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  1. Last week
  2. Thank you @SLGray Strangely enough - I moved the item back to it's original place so I could check if it was visible to me as a guest, but although it was still there in the 'hidden' forum - it didn't appear back in the 'original' one and has gone, so don't know what the 'month' thing was all about. For the moment anyway - issue appears solved. :)
  3. Ok. I will just need to fix them.
  4. Thanks for the information.
  5. The issue could be that the video uploader does not what it shared. I had one like that yesterday.
  6. I believe the deleted topics are only visible to administrators until they are deleted permanently.
  7. In another topic I reported having a problem with posting videos again. I deleted the topic that had the video link in - but I couldn't get rid of it. Finally had to create a hidden forum and move the topic there. Then noticed the 'bin' icon next to the title and message saying the topic was deleted 16/4/19 - will be permanently removed 16/5/19. So that means the topic is still there for a month after it's been deleted ! Does this mean that every topic I delete is going to have to be moved to a hidden folder for a month before it is finally removed ?
  8. Copying the 'share' link has stopped posting the video - only posts the link now.
  9. hello, not for the moment but it would indeed be a good idea to develop for forumsclub we will see if it is possible to add it to our list of improvements to be made
  10. thanks for the links. I just did several tests and it seems that these links were already broken in the source forum !
  11. Is there a way to use hashtags?
  12. Here are 5 examples: The link is the text that say Click Here.
  13. Hello, Your two account has been merged. Regards
  14. hello @SLGray can I please have the url of some posts with this problem? thank you
  15. I noticed on one of forums that I converted to here has an issue. All posts that have links with text are broken now. Editing the posts does not help. I mean this: [url=https://help.forumotion.com/]ESF[/url]
  16. Also there accounts were converted over, too.
  17. You can send a newsletter from the AP. Add this to the end of your forum's link: /admin Also when they visit your forum and click a link, they will be redirected to here.
  18. Since I moved over to this forum. How do you get your members to come here if you can't get on the original forum to let them know and you can't bulk email here?
  19. Earlier
  20. Right now there are more than there were on the forums.
  21. Hello Support Section, On the follow of this topic: I wanna merge my other account, please https://forumsclub.com/profile/13498-pedxz/ Cordially, pedxz.
  22. Hello, For the moment, signatures are not allowed. We will then study the possibility of implementing them. Thank you for your understanding.
  23. Hello, For the moment, only default smileys are available. So you can't add your own.
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