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  1. That is so cool. Our cats would love it.
  2. Thanks. Sorry for the double post question.
  3. Is there a feature to have the latest topic on the top right side of the forum in the default theme mode? And also to have latest pictures below that?
  4. Tomcat

    Our Feral Cats

    The weather is warmer so I haven't seem then for a few weeks.
  5. I just saw Friday 13th 1 and 2 liked these.
  6. How do you get rid of the left column list. Navigate Websites, Gallery, Upcoming Events, Activity and those topics. I did change the theme to default that gets rid of it. Will this now show to all members when they log in or will they have to change the theme?
  7. Tomcat

    Checking In

    Checking in.
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