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  1. So your saying there are 'no' member roles to set ? This is on my Rolls Page - where I am the only one listed. Admin Invite Members / Moderate Content / Manage Members /Manage Roles What roles does 'Manage Rolls' refer to then ?
  2. Edited above post about new member title. Regards the member roles - is there meant be any ?
  3. As I said in my OP - I did that manually for that member - but I don't know if 'future' new members will still automatically get Admin Title or Member Title - how do I set this ? Edit : Ah I just reread your post about a new member 'Today' I just seen the other new member - so that issue does seem to be solved. But I'm also still trying to figure out the Member Roles issue .
  4. Made no difference Member page shows Title and Roles for Admin but only Title for Member And the Roles page still only shows Admin - no member option
  5. Yes - on that page I have : Role name - Admin Custom member title - Admin Default member roll - On
  6. I already tried that SL - it only shows Admin on that page. Admin Member Default / Invite Members / Moderate Content / Manage Members / Manage Roles
  7. I just got my first member at my forum but got a bit of a shock when I saw that new members are automatically given the title Admin when they register - I've never come across this before on other forums. I managed to change the title to Member for this person - but how do you set it so that any future new registrations get the title Member and not Admin ? Also there doesn't seem to be a way to set 'Members Roles' - even though you can for Admin .
  8. Oh my goodness !!! this is a truly astounding and beautiful garden - very aptly named too. :)
  9. I think I'd convert it so the top level was the live in part - would have a fantastic view of everything roundabout. It shouldn't be too difficult to screen the windows where needed. :)
  10. Just think - you could convert one part into living quarters and have the rest as garden lol
  11. This next video is a more in depth view of the gardens.
  12. Wow that's not a creature I'd choose to swim with !
  13. From a close-up toothy croc encounter to bird attacking a ball of fish under the ocean, some of the best underwater pictures in the world have been revealed in this photography competition. More than 4,000 pictures were entered for the Underwater Photography contest across 17 categories. “Winning here, or even just being placed, is [our] most coveted accolade because it says you succeeded in the most competitive environment there is, against the top talent of the moment,” said website owner and competition organizer Tal Mor. Full Story/Pics
  14. This big guy blocks half the road and is totally not bothered by any vehicle that goes past him.
  15. Trailer In this 1980s sci-fi classic, small-town California teen Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is thrown back into the '50s when an experiment by his eccentric scientist friend Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) goes awry. Traveling through time in a modified DeLorean car, Marty encounters young versions of his parents (Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson), and must make sure that they fall in love or he'll cease to exist. Even more dauntingly, Marty has to return to his own time and save the life of Doc Brown. Release date: 4 December 1985 (United Kingdom) Director: Robert Zemeckis Featured song: The Power of Love Music composed by: Alan Silvestri Screenplay: Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale
  16. Opening Scene Bruce Lee plays a martial-arts expert determined to help capture the narcotics dealer whose gang was responsible for the death of his sister. Lee enters a kung fu competition in an attempt to fight his way to the dealer's headquarters with the help of some friends. Initial release: 26 July 1973 (Hong Kong) Director: Robert Clouse Box office: 90 million USD Production companies: Warner Bros., Concord Production Inc. Producers: Bruce Lee, Raymond Chow, Fred Weintraub, Paul Heller, Leonard Ho
  17. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) moves to Southern California with his mother, Lucille (Randee Heller), but quickly finds himself the target of a group of bullies who study karate at the Cobra Kai dojo. Fortunately, Daniel befriends Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki "Pat" Morita), an unassuming repairman who just happens to be a martial arts master himself. Miyagi takes Daniel under his wing, training him in a more compassionate form of karate and preparing him to compete against the brutal Cobra Kai. Release date: 31 August 1984 (United Kingdom) Director: John G. Avildsen Featured song: You're the Best Box office: 91 million USD Film series: The Karate Kid
  18. Upon looking at this month’s most popular musical singles chart in the UK, it may seem like it is dominated by pop stars and hip hop artists – but there is now a new kind of singer that is rising to the top. A song called “Let Nature Sing” is currently ranked as the 11th most popular musical single – and it is a track that is made up entirely of bird sounds. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds released the track last month as a means of raising awareness for vulnerable bird species. The soothing soundscape consists of 25 different bird calls, hoots, and hollers. From blackbirds and woodpeckers to warblers and robins, all of the birds featured on the track are endangered in the UK. If you want to help “Let Nature Sing” reach #10 on the UK charts before the month is over, you can buy or stream the song from the society’s website. Full Story & Video
  19. A new survey examined how enthused 2,000 Americans were to exercise—and it revealed the weird and common excuses people give for staying home. Most Common Excuses Too tired – 63% / Too hot – 39% / Too cold – 39% / Too much work – 35% / Just ate – 31% Walked a lot today – 27% / Recovering from last workout – 27% - That would be me lol Gym too crowded – 22% / Taking care of kids – 17% / Gym is too out of the way – 17% Climbed a lot of stairs today – 15% / No clean gym clothes – 15% / I have a meeting tomorrow – 15% / I feel self conscious today – 14% I just got my hair done – 12% / Picking up kids is my workout – 10% / Just got my nails done – 9% (This one is my favorite) - My phone battery is too low – 10% - What ??? this one belongs in the list below Craziest Excuses 1. My cat is depressed / 2. I had to take my son’s bicycle into service / 3. I exercised in my dreams - So that's why I'm still tired some mornings 4. I stubbed my pinky toe / 5. My pancreas hurts / 6. I took Viagra and am too engorged to wear workout clothes - I'm speechless - but my mind is in overdrive A simple headache, backache, cold or flu would have sufficed in a lot of these cases Lol There is more to this article Here
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