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  3. I am noticing no scroll bars on many sites , must be some bug out there or the person who codes the pages forget to add the scroll option Also took note the my mouse seem to loss it scroll capability there has to be a known bug out there, or it could be the apps and extensions in place as well ,, so starting from simple to complex I will come to see what the issue is
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  5. Hello, Thank you for that report. This is of course unacceptable and extremely shocking, especially since we carefully choose our advertising partners. In this case, it is Google Adsense that is responsible for these scandalous ads and we have reported them to Google to clean up its content. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for reporting it to us. Sincerely
  6. Here's another one that I can share here, unlike the other. These escort ads are taking over forum functions. Overlaping reply boxes on every page except profiles. I assure you, even I will leave if its not fixed. I've had a forum for a very long time and have been trying to positively boost the community here were I can. I never visit these kinds of sites, even cleared all my cache. Definitely in violation of forumotion TOS.
  7. I can't in good conscious post the screenshot here. Its beyond unacceptable. Can I PM it please? Just reply so I know whom is expecting it, make certain no children are looking!
  8. Hello, Thank you for this report. we will forward this ad to our partner ad provider to block it.
  9. I do not mind ads, but I believe the one in my screenshot is not really one you would want associated with your site unless it is about dating.
  10. Hello @Jose William Martin Yau The creation of a forum on ForumClub does not require any activation. This support section is dedicated to the difficulties you encounter with your ForumsClub forums. If you have a problem with forums from another service, please contact their support directly. Thank you for your understanding
  11. Are you referring to a forum or a club? If you mean a forum, you need to go here for support: https://help.forumotion.com/
  12. just created a forum, failing to have forum activated under the name of COACHMROCKS as activation link received in email did not work i created the same forum twice but both activation links failed to work.
  13. Hello @SLGray Thank you for your suggestion. we will study it to see what we can do. In the meantime, the easiest way for the moment is to send me directly a PM with the url of the sites to delete them Thank you
  14. Since there is no way to report websites, I will like to suggest a report button on the homepage of website. Right now there are many websites on the website page that are not in English, and I believe most of them are spam.
    what cool set RPG-text based forum I like to thank Hans Royal H I am very much excited to being a recruit
  15. Worlds Collide is a RPG-text based forum that gives you the opportunity to develop any character in a brand new world with a lot of intriguing stories and systems. Anything is possible, only your imagination can stop you. 😎 You can do missions to rank up your character, choose a nation or be a Renegade, just be aware that every single choice you make will have an impact on your story. Our staff is also recruiting !
  16. Hello @Chris Sprenkle and welcome She says thas following difficulties she has in doing relevant research. her topic for information😉
  17. Haha I wish you had said something a few days ago. Why do you say don't do it?
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