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Support for collabs admins and users

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      Support for collabs admins and users

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  1. Earlier
  2. Not anymore. Thanks for fixing it. 🙂
  3. Are you still having issues?
  4. I have reported the issue.
  5. I cannot even reply or comment on either inbox messages or on any comment sections on my mobile device (I posted this issue report on my PS4). Also, I can't even react to any topics apart from likes (no sad, no trophy, etc reactions). Can someone please fix this? :'(
  6. @Dylan Hooton please post about your issue here.
  7. It's now working for me, thank you!
  8. Thanks. I would made a report now.
  9. I can barely make use of the forum so I hope I'm posting this right... Here are screenshots of what all of forumsclub looks like to me. This has been going on for like a month now.
  10. Please post a screenshot of it.
  11. Hello. I been having some issues with the site. It appears as a basic HTML webpage only.
  12. If you're having any issues right now, please post about them in this topic.
  13. This topic is for people who are new. Creating an Account: When you create an account, it is for ForumsClub. After you login, you can join any of the websites on ForumsClub if they allow you to join. When you are looking at the homepage/index of a website, you will see a green join website button at the top right corner. Important Note: If you are a Foumotion founder who transferred your forum over to here, you and your members just need to login with your account information from the forum. If you have more than one forum that has been transferred over, you will have more than one account, you can ask to merge all the accounts. Creating a Website: This is referring to this: https://forumsclub.com/gc/ It is not a place to advertise. You are creating a website with forums, discussions, galleries, events, blogs, etc. Forumotion users (founders) can exactly transfer their forums and members over to here. After the transfer all activity will occur here. When someone visits your forum and tries to interact with it, they will be transferred to here. Important Note: It is a one way transfer. You can not transfer back to your forum.
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