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  1. This is the welcome topic for members. I want to reply and there is no reply button. Why is it using dad2paisley when my username on here is TomCat admin. Where are all the admin controls, I don't see any of that.
  2. I am the member leader Tomcat-meowsandpurrs. but can't do anything.
  3. Ok, now all the forums shows up here. https://forumsclub.com/gc/16-meows-and-purrs/ but it won't let me as admin make posts.
  4. I also clicked on the website listing page and clicked on a topic on my forum and it said this. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2S136/V I am the admin of the forum and I can't see the website.
  5. I logged into my forum and its says it a forumsclub now. I click on the link and I don't see any of the forum topics? And I can't log in to my original forum. meowsandpurrs.forumotion.com
  6. Do you have an example of what it would look like if you moved your forum to forumsclub.
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