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Upbeat community sharing the 'brighter' side of life. Forum is open for non members to post. 

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    1. The 'Good News' Desk

      Inspiring and uplifting news stories you will 'want' to read with your morning / break time cuppa. Please feel free to share your own too.


    2. Random Acts Of Kindness

      Does your faith in humanity need a boost ? Kindness and compassion is alive and kicking here, so come on in and be uplifted and inspired.

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      General interest stories/articles

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      Welcome's & Intro's / Off topic chat and fun stuff.

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      Fancy a blast from the past ? Step back in time and enjoy/share your favorite golden oldies music.

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      The great and not so great from TV past and present.

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      Enjoy our diverse and wonderful wildlife.

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      Animal friendships between cross species - from adorably cute to totally unexpected.

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    1. Beautiful Flowers & Plants

      Flowers, plants and home gardens around the world in all their colorful glory.

    2. Botanical Gardens & Public Parks

      Beautiful botanical gardens and parks around the world.

    3. Living Sculptures

      The amazing artistry of living sculptures. While some of the botanical gardens in this section may also be featured in the above category - these videos focus on the 'sculptures'.

    4. Tree Trails

      Beautiful blossom trees, the colorful splendor of Autumn leaves, urban, forest & woodland trees.


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  2. This groundbreaking new project in Germany is testing the use of salt as an ingredient for a fossil fuel-free future. The Reuter power plant in Berlin recently launched a new system of technology that is using calcium oxide, also known as quicklime, to store heat for long periods of time. Germany already has the renewable energy capacity to power more than half of the country, but since many green energy sources are dependent on consistent weather conditions, the nation is forced to continue using fossil fuels as backup energy sources. Quicklime, on the other hand, generates large amounts of heat when it is simply exposed to water. Full Story
  3. Passengers boarding their train in London today were greeted with a stunning flower display representing the fuchsia of travel. The cascade of purple and pink hydrangea, wisteria, and fresh sea lavender lined the walls of the carriage and filled the air with the aroma of fresh spring blossom. More than 3,000 flowers in total were installed on the 43 seat, 23-meter long carriage. Heathrow Express commissioned the on-board flower show to celebrate the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which begins today on May 21st. A spokesperson for Heathrow Express said: “The duration of our transfer service is just 15 minutes, so we wanted to make an instant impression on customers departing from and arriving in the UK. Full Story/Pics/Video
  4. Yes they are, I wish we had more of those kinds of trees near where I live.
  5. I love those too, the reflections can be awesome.
  6. Those are some vibrant colors.
  7. They are all beautiful, but I especially like the ones over water.
  8. Oh my goodness !!! this is a truly astounding and beautiful garden - very aptly named too. :)
  9. The beauty of many of these trees is enhanced by the quantity and settings in which they are placed.
  10. There are some really outstanding sculptures here :)
  11. Set to music 'twinkle twinkle little star' lol - not the best choice of music, but the images more than make up for it :)
  12. I think I'd convert it so the top level was the live in part - would have a fantastic view of everything roundabout. It shouldn't be too difficult to screen the windows where needed. :)
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