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  2. Thank you SL Gray. Yes, that was what I was looking to see; we are a small & private group and not looking for traffic/visibiilty. I was considering moving, but I like the option of paying to remove ads so thinking the move may not be good for us. I appreciate your help.
  3. Is this what you want to see" There is no packages to remove ads. P.S. Since you created an account, you will have 2 accounts if you transfer your forum over to here. The transfer includes members' accounts. If you decide to do it, inform your fmembers to use their login information for their accounts to login here.
  4. I am interested in the new format, but not looking to increase traffic and want to maintain privacy. Will the security feature of "no new members" still available? We are an invitation only group. Is there a way to see the Admin panel before relocating? Also will there be the option to purchase an "ad free" package? Thanks in advance for your future reply!
  5. i closed it down and want to re open it with new staff.
  6. Are you trying to advertise the forum? I am confused by what you mean by reopen?
  7. Can you help him find the right area to post
  8. This is not the correct place to ask for help with a forum. This support is for this site only.
  9. helping me reopen a roleplay site https://x-men-beyond-evo.rpg-board.net/forum pm me on there or email at megaking@frontiernet.net
  10. This is not the support for forums hosted by Forumotion. Here is the Support Forum: https://help.forumotion.com/
  11. Not resolved , still will not allow new registration
  12. I am unable to have members login . It seem like it's a continuous loop and won't actually sign anyone in https://vuemedia-tv.forumotion.com/forum
  13. I already send Apple a report on the bullying. Since she used iCloud.
  14. If you are talking about forums hosted by Forumotion, you need to get help from somewhere else. This is for clubs/websites on ForumsClub. There are official support forums for forums hosted by Forumotion.
  15. Yep, I can’t believe she would blame me for her story. I wonder if she does black magic? 🤔 that why she evil as evil queen True and bullying is never right
  16. Even @autumngreen40 got bullied by a user on episode forum called forever1201. they even deleted her story she had on episode app. Here the picture of episode forum and shanniiwrite forum. Both forum are badly placed. the can’t seem to control the bullying. This person has issues
  17. By reporting it and staying on top of it and making the point clear is always best and hopes that @pianogirlone2 thank you for your part and doing the right thing by reporting, asking for help and at times leaving the areas for those that are not that respectful especially BULLYING I am strongly behind that as I was bulled throughout my life not as much anymore
  18. I actually left shanniiwrite forum due to bullying. It is a evil thing. plus I actually report it. 🤗
  19. Are you referring to websites/clubs here? I mean leaving certain ones.
  20. Same here as it does happen and even though its a pain sometimes to have to remove and block people sometimes that's something you are left to doing or as you mentioned just leave all together
  21. Thanks. 😇 for help me. I been to other forum but left due to terrible reviews like shanniiwrite forum and Old episode forum due to bullying.
  22. SLGray got you covered as that is the way to sign out of the area
  23. By clicking the sign out link at the bottom.
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