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  2. Hello @Chris Sprenkle and welcome She says thas following difficulties she has in doing relevant research. her topic for information😉
  3. Haha I wish you had said something a few days ago. Why do you say don't do it?
  4. Ok. Thanks. P.S. Well, I just tried searching unlock and did get my 2 topics in the search.
  5. when I use the whole keyword I immediately get the right result. the unit keyword does not seem to represent a value relevant enough to bring up the right topic
  6. I just did a test by searching for a keyword in a topic title in your forum and I found it Regarding the cancellation of the transfer to ForumsClub, this is unfortunately not possible. This information has been clearly notified to you in your Forumotion administration panel before making the transfer ! Before making the request: And also before confirming the request :
  7. I can't pull up any posts from my forum when I do a search. No matter what I search, nothing from prior to transferring can be pulled up. Is there anyway that I can go back to my old forum?
  8. I click the search box and enter unlock Press return This the result page: https://forumsclub.com/search/?q=unlock There is no results that show my 2 topics from my club.
  9. hello @SLGray please explain in detail by providing the url to access the problem page with the steps to reproduce it regards
  10. hello @Mia Sherwood-miasherwood what is your problem exactly? Please explain it in detail by providing the url to access the problem page with the steps to reproduce it argued with screenshots regards
  11. Time Left: 2 months and 4 days

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  12. Is it not working at all or just not returning results showing your site?
  13. I truly wish with all my heart that I didn't convert my site. I can't do any searches for information (and my site is a database of information). Please tell me I can go back to the old forum or that there is a fix for this nightmare.
  14. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks that when I do a search it is not working correctly. When I do a search for unlock, I am not getting the 2 topics on my club in the results. Here are the 2 Topics from My Club:
  15. Yes. The only difference is the features that ForumsClub has, but the forum does not. ForumsClub has many features that the forum does not.
  16. Thanks for the response. So the look of it all, it all remains the same? The way the forums, topics, and posts all stay the same?
  17. Your forum remains the same, except all links redirect to here. Because of this, all activity occurs here. As the founder, you still have access to your forum's administration panel. If you do transfer your forum, there is no going back. When you transfer your forum, all topics, posts, and members are transferred, so you and your members do not have to create an account here. Just login with your forum's login information.
  18. If I hit transfer, what ultimately changes? Do rights for all change to ForumClubs? Does the web address change from what I use for forumotion? Besides increasing traffic to my page now, what's the catch, so to speak, for transferring it to ForumClubs? Thanks.
  19. Did you register here before switching your forum over to here? If yes, you have 2 accounts now. You should have switch your forum first and then login with your forum's account information.
  20. Hello, I don't seem to be able to post anything in my forum, even tho I am the Admin? How come? Any tips? Best regards!
  21. You Can Do Anything You Like, As Long As You Can Find It. The Universe Is Within Its Own Dimension That Is Filled With Every Type Of Genre Of RP Imaginable As Well As Every Type Of Terrain, So It's Up To The Choice Of Whomever Wishes To RP A Setting. There Is Literally A Setting For Anything And Everything. It Can Be Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Etc. As For Characters, I Accept Any And All Characters, But I Will Warn You That I RP Anime Style, So My Characters Have Anime Powers And Tendencies That Make Them Somewhat Different Than A Normal RP. This is my Roleplaying Website used as a hub for all artists to write stories, sort out their work, organize their ideas, storyboard, character design and anything else you want to do, as well as look at or make your own stories. I hope to use this as a business structure and hope others can make sure of it to have artists of all kinds come together to make something great, either individually or as a team. Please click 'Register' or 'Join Us!' at the top to create an account!
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