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  1. Last week
  2. This is the support forum for clubs, not forums. Please visit the official English support forum. There is a topic you can post in about this issue. It is in the connection section. https://help.forumotion.com/t157630-connection-error-102503#1092789
  3. Hi there I suddenly get HTTP ERROR 500 when I am trying to access the control panel of the forum. The forum name is zontesclub.gr Can anybody help me? Thanks
  4. ah ok, I see. by the way, the icons only appear on the 1st level sections. that's why you have them on the category but not on its sub-sections... maybe an improvement to come ;)
  5. Hello, Thank you for this report. We do have a small problem with this because of a script that runs every night. We are currently studying a solution that should correct this we apologize for the inconvenience caused
  6. When I logged in today, I saw some weird things. I was a member of 2 websites that I never joined and again unfollowed items appeared as followed. P.S. One of the website that showed me as a member is one where I post as a guest.
  7. https://forumsclub.com/forums/f268-programming/ Images do not appear in sub-forums within sub-forum
  8. Earlier
  9. hello, can i please have the url of the concerned section ? and explain how to process to reproduce the problem ? thank you
  10. as explained above, I suggest you post using a computer with a suitable screen size to avoid this problem which is not a technique bug
  11. Hello, I'm not able to put images in some categories ... I put it in the site manager, but it does not appear. 1- Solved questions: http://prntscr.com/o0014m -> http://prntscr.com/o002nb (Not displayed) 2- Questions: http://prntscr.com/o0033z and http://prntscr.com/o003iw (Another image of a topic appears instead of the one I put in the site manager) And others...
  12. Now that I tested on the computer it works. This error occurs on the tablet / mobile phone: Edited: Now, this error appears while posting:
  13. by the way, the button is displayed correctly except that you are using the simple version of the editor probably because of the width of your (mobile) screen? Indeed, if the screen size is not large enough to display the full version of the editor, the simplified version is displayed and it does not include the code editor. This is not a bug but normal behavior. I suggest you use an adapted monitor in order to be able to benefit from the full editor version
  14. hello @Bryx the french service already has its community sites. it was even the 1st to benefit from them. all french Forumactif forums in the car, motorcycle or animal categorys can be transferred to these community sites here is their url: CARS : https://autopassion.net MOTRCYCLES : https://motards.net ANIMALS : https://nimo.fr I invite you to read this Forumactif publication for more details...
  15. They have clubs for the French community. Checkout the official French support forum.
  16. Hello, This tool will soon be available for the French public? Forumotion (all language) will close?
  17. Ok! https://forumsclub.com/forums/f270-questions/
  18. can you please provide me with the url of the page where you are trying to publish your message ?
  19. I do not have this option when creating topics.
  20. hello @Roger123 the merger of the 2 accounts was carried out as requested. as far as HTML is concerned, you should use the button dedicated to this in your editing window : so you can paste your HTML code before inserting it into the post : this way, it will not be interpreted
  21. Hello, I'm not able to post a new topic in my forum, because a little bug happens ... As you can see, it has an HTML code, but I need to put it in the code tags. Is there a way to solve this? Sincerely. *Can I merge my account with this (Roger123) and change the username to "Roger123" ?
  22. It is perfect now. Thanks for fixing it.
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