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Hans Royal H

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  1. Worlds Collide is a RPG-text based forum that gives you the opportunity to develop any character in a brand new world with a lot of intriguing stories and systems. Anything is possible, only your imagination can stop you. 😎 You can do missions to rank up your character, choose a nation or be a Renegade, just be aware that every single choice you make will have an impact on your story. Our staff is also recruiting !
  2. Who wants to be a part of an universe in which you can create any character, an universe that will let you really develop your hero in an intriguing world ? 😋

    Join Worlds Collide and be a member of a nice RPG story that have so many possibilities, where you can be a regular citizen or a Renegade, an outlaw, really...Anything ! 🤯

    -Staff is also recruiting-

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