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Support for collabs admins and users

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  2. we are sharing cloned firmwares of mobile phones and free to download free to download even your a guests, this is for mobile technicians looking for cloned firmwares and cellphone cloned models to be use for flashing and solved deadset unit,hang up unit, unfortunately error and others defects that can be repaired through flashing. Firmwares posted are my back ups others are tested firmwares by my co technicians. all are feel free to visit this site.
  3. Since this has been answered, it will be locked.
  4. Since this issue has not occurred again, I will lock this topic.
  5. Maybe it would be a good idea to have creating a website be like the topic approval option where the creator can see it and work on it, but it has to be approved before everyone sees it. In this way, you can stop spammers, spambots, and/or people just creating what would be considered advertisements. Mean this when I say create a website: https://forumsclub.com/gc/
  6. wow humm not really sure what the cause would be
  7. It had been doing it for about a week.
  8. it must been a glitch,,, good thing you got it to work
  9. Well, it worked fine just now.
  10. Welcome Wings of Fire fans! This is the new place for everyone to chat, share art, make friends, and roleplay! We have boards for everything, so there are endless amounts of things to do and share! You can sell adopts and art commissions for the forums currency; stars! You can roleplay with other Wings of Fire fans! This is a clean, kid-friendly forum! We need your help to make it grow! Come join us!
  11. Not had that issue here maybe one the mods or admin can help more on this topic
  12. If I close the browser tab and click the link to ForumsClub (ESF)), it loads fine with me logged in.
  13. You're welcome. Sorry, but the answer is no. Did you not read what it said in the AP of your forum? Exactly you can still log into the AP of your forum to read the message that states it is not possible to convert back.
  14. Can I switch back to my prior forum, I made a huge mistake switching to this?
  15. Thank you. I figured it out. The link blends in with my banner.
  16. I cannot find how to administrate my forum. Please help. How I wish I had never moved it to this club.
  17. SLGray

    Popup Ads?

    I guess this is a new way Google shows their ads. I am seeing them everywhere in the Internet.
  18. yes its normal they come and go or like me i run google ads from time to time
  19. Just Social Network {JSN} Taking Back the Internet & World Wide Web Discovery of many other great forums Exposure to great tips tricks businesses and more Events Parties and more Invite your friends its free to register and all is welcome Something new and Exciting all the time Scrolling board message, chat box, character game, prizes Be a part of JSN and to taking back the internet and the world wide web As long as everyone plays nice in the sandbox{forum} then Welcome to JSN
  20. Thank you SL Gray. Yes, that was what I was looking to see; we are a small & private group and not looking for traffic/visibiilty. I was considering moving, but I like the option of paying to remove ads so thinking the move may not be good for us. I appreciate your help.
  21. Is this what you want to see" There is no packages to remove ads. P.S. Since you created an account, you will have 2 accounts if you transfer your forum over to here. The transfer includes members' accounts. If you decide to do it, inform your fmembers to use their login information for their accounts to login here.
  22. I am interested in the new format, but not looking to increase traffic and want to maintain privacy. Will the security feature of "no new members" still available? We are an invitation only group. Is there a way to see the Admin panel before relocating? Also will there be the option to purchase an "ad free" package? Thanks in advance for your future reply!
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