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Support for collabs admins and users

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  2. Yes. The only difference is the features that ForumsClub has, but the forum does not. ForumsClub has many features that the forum does not.
  3. Thanks for the response. So the look of it all, it all remains the same? The way the forums, topics, and posts all stay the same?
  4. Your forum remains the same, except all links redirect to here. Because of this, all activity occurs here. As the founder, you still have access to your forum's administration panel. If you do transfer your forum, there is no going back. When you transfer your forum, all topics, posts, and members are transferred, so you and your members do not have to create an account here. Just login with your forum's login information.
  5. If I hit transfer, what ultimately changes? Do rights for all change to ForumClubs? Does the web address change from what I use for forumotion? Besides increasing traffic to my page now, what's the catch, so to speak, for transferring it to ForumClubs? Thanks.
  6. Did you register here before switching your forum over to here? If yes, you have 2 accounts now. You should have switch your forum first and then login with your forum's account information.
  7. Hello, I don't seem to be able to post anything in my forum, even tho I am the Admin? How come? Any tips? Best regards!
  8. You Can Do Anything You Like, As Long As You Can Find It. The Universe Is Within Its Own Dimension That Is Filled With Every Type Of Genre Of RP Imaginable As Well As Every Type Of Terrain, So It's Up To The Choice Of Whomever Wishes To RP A Setting. There Is Literally A Setting For Anything And Everything. It Can Be Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Etc. As For Characters, I Accept Any And All Characters, But I Will Warn You That I RP Anime Style, So My Characters Have Anime Powers And Tendencies That Make Them Somewhat Different Than A Normal RP. This is my Roleplaying Website used as a hub for all artists to write stories, sort out their work, organize their ideas, storyboard, character design and anything else you want to do, as well as look at or make your own stories. I hope to use this as a business structure and hope others can make sure of it to have artists of all kinds come together to make something great, either individually or as a team. Please click 'Register' or 'Join Us!' at the top to create an account!
  9. Hello, This allows you to create a custom sidebar as a column on the right side of the blog displaying the content you have put on it
  10. This is the support forum for clubs, not forums. Please visit the official English support forum. There is a topic you can post in about this issue. It is in the connection section. https://help.forumotion.com/t157630-connection-error-102503#1092789
  11. Hi there I suddenly get HTTP ERROR 500 when I am trying to access the control panel of the forum. The forum name is zontesclub.gr Can anybody help me? Thanks
  12. ah ok, I see. by the way, the icons only appear on the 1st level sections. that's why you have them on the category but not on its sub-sections... maybe an improvement to come ;)
  13. Hello, Thank you for this report. We do have a small problem with this because of a script that runs every night. We are currently studying a solution that should correct this we apologize for the inconvenience caused
  14. When I logged in today, I saw some weird things. I was a member of 2 websites that I never joined and again unfollowed items appeared as followed. P.S. One of the website that showed me as a member is one where I post as a guest.
  15. https://forumsclub.com/forums/f268-programming/ Images do not appear in sub-forums within sub-forum
  16. hello, can i please have the url of the concerned section ? and explain how to process to reproduce the problem ? thank you
  17. as explained above, I suggest you post using a computer with a suitable screen size to avoid this problem which is not a technique bug
  18. Hello, I'm not able to put images in some categories ... I put it in the site manager, but it does not appear. 1- Solved questions: http://prntscr.com/o0014m -> http://prntscr.com/o002nb (Not displayed) 2- Questions: http://prntscr.com/o0033z and http://prntscr.com/o003iw (Another image of a topic appears instead of the one I put in the site manager) And others...
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