I personally like Doom 2 better than Doom 1, one day I spent all day playing it. People think it's the grandfather of 1st person shooters, however that title goes to Wolfenstein 3D which there's already a topic here about that game. The modding community has made some great mods, I haven't played any of them yet as I don't own Doom/ Doom 2 on the PC. Maybe someday I will check them out!
  10. Mega Man X is my favorite series in the Mega Man franchise. I like the classics, but the X series takes the formula of the classic series and adds new features making it more fast paced and challenging. Zero is my personal favorite character from the franchise, X4 is my favorite game in the X series. Have you ever played any games in this series before? I'm hoping we'll get a X9 someday, we finally got a Mega Man 11 last year so hey it's possible. ?
  11. I'm very happy to see that the original three Spyro games got the remake treatment just like Crash Bandicoot. I loved Spyro growing up and it's been a blast playing through the original three with updated music and graphics! Have you guys played this wonderful trilogy yet?
  12. Earthbound (or Mother 2 in Japan) is easily one of my most favorite RPGs ever released on the SNES! It's quirky, yet disturbing all at the same time. I'd love to own a copy of the game someday, but it's quite expensive and was even expensive back when it was first released too. We were originally supposed to get Mother 1 on the NES, but that never seen the light of day until it was released on the Wii U's virtual console. I've been meaning to play through Earthbound Beginnings and Mother 3, though I'd love to play them on real hardware. Have you ever played any games from this franchise?
  13. As the topic title asks, do you care about achievements/trophies in games? Or do you rather just play the game and not worry about getting certain tasks done? I'm one of those players who likes to try and get all the achievements/trophies if it's a game I really enjoy or won't be too difficult. I just recently got all the achievements for Wolfenstein 3D on the Xbox One. I'm in the middle of trying to get all the trophies for Spyro Reignited Trilogy on PS4. I already got all the trophies for Spyro 2.
  14. I'm curious to see what everyone's first TGC they played was. Mine was Pokemon, then soon after yu-gi-oh came out I jumped over to that. Honestly I didn't play the Pokemon TGC for long, I was more into collecting them and still am to this day.
  15. Ravenfreak


    So do you have Steam currently installed on your PC? Or do you prefer other gaming platforms? I have steam installed on both my gaming rig and gaming laptop. Though I honestly don't log into my account too often. It's still a great platform, and it makes me happy seeing older PC games being released there. (Though I think GOG has more releases, but please correct me if I'm wrong about that...)
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