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  2. This topic can be locked. I guess the issue was just temporary. I have not had any issue since.
  3. The original address will have forumotion.com or any of the extensions we use.
  4. I don't know how to thankful and grateful to you for advising me. my address was http://www.leisureinformatics.com you can see when i type it in, it directs me to go daddy to create one. As per your advise, I will try to register as a new member, but it says You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password.
  5. If you do not have an account, you need to register. P.S. Your forum is not gone. Just the domain name has expired. You need to know your original address of the forum.
  6. yes, my domain name was leisureinformatics.com this has been deactivated/ deleted. I really want to pay money and reinstate my forum. due to covid19, I forgot to renew this. since my website is not there anymore( leisureinformatics.com), I can not log in. I remember my username and passoword to login to the forum and then to administration panel to buy credits . but without forum, how can I do it? thanks for your responses, I really appreciate it. https://help.forumotion.com/ does not help as i can not login to that website.
  7. I am sorry, but I do not understand what you are posting. So you have a forum that you converted to a club? You having trouble logging into the forum? If yes, you only can log into the administration panel of your forum when you convert a forum over to a club. Also did you have a domain name before converting your forum over to a club?
  8. forum club allowed me to create the login while foromation did not. do you mean i can use the same login to https://help.forumotion.com/ ? ( I had forgotten my login) I'm happy to pay and reinstate the website. I don't know why this is so hard
  9. So you have transferred your forum over to here and now can not login to the site? If yes, how are you posting now? If this is about a forum, you need to get help from here: https://help.forumotion.com/
  10. Thank you for your response. since my forum has been deactivated, my membership too. I'm not able to login this website. I tried to register again. I'm helpless. Thank you for your response
  11. Support for forums is here: https://help.forumotion.com/ This section is only for this site.
  12. Hi I found out that my domain name has been deactivated. How do I pay and reinstate / renew the domain name please My forum is not accessible now Regards
  13. In the last 2 times I have shared anything on Twitter, the Tweets have been correct. It believe this issue is random.
  14. I have noticed that when I share anything from my club that the posted Tweet on Twitter is for something else. For example, I tweeted today a topic about elephants, but the Tweet on Twitter was from a topic about trees.
  15. You have to just create one account for all the clubs on this site. You also bring all your members from your forum to here. They then cam see all the other clubs here and join if they want.
  16. How does transferring your forum to forumsclub increase your traffic?
  17. Ok. I did solved my issue. In the permission for the link section, I had the box for bypass moderation checked. Unchecking it solved the issue.
  18. I believe I solved my issue. I just have to wait until a new link is posted before I am sure.
  19. I have it set where I have to approve links. When there are new ones, and I go into the sections, I do not see them there. I can click on the ones that appear on the homepage.
  20. Ok. When II use the scroll wheel on my mouse, I can scroll down the left column.
  21. I notice that scroll options ever where had a bug , me I cleared my history, did small reset, waited a few days and bam scroll working again,, then again I only use chrome. More bugs have happened thus far from phones to computers, I looked in the community boards and found that everyone had some sort of issues every where. Thank you Clubber for taking a look at the scroll options in the left side ...
  22. I just tested it and it works perfectly on all browsers including firefox. you don't need to see a scroll bar, when you try to scroll in the left side column, it will simply do it allowing you to access the desired menu 😉
  23. I do not see a scroll on the sidebar. PC Firefox 72.0.2
  24. hello, a patch has been applied. a scroll is currently available on the sidebar. we apologize for the inconvenience caused
  25. I am noticing no scroll bars on many sites , must be some bug out there or the person who codes the pages forget to add the scroll option Also took note the my mouse seem to loss it scroll capability there has to be a known bug out there, or it could be the apps and extensions in place as well ,, so starting from simple to complex I will come to see what the issue is
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