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  2. It’s never too late to find out more about your family – and this 48-year-old adopted woman from Georgia is certainly glad that she decided to investigate her biological family after decades of mystery. Amy Battle was adopted in a happy and loving home when she was just 5 months old. Though she had been happy growing up with her adoptive parents, she always wondered about her biological family. Her heritage remained a mystery until Battle’s oldest daughter finally convinced her to take a 23andMe Ancestry kit – and she was stunned by the results. Full Story Here
  3. It is certainly no easy task to take on and I wish them all the best for their futures.
  4. Ok. After I posted, I did look at the story again and noticed that locals were being trained to use the drones.
  5. I found this Here The project in Myanmar is all about community development and enabling people to care for trees, providing them with jobs, and making environmental restoration in a way that it’s profitable for people. The forest didn’t vanish by itself — the forest was cut down by local people. We train local people to be drone pilots, and they want that. They want to be in IT. They want to process data, they want to fly drones, they want to do agroforestry, they want to do regenerative agriculture, they want to create vertical farms, they want to do all this cool stuff. It’s not the ambition to be a seedling planter for $1 a day. So the drone project isn’t just helping the forests themselves, but the local communities too by helping provide new economic opportunities.
  6. Well, it might be hard work and bad working coniditions, but do the locals have another way to make money?
  7. Yesterday
  8. It is amazing what family members will do for each other.
  9. Last week
  10. Thousands of people have come together in order to support a 20-year-old woman who has been supporting her five younger siblings since their parents died. Samantha Rodriguez is the oldest of her brothers and sisters, ranging in age from 5 to 17. Since both of their parents died from cancer within the last five years, she has taken charge of their family. The Rodriguez kids moved to Orange County, Florida in order to live with their grandmother, and though it has been tough taking care of her siblings, Sam said that she was not about to let them be sent into the foster care system. Full Story & Video Here
  11. 80 years ago today... John Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Grapes of Wrath was published, a story he wrote after interviewing displaced migrants who escaped the Dust Bowl (a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology of the Midwestern prairies during the 1930s and the Great Depression). It won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and soon after was made into a celebrated Hollywood film starring Henry Fonda. Called the Great American Novel, it was also likely the most thoroughly discussed and debated story in 20th century American literature. At the time of publication, Steinbeck’s book was a phenomenon on the scale of a national event—selling out everywhere, in high demand. It was also publicly banned and burned by citizens who believed it presented socialist ideas. Full Story on link below - (Note that although this story implies you can 'Watch a Video' there isn't actually one to watch') And, on this day in 1866... Anne Sullivan was born, the gifted teacher of the blind who famously broke through to Helen Keller and taught her how to speak and read and write. Sullivan lost most of her eyesight to disease while growing up, which made it easy for her, at age 20, to relate to her famous pupil. Their story was portrayed in the 1962 award-winning film The Miracle Worker, based on The Story of My Life, the 1902 autobiography of Helen Keller, including the breakthrough moment when Keller learns the words CAKE and DOLL. Also, more recently - on this day in 2003... The Human Genome Project announced it had finally reached its goal of sequencing the 3 billion DNA letters in the human genome. Considered to be one of the most ambitious scientific undertakings of all time—even compared to splitting the atom—Dr. Francis Collins led the 13-year international project coordinated by the U.S. government. All the data from the unique collaboration was published online–for free to anyone, even though it cost $3 billion in mostly U.S. funding. Thanks to the work of these one thousand scientists, we now have a way to target cancer and other diseases without harming healthy cells. Collins, the American physician-geneticist had earned a reputation as a ‘gene hunter’ earlier, when he discovered the specific genes associated with a number of diseases. He later wrote the New York Times bestseller, The Language of God. WATCH Collins talk about the practical applications… All this and more 'snippets' can be found Here
  12. True. Nowadays it is nice to see this kind of video.
  13. Neither did I above the music lol - but when the guy stopped pushing the car - surely it couldn't have kept moving as far as it did without the engine running ?
  14. Oh. I did not hear the car running.
  15. Well that push seemed to do the trick. When he stopped pushing - the car kept going for a bit before the driver stopped it and got out. I've seen it loads of times where a car just needed a bit of a push to get it going. As long as she kept the engine ticking over when she got out - it would be fine after that.
  16. But why push it out of the parking lot to begin with? Would you not call someone to toll it or see what is wrong?
  17. Yes the car was in a parking lot and it looks like he pushes her car out of there onto and along the roadside verge. That clip is clearly one where the people know each other though.
  18. What was the first clip exactly about? It looked like the motorcyclist was pushing the car, but was not the car in a parking lot at first?
  19. Not a problem for me - I don't have a car ! :)
  20. That one also seem weird to me, too. Also would you let some stranger get in your car?
  21. Yes you do have a point on that clip. Another one that struck me as rather odd was the lass who puts her hand bag on the front seat of a taxi then shuts the door and walks around the back of it to get in on the other side ! Kind of a strange and silly thing to do. Bet she doesn't do it again :)
  22. It is a nice video, but how do we know all clips are of strangers? I mean the one that shows 2 men at a table eating could be friends or relatives.
  23. Imagine this on a possible, future worldwide scale ! Millions of acres of degraded landscapes can be brought back to life thanks to these drones. A tech company called BioCarbon Engineering has been using the flying robots to plant trees on a massive scale. The drones, which were developed by an ex-NASA engineer, are designed to fire off pre-germinated seed pods into the ground. The drones have been shown to plant trees exponentially faster than locals being forced to plant them by hand, and the method is far cheaper than traditional planting methods. Full Story & Video Here
  24. Get your day off to a bright start by watching this dancing cockatoo - great rhythm too :) Maybe I should have put this one in the Juke Box section lol
  25. I have decided - on a trial basis - to allow non members to reply to topics in 2 sections of my forum. If all goes well ( i.e no problem posters ) this will be made permanent. :)
  26. I'm sure we have all heard - perhaps even ourselves have made the comment at least once about 'kids today have no respect for their elders'. Well, here is a story that will restore faith in our younger generation. Five teens on their way by car to play some basketball, witnessed an elderly man fall down on his way home and immediately stopped to help him and they went beyond just helping him to his feet. :) Full story and pics Here
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