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  1. So your saying there are 'no' member roles to set ? This is on my Rolls Page - where I am the only one listed. Admin Invite Members / Moderate Content / Manage Members /Manage Roles What roles does 'Manage Rolls' refer to then ?
  2. Edited above post about new member title. Regards the member roles - is there meant be any ?
  3. As I said in my OP - I did that manually for that member - but I don't know if 'future' new members will still automatically get Admin Title or Member Title - how do I set this ? Edit : Ah I just reread your post about a new member 'Today' I just seen the other new member - so that issue does seem to be solved. But I'm also still trying to figure out the Member Roles issue .
  4. Made no difference Member page shows Title and Roles for Admin but only Title for Member And the Roles page still only shows Admin - no member option
  5. Yes - on that page I have : Role name - Admin Custom member title - Admin Default member roll - On
  6. I already tried that SL - it only shows Admin on that page. Admin Member Default / Invite Members / Moderate Content / Manage Members / Manage Roles
  7. I just got my first member at my forum but got a bit of a shock when I saw that new members are automatically given the title Admin when they register - I've never come across this before on other forums. I managed to change the title to Member for this person - but how do you set it so that any future new registrations get the title Member and not Admin ? Also there doesn't seem to be a way to set 'Members Roles' - even though you can for Admin .
  8. Oh my goodness !!! this is a truly astounding and beautiful garden - very aptly named too. :)
  9. I think I'd convert it so the top level was the live in part - would have a fantastic view of everything roundabout. It shouldn't be too difficult to screen the windows where needed. :)
  10. Just think - you could convert one part into living quarters and have the rest as garden lol
  11. This next video is a more in depth view of the gardens.
  12. Wow that's not a creature I'd choose to swim with !
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